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  1. Thanks for posting this SR...thought I saw a news report a few weeks back on the guts of this story. I'll probably go and take a look at the 15th. Nice to see that there'll be an exhibition of Sydney 2000 memorabilia etc, however as I said in another thread (can't recall which one) why isn't there a permanent museum or exhibition space for this stuff at Homebush? And as for the London 2012 plaque, I didn't even know there was one for Beijing or Athens. There are the light pylons with plaques etc for all games leading up to Sydney 2000 but have they been adding more since 2000? Maybe we should have a GamesBid Sydney booze up at the anniversary
  2. Has VANOC been selling off fixtures, decorations, village equipment etc etc? I recall SOCOG was selling everything from beds to flags and all manner of non-souvenir stuff for at least a year after the 2000 Sydney Games...
  3. I was living in northern NSW in the sticks at that time so it's no wonder much of the Melbourne 96 bid hype passed me by...guess when it comes down to it even though we're a federated commonwealth and have been for 109 years a lot of what supposedly passes as national interest is actually really local state-based instead. I remember seeing Sally Anne in the Sydney village working as one of the big knobs for protocol, in league with the likes of Richo Richardson (village mayor). SAR certainly was a key contact when it came to all those bids from Australia, and from what I recall had a significant role in the Sydney 2000 charm offensive with the IOC.
  4. Final Aussie team for WC2010: Goalkeepers: Mark Schwarzer, Adam Federici, Brad Jones. Defenders: Scott Chipperfield, David Carney, Lucas Neill, Michael Beauchamp, Craig Moore, Mark Milligan, Luke Wilkshire. Midfielders: Vince Grella, Carl Valeri, Jason Culina, Mile Jedinak, Tim Cahill, Brett Holman, Dario Vidosic, Mark Bresciano, Brett Emerton, Richard Garcia. Strikers: Nikita Rukavytsya, Josh Kennedy, Harry Kewell. Not a bad team however there is certainly some degree of weakness in the strikers. If Pim follows his usual formation of 1 striker supported by 2 attacking midfielders then either Kennedy or (a hopefully fit) Kewell will have to be willing to hold onto the ball as opposed to being a purely aggressive goal scorer. Cahill should assist strongly with perhaps Culina the second attacking midfielder (Bresciano would be logical but I'm not sure of his form and fitness). The back field looks good with Moore perhaps a little slower than required, but his experience and tactical skill should compensate. Beauchamp is the one to watch as an emerging younger player from the defensive line, whilst Vidosic should be another to garner strong experience from the tournament. Goalkeeping is not a problem and possibly is where we will be superior to Germany, Ghana and Serbia. As long as Schwarzer retains fitness he will be the last best hope for the Roos. Sorry to see Tommy Oar miss out, as well as an injured Rhys Williams. It would have been nice to have an extra striker (Bruce Djite perhaps) but considering the Socceroo progression of solid defence with the emphasis on keeping the goal undisturbed at their end this was never going to happen.
  5. Argelia split from Masuria after the Mauve Revolution in 1912. Their star player is Ivan Getyagearoff who plays for FC Prosthesis in the Argelia Primus Division.
  6. Ahhh..the memories. I can recall how low key the Melbourne bid was (at least what I experienced away from Melbourne) here down under. The night of the bid announcement the only footage I saw was a quick reference to Atlanta's success on the ABC news, followed by some footage of disgruntled Melburnians rioting because (a) Melbourne lost and probably more importantly to them ( Athens was knocked off too. Four years later and it was wall to wall Sydney 2000 from Monaco. Perhaps this is pure supposition, but it seems after Atlanta's successful bid (and Melbourne's failure) the whole process of mounting and either winning or losing a bid was more visible with the media, and turned into the media and political and financial circus we have with bids today.
  7. Scrappy but solid hit out for the Socceroos in Roodepoort against Denmark with the final score 1-0 in favour of the green and gold. The Danes had some nice moments but Aussie defence (a.k.a. The Great Wall of Verbeek) held strong. Good to see some of the fringe players for the Aussies step up and team stalwarts like Cahill, Culina, Wilkshire and Kennedy contribute. One thing though, the WC2010 ball, the Jabulani seems to float and shimmy way more in the air than other balls. Plus the surface at Roodepoort was not ideal...way too much sand and the ball skidded very fast.
  8. Not sure how to take Serbia's performance, however I think anyone who is going to write off the Kiwis will need to seriously think again. As for Smeltz, he is certainly the class player for the All Whites so I wouldn't be surprised if Clive Foster at GCU will look to cash up on a transfer to Europe with Smeltz as part of the deal. With Culina though I think he'll be staying here in the A league; his time in the Eredivisie gave him all the cred he needs and now I think he is happy to be back home. Why go back overseas when you have your name on the Roo's starting list without any question and you've made your pile and reputation? Throw in Westermann's injury but solid performance from Die Mannschaft and Group D is going to be sooooo intriguing!
