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  1. Any budding games developers here?

    Rols, this would have to be up there with the Americas Cup Simulation Game as one of the dumbest ideas in sporting computer game history. Can you imagine the excitement being generated in such stalwarts of the CWGs the Isle of Man, St Kitts and Norfolk Island that finally they can go online and replicate the success of their CWG heroes?

    And come someone tell us what the core values of the (CWG) brand and Commonwealth are? We all got invaded/settled by the Poms? :D

  2. Not too sure of the status of Kalmadi on the IOA:


    Kalmadi refused comment on the sackings — which came following CBI complaints that the duo were intimidating witnesses and hampering investigations — but asserted he would not resign as head of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA).

    Asked why Kalmadi had been removed from a panel whose prime mandate had expired when the Games ended on October 14 but allowed to stay on as IOA chief, sources explained that the IOA, unlike the organising committee, was not a government-appointed body.

    They said the Olympic association, which Kalmadi has headed since 1996, was an autonomous and elected body and that any government interference could prompt the International Olympic Committee to ban it.

    (snip) (source)

    Whilst you get the feeling Kaos Kalmadi is klutching at straws there is a kernel of truth in how dimly the IOC views political interference in NOCs (when they aren't in despotic third world countries or petrodollar rich gulf states that is). However I can;t imagine Jacques would be sending off missives pleading for mercy or threats of Olympic boycotts on Kalmadi's behalf. If anything they will obsequiously let the decision go through to the keeper as "this is a domestic Indian concern" then await with bated breath a Delhi 2020 or later bid, which they can absolve from any 2010 CWG issues saying that the Kalmadi regime were the problem.

    At the end of the day when you mix up domestic political functionaries and power broking with major sports administration this kind of inefficiency and corruption is almost inevitable. It takes a country with a far more developed attitude to the separation of political power and personal enrichment to get such a huge project right. The lessons are there for both the IOC as well as the CGF and MaFIFA to see, and if they ignore it then that's their problem.

  3. Re the GamesBids forum Twitter account...I assume it's automated to just generate the title of each new topic? Any possibility (like the Inside the Games and ATR Twitter accounts) hash marks can be used (e.g. #Munich2018 or #IOC etc) as part of each new tweet?

  4. Nice, juicy article, E. I feel sorry for Birch and all the other unpaid subcontractors.

    I guess we won't be seeing a Delhi Olympics anytime soon.

    Thanks Baron...the Indians well and truly ignored that old Olympic maxim, "you don't sh!t where you eat". I bet in the closeted, behind doors world of the Olympic-World Sports Industrial Complex India's reputation is as low as you can go.

    And how about the bald faced effrontery and thieving of that prick Kalmadi...getting a hard on in the media for how good the ceremonies were then refusing to front up the money because he said they were substandard. Even Blather wouldn't stoop to that level.

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  5. This story is getting some traction downunder:

    Aussies owed millions from Delhi Commonwealth Games

    * By Nick Tabakoff

    * From: The Daily Telegraph

    * January 20, 2011

    THE dramas surrounding the Delhi Commonwealth Games continues more than three months after the event finished in October, with Australian sporting bodies and major event groups owed millions by the Indian Government.

    The scandal could even hit the taxpayer, with the government-funded Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) saying it is still owed "a six-figure sum" due two months ago, reported The Daily Telegraph.

    Separately, Sydney Olympics maestro Ric Birch has this week commissioned Slater & Gordon to launch a likely multi-million dollar class action against Delhi organisers for substantial unpaid bills.

    Mr Birch said he was "seriously pissed off"with Games organisers.

    ACGA CEO Perry Crosswhite said his body was one of "30 or 40" similar Games bodies around the world owed money by Delhi organisers.

    "We're owed a travel subsidy payment in the six figures that was due in November," he said.

    Mr Crosswhite said previous Games organisers - including those for the 2006 Melbourne Games - had paid similar subsidies promptly. "We would expect the same to happen in India."

    Mr Birch's Indian lawsuit is shaping as the first salvo in a possible $3 million-plus class action involving at least four of Australia's biggest major event names - including Mr Birch's Spectak Productions, and world-renowned fireworks group Howard & Sons - against Delhi organisers.

    Most companies hit were key players in the opening and closing ceremonies. All still have substantial parts of their $1 million-plus contracts left unpaid, three months after the closing ceremony.

    Some have suffered even more by having millions worth of key equipment, needed elsewhere, stuck in Delhi until this week.

