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  1. You missed out on Omsk and Tomsk Baron...for shame
  2. Intriguing article about assassination plots against Delhi 2010 officials:
  3. Hey Baron...is your inbox full? Just tried to send you a message

  4. Curry capital...impressive new museum...home town of the Big Yin...is there anything Glasgae canna nae do? Roll on 2014!
  5. Well the before the vote talk was dominated by the exchange of Swiss bank account numbers, the plans to succeed Septic Blather and how they were going to charge $50 each for a lukewarm watered down glass of Budweiser for those licenced to drink alcohol in this footballer's paradise.
  6. Nothing that is a revelation here...looks like US Diplomats can read Vancouver papers and talk to the local constabulary shock horror
  7. FFS...the story stands and falls on it's own merits and if anything is a reflection on the standards of management from the FA or MaFIFA. And Baron if you want to compare and contrast samba schools with the development of major infrastructure such as airports then I'm sure you'd be interested in line dancing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the NBN here in Oz. Frankly I am sure Brazil will be fine...what isn't fine are thr games the media, Blather and the FA are playing.
  8. Not sure how true this is (after all the source is what could be called non-serious journalism at its best) but...
  9. Guess that means you won't be getting the nod to help out with the Orel-Bryansk bid for 2024 after all Baron...oh well.
  10. Tag aus Australien :)

    Let us know if you want a hand with the poll for the greatest sports moment thread you opened up..



  11. The Italians are certainly making all the early running, and these motherhood statement PR initiatives always warm the more sentimental cockles of IOC hearts. However as Rols says way too early to get that excited plus it's what Mario Pescante is doing behind closed doors that is way more significant.
  12. But where would we be without 'em? They do brighten the day with their JimJones-esque earnestness.
  13. They are equally complicit...bidders and voters alike both deserves a swift kick in the date for what they have done to the reputation of world football.
  14. First off if the WC impinges in any way shape or form on the existing season for the major European clubs MaFIFA start a shite-fight they are not going to win easily or without causing collateral damage. Secondly the whole basic premise behind the Qatari bid (it is capable to hold all games in the the assigned period with air conditioned stadia) has been shown to be a big fat lie. Unlike their 2022 competitors which surpassed Qatar on technical grounds and never planned to shift the dates of the games already the Qataris are showing they can't be trusted with their promises. Guess the warning signs were there considering how the Qatari football team has been riddled with imports who have in some cases been listed without proper registration, getting citizenship when there football boots have barely touched the ground in Doha, whilst local guest workers have almost no rights.
  15. For a moment your post was almost worth reading but as soon as I saw "I commend Mr Blatter for his fearless leadership" the whole premise of your post went down the S bend... Blather's leadership is like watching a drunken sailor wending his way through harbour brothels...he staggers and lurches looking for support and usually ends up fuvking someone over.
  16. Whenever a language has some kind of authoritative bunch of bureaucratic types trying to lay down the law on what is acceptable and what isn't then it's an indication of how inflexible its practitioners are. Language is not something you legislate or dictate...sounds like too many Quebecers still resent being beaten on the Plains of Abraham.
  17. Well after we've had some more pretty photos from the Qatari Extremely Junior Minister for Denying Discrimination Exists By Posting Photos & Government Announcements Without Any Actual Independent Documentary Evidence, how about we look at some real truths or conundrums faced by any Doha bid. For example, this figure of there being only 300,000 citizens means that Qatar's failure to send female athletes to Beijing is understandable is rather intriguing. Having worked with an NOC at the 2000 Olympics where it's population is only approx. 450,000 they were still able to send out of a team of 7 athletes, 4 female competitors. And unlike Qatar this NOC was able to point to a long history of Olympic participation with both men and women competing (and funnily enough the women when they got back home didn't have to get permission from their male guardians to be able to get their drivers licences). And as for the argument about the female athlete's not being able to qualify either that it is a lapse from the QOC (who like so many other NOCs supposedly looking to improve the access of female athletes to Olympic contest have provisos under Olympic Solidarity and other IF programs to enter female athletes who have not met qualification standards), or an indictment of a society that unlike almost every host NOC and associated nation since 1900 has been able to send female athletes to their games. Also, having experienced Israeli Olympic security requirements I can tell you now that Israel would not be willing to send a fully equipped team to Doha. No Israeli government would be willing to authorise their nation's athletes to compete officially en masse in an Olympics where the host nation refuses to officially recognise that state. Yes, individuals may travel and compete but not the Israeli NOC. And by the way, Israel's IOC member Alex Gilady is one of the most important IOC members and I can guarantee you no matter how kindly or delusional) some may look upon the Qatari ambivalence to Israel (considering Qatar also has been reported in US diplomatic cables as 'the worst on counter terrorism in the Middle East') Israel's government will not look to a Doha SOGs being a safe venue for their nation's Olympians. And any failure of Qatar & Doha to actually meet the expected security arrangements of any nation participating at the