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  1. This morning I heard Perry Crosswhite (head of the ACGA) on Sydney radio 2UE trying to be upbeat but at the same time giving all the signals that the ACGA is concerned about Delhi 2010 and even admitted (with some probing from the host Steve Liebemann) that the upcoming CGF inspection could result in the games being switched or abandoned. I'd take that with a huge grain of salt of course but still if it's even been talked about then the organisers in Delhi should be alarmed... The podcast of the interview can be heard here: http://www.2ue.com.au/blogs/2ue-blog/will-the-delhi-games-go-ahead/20100817-127k0.html
  2. Another comment on the shambolic preparations for the Delhi 2010 CWGs...this time from respected Indian test cricket captain and local Bishen Bedi:
  3. Lapierre was very doubtful but now is going. He had some contact from Athletics Australia and I would guess he was asked politely to go or maybe lose backing etc. Methinks there is a certain pressure for Aussies to go because the expectation/burden for Aussie success at the CGs is higher rated than in other Commonwealth nations, plus the Federal government support for elite athletics has been under some pressure recently thanks to the economic downturn and shifting government priorities ( seen in the Crawford Report). to not go to Delhi may damage an athletes or sports funding. Finally I suspect there is a degree of pressure both from the government and the various Australian sporting bodies to go to Delhi because of political benefits in the Australian-Indian relationship and the Gold Coast bid.
  4. Just a thought...whilst the Indians struggle with their farcical efforts to get the Delhi 2010 CG preps in place Singapore has got itself organised with minimal fuss the YOGs...I know KL was only 12 years ago but how much of a better offer hypothetically could it have been if we were talking about a Singaporean CGs for this October.
  5. Here's hoping a few lessons are learnt by all involved... Certain countries are simply not capable of providing the political, commercial, social infrastructure, safety and public probity required to host a major sporting event that requires the investment of huge capital, both financial and social, as exemplified by the relative lesser burden of a Commonwealth Games. Forget the political posturing and the kind of statements that are built around some kind of self-justifying jingoism, if your social structures are built around endemic poverty and corruption, and minimal public infrastructure then your country/state/city is not either a worthy host nor (more importantly) will the benefits of such a large scale sporting event will ever really eventuate for the vast majority of the people. The CGF has effectively reached its nadir with these games; relevance has been a problem for years now and this has become more pronounced with the growth in power and wealth of rival or similar organisations (i.e the IOC, FIFA, IAAF etc etc). By awarding the games to Delhi the CGF has effectively shot itself in the foot, with the major sporting powers of the Commonwealth looking very much askance at whether their athletes should attend, or the moral culpability in attending an event which is riddled with corruption, exploitation and deaths. Glasgow could well be a success, and with Gold Coast 2018 arguably a certainty the next two iterations will be more likely to return the CGs to the status quo of the period 1990-2006. However then comes the question of 2022...they can't continually cycle between Australia, Scotland, England, Canada, NZ and maybe Wales. The CGs will need to find a more appropriate and developed host (and perhaps this is where and when a South African city should come into play). As for Hambantota and (hypothetically) the likes of Abuja, Port of Spain, Nairobi etc the CGF will surely see these current or potential hosts as literally land mines waiting to go off if selected, as in all these cases the same festering problems that have dogged Delhi 2010 will re-emerge. Corruption, security problems and minimal infrastructure will negate any value garnered from awarding the CGs to these potential host cities. Finally India's general international reputation will not be as damaged by all this corruption, exploitation and criminal disregard for safety and human rights as we would expect. Firstly much of what we are documenting and discussing here is only of interest to Indians themselves or to followers of and participants in the CGs and their sports. Even here in sports mad Australia which has been the superpower of the CGs since 1990 all the build up to the CGs with their attendant problems have barely raised a ripple of interest. The Australian CG Association has been struggling to muster sponsorship and support for the Delhi 2010 games and I suspect this has been a similar experience in Canada, NZ and perhaps South Africa. The British and their teams will be looking to Delhi for a major step towards London 2012 but they won't be looking to draw any lessons or make any overall assessments against the Indians because they have more important games on their agenda. As for my second assumption, Indians themselves are infinitely more engaged with cricket (as borne out by the imbalance of posters in here contrary to as an example the Cricinfo forums), and whilst they may look to the CGs as part of some spurious emergence on the world stage this approach surely has been superseded with more quantifiable and less controversial nation building exercises such as its nuclear program, industrial developments under the likes of Tata etc, and the emergence of the information technology sector within the Indian economy. Hell, I bet more people will be interested in Bollywood films world wide than a shambolic sporting event that smacks of post-colonial era irrelevance. The Delhi 2010 games will meander on, no doubt facilitated by a huge investment in people power that will leave the dispossessed still exploited and the rich still in place. The CGF will then switch their marginally interesting focus on Glasgow and probably the Gold Coast whilst more and more people within the Commonwealth with wonder at their relevance and their worth. Perhaps, with some hopefull optimism it's down to the good folk of Durban, Cape Town, Jo-burg or Port Elizabeth to help save the CGs...