    Howard & Sons boss Andrew Howard said the combination of the unpaid money and the hold-up of the company's unique pyrotechnics firing equipment in Delhi had left the firm facing a financial crisis.

    "The past three months have probably been the most challenging in our 89-year history, in terms of both cash flow and equipment," he said.

    Mr Birch joked India was an acronym, "standing for 'I'll Never Do It Again.' The organisers [were] totally unreliable, totally incompetent, and often told total untruths".

    This has left the companies facing big financial shortfalls. Mr Birch is owed $350,000 on his Games contract.

    Howard & Sons said it was owed $300,000 in unpaid bills, but up to $900,000 once compensation for not having crucial equipment available was taken into account.

    Two other Australian companies said they were also owed a total of about $1.6 million by organisers.

    Global major event sound company Norwest Productions said it was now owed $1 million, including $160,000 a week for the past six weeks, for multi-million dollar equipment needed elsewhere by the start of December but held up in Delhi. An Australian firm that provided Games media services is owed $600,000.

    Mr Birch was creative director for the Delhi ceremonies, Howard & Sons provided all of their fireworks, and Norwest provided all the sound.

    Both ceremonies were hailed as shining successes amid the Games general chaos. But Mr Birch said he was told by Delhi Games organisers secretary-general Lalit Bhanot: "We're not going to pay you because your services were not up to the mark."

    Mr Crosswhite said he would be "very disappointed if the Indian Government were using that [excuse] not to pay."

    Mr Howard is furious: "Those bastards really don't give a s ... ."

    Mr Birch said English, German and Italian companies involved with the ceremonies were also owed substantial amounts.

    India's ability to host international events has this week been called into further question, with at least five venues for next month's cricket World Cup not completed.

    Similar chaos rocked the Games before the start.

    First off you can be sure that right now the IOC are getting a whiff of this story and will be filling it away for future reference in case there is any Delhi 2020 or beyond bid. You don't screw over the sporting associations and the big players in supplying items and services related to the CWGs and Olympics like the Delhi buffoons have done and expect to be given a free pass down the road.

    Secondly you can be damned sure that right now everyone looking at the 2018 race will want to be getting far better financial guarantees from the two bids that all will be sound. And let's face it, how can Hambantota and their Chinese/Korean funded infrastructure plans also spread to take care of the extensive costs with ceremonies, team transport etc etc. It would be logical to assume that if the Indians have reneged or delayed payments to the Australian CWG Association they will have done the same to every other country that sent teams, and each one of those countries will now be asking for more financial rigour in the bid process. Battered as it may be by floods Queensland's and Australia's financial backing of sport and the Commonwealth Games is far more secure than any far less developed countries effort.

    One thing is for certain; Ric's "I'll never do it again" comment and the two-timing bastardry of Kalmadi shows that all of us here who thought that Delhi was a blot on the Commonwealth Games were 100% right in our assessment.

  6. Well, Strep has improved on his models, Niccolo and Sam!! If he is that foxy, I don't think Strep is anywhere approaching senility.

    Baron, I was hanging off using the Machiavellian imprimatur for good old Septic...thanks for the rebound save :P

  7. Really, research a little bit further.

    Teixeira or anyone close to him has ever said that he will run for FIFA presidency. In fact, the rumors about his desire for the post comes from Brazilian journalists that attack him on a daily basis. He's reputation is terrible and he is 100% behind Blatter, probably being even stronger politically than the current president, after all he is the one with the right to speak for the old man Havelange. Teixeira might run for FIFA presidency, but that would never happen without Blatter's support.

    Just to highlight how ridiculous are the accounts of a dispute between Blatter and Teixeira, while the big controversy about the Morumbi stadium was going on, there were people suggesting that Teixeira was fighting with Valcke (Blatter's man). However, those guys did not even bothered to do some research to find out that Valcke was actually staying in Teixeira's house when he traveled to Brazil.

    Regarding the membership on the ExCom, it is distributed by Continental Confederation, not by Country. If Italy does not have a member, that's because UEFA did not allow. For the same reason countries like Kuwait, Thailand and Sri Lanka do.

    Last but not least, the Americas are 100% behind Blatter. Jack Warner and most of the Concacaf members love it. Leoz, Grondona and Teixeira love it as well and the rest of Conmebol will go behind them because they have no choice. By the way, 2026 will be in the Americas, since Europe and Asia will be out because of continental rotation (written rule in FIFA). The other 2 possible continents (Africa and Oceania) have no one to present, since Australia as part of the AFC is an Asian country as far as FIFA is concerned.