  9. The ConFed Cup is quite some time ago, and as the Aussies learned last Monday don't discount the All Whites for an improved performance. Shane Smeltz could and should get some attention from European clubs. They are tall at the front and will be physically strong. Having said that I'd be surprised if they can manage a win in their group.
  10. So what actually does constitute a 'great games'? I'd certainly put more stock in the opinions and views of those who either participated, attended or oversaw any games as opposed to many who watch at home half a world away, getting all their information filtered through once-in-four-years so-called experts writing or reporting possibly from the host city, sometimes not. Is it a financial result, the quality of the sport, the vibe from the spectators, historical importance, infrastructure, hell...even the pronouncement from a certain WOF? If we're going to be subjective, why not determine the methodology for calling a games 'great'?
  11. Not have the talent to go far? I'd think any team that won 8 out of 8 qualification games and can boast the likes of Van Bommel, Van Bronckhorst, Persie, Robben, Kuyt and Sneijder has the talent to get further than the final 16 at WMC2010. I saw a vastly under strength Oranjer team go around in Sydney last year and even with a weakened team their class shone. There is no reason why they shouldn't make the final 8 based on the playing staff. Additionally Bert van Marwijk has been one of the leading managers in terms of sucess during the qualification period (up there with the likes of Capello). Denmark will be highly competitive but their qualification path was made easier by an under-performing Selecção. Man on man the Danes will find it hard to match up against the Dutch. And don't count out Cameroon when it comes time for fighting over the 2nd pozzie in Group E.
  12. Frankly Die Mannschaft don't look anywhere near as intimidating as in past years, however one thing everyone should never ever forget is you can't write off Germany's ability to hang tough and work their way through to the final four. Plus Ballack's loss is as said above no great disaster. I'm looking forward to Mesut Özil stand up from the new generation whilst I'm sure Phillip Lahm will be the usual terrier in defence. As for the other big teams, Italy and France don't seem to have the cohesion as they did four years ago, Portugal have hardly set the world afire in qualification and friendlies and Argentina has the albatross of Maradona hanging round their neck. Brazil will surely be up there unless they have a team brain explosion as per 2006, whilst Spain look good (but have they peaked too early with their dominance of the opposition in the last few years...WC knock out games have been cruel to our Iberian friends). England would have to be a damn strong chance, and Fabio Capello is possibly the best international manager knocking around these days. The Dutch are strong smokies for a great showing (will they ever win a WC?), whilst the team that could surprise is Serbia. Now as an Aussie I'd love to say the Socceroos will get through the group stage but I am not very confident. There's been much discussion of how ugly the guys play under Pim Verbeek, and as recent form showed in the game against NZ we will struggle with tall physical teams (i.e. Germany and Serbia). Having said that the Aussie team have a happy knack of winning against the odds or against the trend of play, and in Mark Schwartzer have one of the best goal keepers in the world. A draw against Germany in the first game is possible, so from thereon who knows. Anyone wanna take a stab at the potentially worst performing team?
  13. I was wondering why Pescante's name rang alarm bells, so after a quick look at his profile on the IOC site and a look at Jenning's 'New Lord of the Rings' I remembered... Mario is one of the Wily Old Falangist's appointees, from the pre-Hodler scandal days. A colleague of Primo Nebiolo (ex-IAAF heavyweight) Pescante has had some nice little earners since 1994 (member of the executive board, IOC VIP, marketing committee to name but a few, plus was at one time investigated alongside Nebiolo for corruption relating to the 1990 World Cup (judged innocent). So aside from WTF does the IOC still want to play quasi-autonomous state by getting observer status with the UN, it's also a bit of a clanger to have one of the old gang from Juan's day popping up in such a supposedly pivotal role. Unless Jacques is using this role to sideline a potential power broker and as a subtle means to wean CONI and the Italian's influence off the 2020 bid race
  14. Whatever the visual designers/merchandise experts are on for London 2012 where can us mere mortals get some? Right now there are landfills around Atlanta rumbling as the shades of old Izzy stuffed toys spin in their communal grave
  15. Hmmm...interesting to see there was a lobby group in favour of a London bid. That would have been a great spoiler for both Beijing and Sydney, and I actually think London could have won. Of course if history had played out differently Melbourne would have been the Australian bid instead of the eventual 2000 host. I recall that Manchester did exceedingly well with its communication plan, but aside from that ranked behind Sydney or Beijing in the tech report. And Bob Scott who was the bid leader had a good rep for the second attempt. And whilst all Sydney 2000 supporters would never have wanted to see the games go to Manchester (unless it was there or Beijing), we're very grateful for the bloc of votes Manchester brought to Sydney for the final round.