SOGs would be seen as a massive fail for such a bid. Perhaps we should look at the actual requirements for a SOGs; for example volunteers. SOCOG provided approximately 50,000 plus vollies for 2000, with almost every national, language and ethnicity represented. How can Doha begin to deliver on such an important logistical and social requirement of a modern Olympics when the local economy and society is already dependent upon guest workers from countries such as the Phillipines, Bangladesh etc etc? During the Sydney 2000 Games part of the volunteer workforce included women drivers...now of course who are going to be the Qatari women who will be a position to volunteer for just such the same role in possibly 2020? Or what about the involvement of local police and associated security forces? Has Doha got the manpower to protect and facilitate the security of approximately 15,000 athletes and officials, several thousand media workers and a potential for 500,000 plus spectators and tourists on a daily basis for not just 16 days, but also for the lead in to the SOGs as well as the Paralympics? This from a country that was expecting to increasing its tourism numbers to a million in one whole year. So, instead of juvenile cries of 'no we don't discriminate dude' and filling up bandwidth of reposting glossy PR pics, let's get brutally real about the actual requirements of hosting an SOGs in a small city state that I repeat has no Olympic tradition, no influence at the IOC, a stultified and archaic attitude to personal liberties and the rights of women and gays, has no demonstrable capability when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of both the IOC charter nor the technical requirements for a games (as demonstrated by their failure to get past the technical evaluation component of the 2016 bid), and unlike the WC hasn't been able to use financial inducements and PR spin to get past the more scrupulous and arguably more ethical standards of a much broadly based sporting body that is the IOC.
  18. Intriguing notion; a NOC and its affiliated government positions a bid with no major success at the SOGs, no influential members on the IOC, legal, political and social issues that are in contravention of the spirit of the IOC charter, and then it's bid is partly fuelled by the hope that the IOC will force it to allow women to participate in every sport at the games. So where does this place those bids, NOCs and countries where they have done the right thing and have a history of contributing to the Olympics in more than just opulent promises? Is it appropriate for (as an example) Rome and CONI to be put on the same level as Doha and the QOC? Or Durban and SASCOC? Or Tokyo and the JOC? How can anyone take serious a construct behind a bid being "give us the games so we will have to expand the participation of women in sport"? That's akin to the Chinese saying to the IOC with both Beijing bids "give us the games and we will become more open politically". Guess who still bars Nobel prize winners from travelling to pick up their awards or still broaches no discussion on the rights of Tibet. Whereas the likes of Blather think they can change the world with such inane slogans as 'new frontiers' and 'fair play', whilst dudding South Africa with only about 3% of their take from the 2010 WC, Jacques and the IOC are a little more circumspect about looking to a Doha and thinking of it as an avenue to reshape the world or even local society and gender attitudes through awarding them the SOGs. They were burnt by the Beijing experience (remember the conflict over media access in 2008) and surprisingly may just have the interests of the athletes uppermost after all. As for Aspire it certainly has the right spin when it comes to promoting its efforts in developing sport and physical activity (even though the web site was almost totally dominated with images and promotional content focusing on boys and young men with football as the focus). However why is it that this government body (which appears to be staffed and run by a significant body on expats, not locals) is needed as almost a sole agent to help address gender imbalance? Again it has to be asked; how can the IOC justify awarding a SOG to Qatar's NOC and Doha when there is hardly any societal acceptance for mass female participation in sport, as there is in South Africa, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Canada and the vast majority of nations with a NOC. And that same selective and discriminatory attitude means that Qatar has yet to demonstrate in concrete terms the same participation on an equitable basis for their female athletes at the SOGs as their male athletes can.
  19. Athan, it's not about hating Qatar; it's about holding them up to the same standards that are built into the IOC's Charter and that have been used in the past to also criticise other NOCs and their respective host cities, irrespective of their religious or racial background. It would be entirely appropriate to also draw into focus the disconnect between (say for example) the institutionalised poverty in Rio, the muzzled media in Sochi, the argued excesses of surveillance of the individual in London, indigenous rights as pertinent to Vancouver or Sydney etc etc. The discussion is justified on the context of this thread's theme in that if Doha wishes to host the games then it should morally be held accountable to the same standards that previous successful candidates were supposedly held to. If on the other hand you want to jettison that context then sure, let's give the Qatari's every possible chance to host the SOGs. But then again you are caught in the dilemma that unlike preceding successful NOCs who have placed bids the Qatari NOC has zero history when it comes to success in participation, a flakey at best standard when it comes to the participation of Qatari women at the SOGs and crucially not a single significant supporter in the IOC's hierarchy. This was borne out by their failure to progress beyond the evaluation process for 2016 and to be blunt that will kill any Doha bid as long as there are other more important, better credentialled and IOC significant members behind other bids.