    Platini and the whole Eastern European block are 100% behind him, as well. And so is Africa, Dany Joradaan included, with a big help from Isata Houtou.

    The only pockets of resistance to his power are in the far east, where the Korean president of the AFC wants to run for FIFA presidency and in the Western Europe where the big leagues don't want to send their players for international matches. However, the concentration of power in a few leagues has been doing a lot to weaken this group. The result is that they don't even control UEFA anymore, since Platini is a Blatter's ally.

    In my opinion, Blatter is approaching then Arab countries and Russia to maintain his main allies in the pockets of resistance in Asia and Europe.

    By the way, if the situation gets politically difficult for him to stay in office, his group will choose someone faithful and palatable from its ranks and put in his place. It might be even some of the people that you have mentioned.

    Excellent analysis Aluz. And of course all it takes is a simple bit of research on (for example) Prince Ali of Jordan (one of the new members of the ExCo who was selected by the AFC) to demonstrate what the true political situation is in MaFIFA re Blather. As Andrew Jennings discussed in an article I posted here and can be also seen in the following story the boss of world football is actively using his ability to prorogue friendly supporters into the ExCo to either improve his own re-election chances or destroy those of his rivals:

    Sepp Blatter rival Chung Mong-Joon ejected from Fifa executive committee

    By Paul Kelso, Chief Sports Reporter, Doha 10:13AM GMT 06 Jan 2011

    Chung Mong-Joon, one of Sepp Blatter’s most persistent critics and rivals, has been ejected from his post as a vice-president of Fifa’s executive committee following a vote at the Asian Football Confederation Congress in Doha today.

    South Korean Chung, a billionaire scion of the Hyundai dynasty, was defeated 25 votes to 20 by Crown Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan, who at 35 will become the youngest member of the executive committee by almost 20 years.

    Chung’s defeat can be interpreted as strengthening Blatter’s position ahead of the presidential election scheduled for May this year. The Korean has hinted that he will run against Blatter in the past, but today’s result renders his intentions an irrelevance.

    Blatter’s assumed support for Prince Ali appeared to be confirmed immediately after the vote when the head of the Kuwaiti football federation Sheikh Ahmad Ali Fahad Al Sabah, one of Prince Ali’s closest supporters, pledged loyalty.

    “I can confirm that the 25 people who voted for Prince Ali today will vote for President Blatter [in the presidential election] at the Fifa Congress because Blatter deserves to continue as Fifa president."

    While the result sparked celebrations among the Jordanian and other Arab delegations in the Congress hall, Chung left without comment.

    Chung has been a fixture on the Fifa executive committee since 1994, and fronted his country’s defeated bid for the 2022 World Cup last month.

    In 2002 he was one of a number of executive committee members who actively campaigned against Blatter, accusing the Fifa president of misusing funds and backing African rival Issa Hayatou.

    When Blatter prevailed however Chung was sidelined, but until today had retained his place at football’s highest table courtesy of his popularity and influence within the AFC.

    He has remained more vocal than most of his colleagues in criticising Fifa. Speaking in London last October he said Fifa would benefit from a contested presidential election. “You need competition at the summit... we need to keep Fifa healthy,” he said.

    A week before the final vote on the 2022 World Cup last month Hyundai signed a 12-year sponsorship contract extension with Fifa that will see it remain the official car supplier until 2022, a decision Chung may now regret.

    The result also signals a further shift in power within Asian football to the Gulf region, already boosted by the award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

    It is also evidence of the growing power of Mohamed Bin Hamam, re-elected by acclimation as president of the AFC today, who’s influence played a significant part in Qatar’s World Cup campaign.

    Two other AFC seats on the Fifa executive committee were also decided today, with Worawi Makudi of Thailand retaining his seat and Vernon Manilal Fernando of Sri Lanka replacing Junji Ogura of Japan, who stood down.

    João Havelange influenced the votes of non-European ExCo members in 1974 to dump the then president Stanley Rous, then went on to create his own empire which included Blather as his preferred successor. Then come 1998 Blatter uses the support of Havelange, the financial backing of Horst Dassler, plus the lobbying of the likes of Warner, Leoz, Teixeira and Blazer to get himself elected over Swede Lennart Johansson. Since then Blatter has tirelessly worked to do one thing above all; marshal his supporters via patronage at the confederation level and seduce numerous gullible FAs (such as those in South Africa, England, Australia & the US) to keep his position as president unassailable. Finally as demonstrated by the departure of Franz Beckenbauer from the ExCo and the overturning of Chung's position anyone anti-Blather gets marginalised and then dumped or retires.