  6. And it keeps getting worse.... Evicted Delhi University students go on hunger strike to protest 2010 CWGs Corruption in field hockey and lawn bowl venue construction deals Indian government potentially bans Blackberry use by CWG attendees in bid to extract private encrypted information CWG security in doubt Monsoon rains damage 2010 CWG venues Human Rights violations and campaign to take the games off Delhi Here's hoping the Lausanne bunker inhabitants are watching the manner in which the Delhi 2010 CWGs have been organised and will be taking detailed notes to give every future or potential host for the SOGS or OWGs on how NOT to organise for a major multi-sport event. And here's also hoping that the average citizen of Delhi won't have to suffer any more in this farce which is set to benefit a select few. The Commonwealth Games Federation leadership should hang their heads in shame....
  7. Ahhh, nice to know that when I cite reports in your own national media that show with shocking clarity the blatant exploitation of your countrymen and women that it's my age that prevents you from using foul words against me. Of course if you wish to use personal invective and call me names it won't matter a jot to improving the reputation of these games which are redundant in my opinion (and as I live in a democracy I too have a right to use that phrase). If you can proud of the 2010 Delhi Games after all the deaths, all the corruption then may I suggest your patriotism is blinding you somewhat. And now, to reply to your points: The threat of imprisonment against Ark Tribe is in itself a concern however it is nowhere near as egregious as having (for example) 2 year old children killed on a supposed work site which is being hastily finished with the exploitation of workers who are employed under terms that are contradictory to the basic employment laws of the local government, and who are (as reported by your own media) restrained from leaving the work site. And the building industry in Australia would never allow or be allowed to exploit workers for the equivalent of $A2.00 a day or housing them in building rubble. Your citation is irrelevant and does nothing to minimise the tragic waste and criminality that is associated with the 2010 CWGs. Re the deaths in the lead up to Beijing 2008. The Chinese should and have been excoriated for the manner in which they hosted the SOGs 2 years ago however whether or not they reported them is irrelevant to the exploitation and fatal mismanagement of your fellow poorer citizens. Don't think that just because China has a totalitarian society and India is a democracy means that the stain of worker's deaths and exploitation in the pursuit of delivering a delayed CWGs will be lessened. And if your local government makes pronouncements that those involved will be prosecuted after the games that smacks of whitewashing and PR spin. Why can't they be prosecuted now? Perhaps because the relevant authorities don't want to look criminally negligent before their grand showcase. Or perhaps...just perhaps...none of these deaths, none of this exploitation and none of these prosecutions would have eventuated if the 2010 CWGs were organised efficiently, safely and with better public responsibility by those in power. As for your request for me to not call these games redundant, well consider it noted but ignored. The Commonwealth games are redundant and they have been for some time in my opinion. They are a second or third tier multi-sport carnival that does little more than remind us every four years that a group of generally unrelated countries once were part of the British empire. Most top class sportsmen and women would value the games whether they were in Melbourne, Delhi or Glasgow as a diversion from other more important or more lucrative events. They are a sop to the vested interests in certain cities and countries that weren't of a standard or weren't able to meet the political gamesmanship of far larger events and as tragically shown in Delhi's case become an excuse for mismanagement, corruption and unsafe work practices. As I have posted in other threads in my opinion the CWGs are no longer of value in the sporting and public policy world and if they had ended in 1998, 2002, 2006 or whenever that'd be fine by me. And before you accuse me of India bashing I have no interest or desire in seeing the 2018 CWGs come to the Gold Coast...call it quits after Glasgow and the Commonwealth won't be that devastated by their closure. Finally as to your utterly irrelevant citation of Australia's debate over whether to export uranium to India. Firstly it has not been guaranteed (the Coalition Opposition supports it whereas the current ALP government doesn't). As someone who opposes the exportation I will be using that as one of the determinants when I vote in under 3 weeks in my Federal election. Having said that the principles behind the decision to export uranium to India was originally made under the presumption that India would be using the mineral for peaceful power generation (which would supposedly benefit the Indian economy and people plus not have as deleterious effect on the world's climate). Last time I looked Australia didn't have nuclear weapons, it was your country that had them and has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Therefore how about your government try and explain to 6 billion people (or which at least a sixth are your countrymen and women) why there is a need to have Indian nuclear weapons, instead of supposedly using uranium possibly sold by multinational companies for power generation. So forget trying to divert attention from the justifiable criticism of the manner in which the 2010 CWGs have been organised. Enjoy your Commonwealth Games experience...but it's come at a cost that stains it irrevocably.