  20. You revisionist Baron...it will be and always shall be Danzig
  21. Baron, you know we're talking about the Olympics, not the World Cup.
  22. My question exactly Baron. And also considering that the IOC and the various sports federations have a policy of accepting athletes from all countries no matter their standard if it can be seen as progressing values inherent in Olympic Solidarity, then why didn't Qatar's NOC ask for such an exemption/admittance? Could it have been they would have been embarrassed to have a female athlete fail miserably? And how indicative is this of the paucity of support for women's sport in Qatar. And as for their participation in Singapore as far as I can tell they only had 1 female entrant (a shooter). Hardly a ringing endorsement of women's participation across all Olympic sports (which is something that all host NOCs have been able to demonstrate in at least the last four or five SOGs).
  23. I get my ideas from actually doing some research and quoting sources such as the following: Qatar rejects appeals to respect Human Rights Rejecting recommendations from the UN's own Human Rights Council about women's rights that anyone from Sweden, Canada, Chile, Australia, the uS etc take for granted is proof positive of the ignorance and BS your statement represents. Human Rights in State of Qatar Who should we believe; a jingoistic Qatari teenager or Amnesty International, one of the premiere and most authorative bodies on human rights. In summary: UNHCR Report on the Status of Women in Qatar 2010 If you'd like to starting posting some refutation evidence go right ahead, but instead of posting citations from your government controlled media how about working on finding evidence from the UN or other such bodies. As for Qatari relations with Israel (including it's freezing of any contact after the military strikes on Gaza in 2008/2009) or the treatment of gays and lesbians in your country we could start discussing that too and I could again cite numerous documentary evidence from impartial, non-Qatari government sponsored mouth pieces. However I suspect your juvenile and blinkered bigotry which is no doubt cosseted by a state that has used it's resource wealth to justify its semi-feudal approach to government, society and human rights will mean you will just shrilly yell and whine then cite another member of your absolute monarchy's royal family making some grand pronouncement.
  24. After the posting earlier today from Rols re Bucharest perhaps a future Eastern European SOGs could be of interest for us mug punters as well as the IOC cognoscenti. Care to suggest where and why the IOC will go east of the Oder perhaps post-2020? (and yes, I know Prague is west of the Oder and Istanbul is partly on the European continent however this is pure speculation not a bloody geopolitical seminar )
  25. And if you want further evidence of how Qatar's NOC views women in sport take a look at this link from their NOC homepage: Qatar Sport Women's Committee Not only was the article produced in before the 2008 Beijing games (hence showing the institutional apathy towards promoting Qatari female Olympians notice how the story refers to: And yet this same NOC can't find one single female athlete to send to Beijing? Hmmmm...looks like equal rights for women is best done by non-Qataris. Then take a look at the list of sports that were being developed for Qatari women in 2007/2008 (unless the whole scheme went dead since then perhaps the Qatari NOC didn't have the results to report or the athletes to support after this time). Basketball, Handball, Table Tennis, Swimming all feature. What about field hockey? Gymnastics? Athletics? Rowing? Softball? Is it a lack of resources? Is it a lack of a competitive female population? Is it because of modesty concerns? Who would know? However considering that in 2004 Greece was able to field female athletes in all sports, or that in 2016 there will be a Brazilian women's rugby team in Rio, can the Qatari NOC deliver anything similar? If not why not? And if not (and in light of their Olympic history) then considering this is not an equitable distribution of access to sport on gender basis then the Qatari NOC are effectively breaking the IOC's own Charter which states: If we were talking about Jews, Muslims, Gays, Blacks, Sikhs, Mormons, Kurds or any other religious, sexual or racial grouping who have been effectively held back or kept out of mainstream Olympic competition (as Qatari women have historically been) and this history was associated with a Chicago, Toronto, Madrid, Paris or whatever western bid then there would be howls of protest from anyone with a (quite justifiable) degree of integrity or a commitment to the ideals that the IOC supposedly focuses on. However some people here would rather go oooh and ahhh over pretty renders and forget that an Olympic bid should be more than just a grab for jingoistic fame and fortune. It should be about individual rights no matter your gender, race, creed, religion, wealth or political view. One last point for you sophists out there defending the Qataris...in 2000 the IOC banned Afghanistan from participating in the Sydney SOGs partly due to the Taliban's attitude to women in sport. Considering Qatar's record is barely better concerning the Olympics (from 56 women in Doha 2006 to none in Beijing 2008) why is the IOC so lenient to their NOC?
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