  8. I think this blog entry gives a more detailed explanation as to why Blather is playing these games with Qatar 2022 and of course trying to unravel his own ExCo board's decisions:

    Mihir Bose: Blatter courting danger as he enjoys watching Bin Hammam squirm

    It was entirely predictable that Sepp Blatter's comments on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar being played in January raised a howl of protest.

    Not only does it seem extraordinary that after the game is over, the rules of the game are changed, but the near-revolution this would cause to the European game is incalculable.

    But what has been missed in all this is that Blatter, the most consummate of sports politicians - one who could teach those who make a living out of politics a trick or two - is not actually concerned about whether the World Cup moves to winter.

    His remarks are really part of an elaborate re-election strategy designed to clip the wings of Mohammed Bin Hammam, lest his World cup triumph give the Qatari fanciful ideas.

    Blatter eyes are on June of this year when the FIFA Congress meets in Zurich, and Blatter goes for yet another term as President.

    Until the afternoon of December 2, this seemed fairly straightforward. Blatter was going to stand again, there seemed no other candidate who dared oppose him and, as happened last time round, he would win unopposed and by acclamation.

    But then on the afternoon of December 2, he opened the envelope and there was the name of Qatar printed next to 2022 World Cup.

    What is more, Qatar had won it in style, getting 11 votes in the first round and fairly annihilating a field which included United States and Australia.

    Blatter has made no secret of the fact that he would have loved to be a showman. The job he loved best in FIFA was the World cup draw and he retained his showman's instincts as he congratulated Qatar.

    His talk was all about taking the World Cup to a new frontier, the first Muslim country, the first time in the Middle East. But there can be little doubt he was truly shocked.

    Although the votes of the FIFA Executive members are secret, and there has been much speculation as to who votes for whom - the mystery of the second vote England got still continues and may never be resolved - there is not much doubt about how Blatter voted.

    He wanted Russia for 2018 but did not want Qatar for 2022. Australians sources are pretty confident Blatter was their lone supporter and then his support appears to have switched to USA. Qatar's 2022 victory was the one victory Blatter could not have wanted.

    It meant that Mohamed Bin Hammam, the Qatari head of the Asian Football Confederation, who also sits on the FIFA Executive, was once again a huge power in world football.

    Once a close friend of Blatter, but since then estranged, the whole Qatar campaign had shown Bin Hammam could punch well above his weight.

    For Blatter this spells great danger. Could Bin Hammam now think of standing for election as FIFA President? If he could deliver Qatar the World Cup, how much easier would it be for him to dethrone Blatter?

    You can see the outline of any Bin Hammam campaign. All the FIFA presidents so far have been either European, or of European stock like João Havelange.

    If this body that controls world football is really to be global, then it must at some point have a non-European head. It has taken the World Cup to new continents - Africa and now to the Middle East. So who better than Bin Hammam to be the man to represent the new frontier?

    And this is where Blatter's remarks about 2022 Qatar moving from summer to winter comes in.

    He made the remarks while he was in Doha for the Asian Cup. Qatar had not asked for such a move and the remarks were clearly designed to put Qatar and Bin Hamman on the defensive.

    Their bid was that, despite the heat, Qatar could handle the World Cup. Now by making so much play of the summer heat and protecting the players, Blatter has re-opened the debate, just when Qatar was hoping everyone would forget and they would have 11 years to somehow convince the world a summer World Cup in the Middle East desert was possible.

    This is very similar to the way Blatter used Vladimir Putin's remarks about the British press just before his executive was getting ready to vote.

    Blatter, recall, reminded his fellow executive members of the way the British press had behaved. Now he was putting Bin Hammam (pictured) on the back foot where almost any response would merely expose Qatar's bid and cast doubts on his leadership.

    What does he say: no, we can still hold it in summer, as we said in the bid book? Or does he agree that the bid was made under a false prospectus, and Blatter is right to protect the players and say it has to be in January, not July?

    Blatter further increased the pressure on Bin Hammam by saying he could see 2022 being spread around Middle East countries.

    No remark could have been designed with the election more in mind. There are lots of votes in that region and Blatter was cosying up to them.