  8. Exactly! How can anyone take pride in such facilities which have come at such human cost beats me...
  9. You sir are living in a fool's paradise! NO workers should die during the preparation for any games. NONE!!! And it is not sarcasm to point out that there is a seething underclass of people in your country that are being exploited to get these farcical games ready when they are way beyond budget and planned delivery time for a pittance and who are killed in preparation of an event that will only benefit the corrupt and the wealthy. Considering that at best estimates there were upwards of 10 deaths before Beijing's Olympics, 5 before Athens' and 1 each before Sydney 2000 and Atlanta the death toll for these unwarranted games at 42 is a national shame which should lead to the resignation of all officials involved as well as prosecution of the contractors who are exposing your fellow citizens to third world safety practices. I would rather have the perspective that the loss of one life is something to be avoided, lamented and maybe even result in criminal charges than take your approach which is to blithely equate the oversupply of poor people who are in desperate need of a basic income (which is not being given to them) to fatal accidents. Instead of trumpeting the design of the medals how about exerting the same energy in asking your civic and commercial leaders about why Delhi 2010 has been blackened by the shame of corruption and avoidable deaths. What a waste for such a redundant event....
  10. Actually Istanbul has no chance as long as the Byzantine stench around Theodosius Maximus (a Constantinople based emperor) hangs around re his ending of the ancient games in 391AD. I tells ya the IOC has long memories....
  11. And at the expense of only 42 lives...what a triumph!
  12. Profit in the Olympic context is about as solid a concept as Lindsay Lohan's sobriety....
  13. A fairly scathing op ed indictment of the ugly side of Dehli's CGs, from an Indian point of view...
  14. Ah something subtle, elegant and refined...just what we can expect as always from the Gold Coast... Any chance the 2018 CGs can be run alongside Schoolies...that'd boost the interest in the games plus maybe bring about a heady mix of boozed up youngsters and finely honed athletes in close contact
  15. All very nice...attractive pictures, stellar fixtures etc etc... But who in the IOC membership, or more specifically in the higher echelon wants an Istanbul SOGs? In all honesty I suspect no one does outside 3 or 4 members such as those like Ugur Erdener (sole Turkish IOC member), Al Sabah from Kuwait and maybe Prince Hussein in Jordan. Istanbul is a potentially solid bid but it serves no political or individual agenda within the broader IOC membership.
  16. Always happens...except perhaps for the more esoteric pins and so-called marquee 'investment' collectibles. I recall the Sydney 2000 Olympic Store was still trading via warehouses and then via liquidation stores for at least a year after the games. And as observed previously forking out the dosh pre-games for certain items is tantamount to a self-inflicted financial wound...mascot dolls etc can and do fall in price big time.
  17. Hey SR...you ever heard of the Australia games? There was only one held, way back in 1985 in Melbourne. I saw the weightlifting contest which was most notable for seeing Mario Martinez (the US super heavyweight silver medallist behind Dean Lukin from LA84). The AGs were supposed to be a festival of Olympic sports for Aussie athletes, but I think the 85 staging was a financial dud and the idea went nowhere/
  18. Found out today (with no fanfare or publicity) that Foxtel are broadcasting the Singapore YOGs next month (I assume this means the same goes for Austar and Optus customers). I'm not that interested per se but it is useful to know that there'll be TV coverage down under for some us. Anyone else thinking of watching the games (either as per above or from your local broadcaster?
  19. Interesting article...question is whether similar practices were or are entrenched when it came to securing Sochi's bid? And would these issues have been investigated if the Russian team had performed far more successfully in Vancouver than they did? One thing that mystifies me though...how come the Russian Olympic bigwigs think their 2008 Eurovision champ had any value at the 2010 OWGs? Is Canada thinking of launching a bid for Eurovision 2011 ?
  20. Another less than rosy report from Delhi (via those paragons of integrity, News Ltd):
  21. As an outsider looking in with heaps of Scottish ancestry I find it somewhat ridiculous that a team which represents the English FA would participate as the British football team at London 2012, however I understand that the murky waters of FIFA's divvying up the UK into four federations has led to this. What a shame that there can't be a simple similar set up a la the British Lions in rugby. And frankly when push comes to shove the team that represents Britain at the Olympics should be made up of the best British players full stop and not maybe two thirds or whatever percentage just because the relevant federations can't agree.
  22. A pessimistic view from 'the home nations' (how vewy vewy English ) Whilst I certainly don't agree with the elevation of darts and snooker to the CGs (and by the way the latter's world champ is an Aussie) there is much truth in what Hubbard writes. How can these games be taken seriously as a major international sporting festival if so many leading athletes from the major powers don't attend?
  23. Just an overall query (from the viewpoint of an Aussie who hears bugger all about the Pan Ams but gets plenty of media info re the Pan Pacs)...how significant and popular are the Pan American Games for the participating nations? Would it be fair (Canadians could be the best respondents on this question) to compare them to the CGs as a bigger or smaller event? Are the standards of sport at the Pan Ams close to the Olympics or far less?
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