  16. And the results are in ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et monsieurs, meine damen und herren... Winner of the Gold Juan for Vancouver 2010 is: The British Media Accepting their Juan will be representatives from The Guardian Newspaper as well as any other tabloid journos from the British press. BBC reps will be blocked from entrance at the medal ceremony. The Silver Juan was won by: Anti-Olympic Protesters After having a solid early run the dark forces of anarchism, so-called indigenous rights, leftist loonies, mother earthers and your usual potpourri of window smashing twits dropped off the pace. I'm sure we'll see them back for 2012 bigger and better for the Vancouver experience. The Bronze Juan for Vancouver 2010 is given to: The idiot for putting the fence around the cauldron We may never know this official's real name, however if VANOC or the relevant council authority release his or her name the bronze Juan will be draped around his or her neck with all the pomp and ceremony we can offer. Until then the bronze Juan will be held in a Lausanne bank vault. Thanks for al who voted and we look forward to an exciting Juan race for 2012. Adios Amigos... Juan (centre) salutes earlier winners of his eponymous medal
  17. Hey Kendegra...are the CGs of much interest in Canada? I know there was quite a bit of excitement with past hosts, but considering that Canada also has commitments to the Pan Ams I would assume the CGs come about 3rd or 4th in importance.
  18. Money would be an issue if we are talking about the IRB's fees for hosting rights (see previous posts). I'm not sure but I don't think the 95 RWC had a fee set by the IRB, whereas the next 3 iterations have such a cost. Frankly I can't see the SA board having problems with forking out the requisite dosh for hosting rights. And as the RWC is smaller than the FIFA World Cup without the need to use as many venues then financial issues won't hurt a SA bid.
  19. Gee they have been busy...must have really got excited with all those gold medals.
  20. We can but live in hope. I'm sure that there are a few reporters from the British media who might have booked a Swissair flight, and of course if we can find someone to represent the entire anti-Olympic protest movement we could always ensure they are front and centre to Jacques when he does the bestowing. Right now though I guess the most realistic chance is Plushenko...after all he's but one athlete, as opposed to (say) the entire nation of South Korea. Much easy to do the catering for a disgruntled Russian ice skater than aprroximately 30 odd million Koreans.
  21. The Juan is the antithesis of the Olympic Order in Gold, so whichever aspect of Vancouver 2010 deserves the most opprobrium in your opinion can be voted for...so, yes...just like Sandra Bullock or John Travolta at the Razzies Oh, and there's 2 days to vote...with the investiture at the Lausanne Bunker with a support concert starring Heart, Anne Murray and Loverboy
  22. Nope (although poodle clipping sounds like a rather Fryian invention). From the initial Olympics in Athens through to 1948 medals were awarded in artistic competitions that ran parallel to the Olympics, and 'events' such as architecture and sculpture in the round saw Olympic 'champions'. However the IOC does not recognise these medals as being part of any official tally etc. And that's not including some of the rather strange cusp events that were contested at the games of 1900 and 1904, when Paris and St Louis co-mingled the Olympic program with World's Fair exhibition categories. Even the IOC itself is unsure as to what constituted official Olympic medal events at that time (for example Don MacIntosh won a gold for Australia in live pigeon shooting, which wasn't actually confirmed as a gold until 1990).
  23. Finally a vote for Plushenko...so now it's only the Russian media who are out of the votes for the Juan...
  24. Whether or not Atkins came out of the ceremonies in Vancouver with reputation intact or not my biggest objection to his involvement at other Games is he and his team have played once too often with techniques and stagecraft that we've seen before, either of his own or of Ric Birch's coinage. In Sydney there was a kid flying on a trapeze through archetypal Australian symbolic environments, Vancouver ditto but with Canuck prairies. In Sydney there was tap dancers in a semi-colonial/industrial, in Vancouver ditto. In Sydney there was a cauldron with articulated segments, in Vancouver ditto. In Sydney you had Olivia Newton John and John Farnham sing a power duet for the athletes and the games, in Vancouver it was Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams. Atkins' creative riffs are becoming repetitive, which arguably is related to the fact that ceremonies in themselves have become repetitive. If it's not a snowboarder jumping through rings it's a ski jumper landing in the arena with a torch. Whilst Sochi could possibly demonstrate a curious mix of Eurovision and a Spartakiad opening, I'm hoping that the Brits go back to the future. Not rely on samey-same pop power balladeers and symbolic references to the physical geography. Get the Royal Household Cavalry into Wembley, Highland Bands, Welsh choirs, etc etc...more pomp and circumstance and bring London 2012 something only the Poms can do. And bugger the Chardonnay sipping arts critics and Idol-esque wannabes.
  25. Voted...and don't forget the Juan medal, for the obverse of this poll
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