    The remarks were designed to arouse expectations, and again put Bin Hamman in an awkward position. What does he say: no thank you we need no help, which will make him even more unpopular in his region?

    Or does he say yes we shall share, which would again raise questions as to how upfront Qatar was when it made the bid?

    Blatter, the astute politician, must have calculated all this and, as Bin Hammam squirms, he is enjoying this.

    However shrewd he is, Blatter is also courting danger. The clubs in Europe view the prospect of a winter World Cup with something approaching horror.

    At the moment they are inside the big FIFA tent, but only just. Should they feel Blatter is threatening to choke them, then some of them might decide that it is worth taking Blatter on.

    The often-rumoured move is a breakaway League. However, a World Cup in January, which threatens their competitions, could be seen as violating the Treaty of Rome and, should matters relay get serious, these clubs could petition the European Commission against FIFA.

    It could become a sort of big club version of the Bosman case. That would be interesting.

    But my feeling is all his talk of a January World Cup shared by many countries in the Middle East will come to nothing. Blatter will make these noises till he knows who will contest against him for the Presidency. If no one stands, then this proposal, like the one about World Cups every two years, will disappear.

    Bill Clinton's campaign manager for the 1992 Presidency said "it is the economy, stupid".

    With Blatter, the watch words are "it is the election, stupid".

    Makes for comforting reading doesn't it to know that world football is being run by such a bunch of selfish bastards.

  9. If looking for a reason why they should sack the lot and start again...

    Decision to move Qatar World Cup to winter was done deal claims FIFA Executive Committee member

    January 17 - The idea of staging the 2022 World Cup during the winter if Qatar became hosts was discussed weeks before last month's vote, according to a senior member of the FIFA Executive Committee.

    Following the recent admission by FIFA President Sepp Blatter that he expects a switch of date because of the area's stifling summer heat, the United States' Chuck Blazer now reveals talks were held about moving a Gulf World Cup in the build-up to the ballot on December 2.

    "There were comments like that some weeks before the decision," said Blazer whose own country, hosts in 1994, were the main fall-guys resulting from Qatar's landslide victory.

    "Otherwise I really couldn't understand how they voted for football in that level of temperatures, because I knew them well enough, and their support for their own teams, so it seemed illogical."

    Qatar spent millions on their campaign, pledging revolutionary cooling techniques at stadiums and training camps.

    FIFA's rules did not "contemplate" Government-financed bids of this type, Blazer said.

    "You have to look at the rules and recognise that it's a completely different ball game, what we experienced, from what we had contemplated," Blazer added in an interview with Bloomberg.

    Way before the vote, Blazer had questioned the wisdom of a World Cup in the region, famously remarking that "you can't cool a whole country."

    To complicate the issue, any switch to the winter would need a break of around nine weeks and would totally disrupt the European club season.

    Last week, UEFA President Michel Platini, who backed the choice of Qatar, even called for the tournament to be shared with the tiny state's Gulf neighbours.

    Platini "was one who was already talking about the idea of potentially moving the event before the decision was taken," said Blazer, who opposes a switch to winter.

    "So that's why I don't think this is much of a surprise in that sense," he said.

    Maybe the rationale of a guy like him - who wouldn't necessarily like to see players playing in inclement weather - justified his vote by saying, 'Well, we'll actually move it."

    These supposed well-informed paragons of football administration can't even honestly communicate between themselves and understand the full ramifications of the Qatar bid, to the point where some ExCo members appear to have deceived themselves if not their colleagues. And those who had any semblance of a grip on reality have been marginalised.

    One thing is for certain; the IOC would never countenance such an ambivalent and self-destructive process of assessing the merits of a bid to the point that the whole dates, environment and multi-national hosting agenda would change so drastically. MaFIFA is a global sporting organisation in total chaos at the top of the decision making process, riddled with incompetents, liars, opportunists and autocrats.

  10. If the CWG Fed are dumb enough not to have a proper technical report or shortlist then I hope they vote Hambantota and get all that will come with it.. . Abuja was clearly not ready from CWG reports and yet it got to the vote!

    Rafa the problem is the CWG aren't dumb; they are as poor as the IQ of our resident Hamabantota loon. They can't afford to commission a technical report into the bids both financially and perhaps more importantly politically. After all how would it look if they were actually seriously asked to contemplate giving a backward fishing village with bugger all adequate accommodation for athletes and tourists, no sporting facilities, a failed CWG sporting effort that couldn't even win one untainted gold medal in Delhi, failed to send a delegate to the aforementioned games, misses deadlines when it comes to building infrastructure for other international sporting bodies, hasn't even found the creative capability to release a bid logo yet, relies on Koreans and Chinese aid money to build their digital fantasy infrastructure, and finally the local familial autocracy is using the bid much like the Nazis used the 36 Games as a way of glorifying their morally bankrupt leadership. It would be so embarrassing to the CWGs and to the Sri Lankans (who let's not forget were knocked back in their desire to host a F1 race by being told to build a go kart track :lol: ) that it'd probably mean that the poor dears would run off in a JimJones-like huff.

  11. yawn nice speech but pity boring though sometimes i wonder whether do you even know what are you typing

    logical, sensible, correct, appropriate and actually profitable move for most of the commonwealth nations will be HAMBANTOTA for other who wants this as their monopoly games the choice is gold coast,Australia.

    now we have Birmingham 2022(England)it would be not nice to put down a good offer from Sri Lanka.

    And @rob what world cup venues are you talking about??? their is no struggle in delivering the venues in Sri Lanka everything is running smoothly.all venues are almost ready B) if their was any problem the eusebius65 word wizard would have come up with it :D and can you explain more about 'riskiness of Sri Lanka' :rolleyes:

    January 15th...remember that date...the one that the ICC and SLC set as the second deadline to have the three cricket grounds in your poor country finished and ready for the WC. And yet they still aren't finished are they hmmm? Remember your full of shite statement that the grounds would be ready by the 15th...and they aren't.

    You are so full of it if they were looking to find a sinkhole of excrement to fertilise the unfinished grounds then all they'd need to do is get a tip truck to park in front of your mealy mouthed orifice and then ask you to give us another Lord Haw Haw-like statement.

    By the way being able to use polysyllabic words and complex sentence structure is something I've developed by obtaining an education. How about you try it too, instead of continuing to utter your Cro-Magnon-esque rectal wind-breaking statements then using BabelFish to translate your gibberish into inanities.

  12. I understand and to some extent agree with all this sentiment in favour of the Gold Coast bid being simply too strong an option, and the CGF can't afford to go down the path of another Delhi, nor that it isn't the same as the MaFIFA. However this is all assuming that the delegates to the vote are actually sensitive to such issues. Don't forget at least a third thought that a year after Melbourne this same organisation they could risk going to an utterly unproven candidate. Then during the lead into the Delhi farce there was a significant proportion of anti-Fennell anti-western sentiment expressed alongside some fairly disgusting cosying up between the principal figures in the Delhi games committee and government and the H2018 zealots. The CGF's state of weakness is just as valid a reason to be worried about when making the sensible decision to go for the logical choice; their membership may be swayed by the utterly fallacious blandishments that will appeal to those members who will feel aggrieved at the (justified) criticism of Delhi, or some petty third world solidarity that has no place in making credible decisions about a major sports festival.

    Every logical, sensible, correct, appropriate and actually profitable move from the CGF would be to go to the Gold Coast. It won't be the perfect option (no games no matter organisation gets it right 100%) but it has every element there (and most right now) to probably continue the relevance and success of the CGs. If they go to the home of our current successor to Jim Jones then the CGs will never recover. They will be considered the plaything of despots, rank amateurs and fools.

  13. I think with the emergence of new ExCo members out of Europe, Africa and the Americas, those 3 need to unite and counter the seemlying one-sided power of Asia. Danny Jordaan for President.

    Some if not all those new ExCo members will still owe allegiance to the existing powers that be (such as Blather, Hammam, Platini etc etc). The only way to get true reform is sack every single one of them and start again. Or even better individual FAs break away from the current corrupt, indolent and pig ignorant MaFIFA and build an entirely new global football body.

  14. The Centennial. Hamilton's long stated it's intention of going for the Centennial.

    Ah, the Athens factor hmmmm. I wonder how that'll play out, in terms of the vast difference between the old Empire Games of 1930 versus the Commonwealth Games that is seen by some as a chance to exploit anti-western sentiment amongst certain Commonwealth countries.

  15. Rols I agree that the CGF is not MaFIFA and the 2014 vote shows that the CGF can make a decision based on common sense. However it has to be said that the Delhi 2010 experience demonstrated how enfeebled the CGF is when it comes to sound policies and procedures as well as there will be a push from certain governments and sporting bodies to follow some kind of anti-old Commonwealth powers approach to selecting the 2018 host. Let's not forget how certain many people were that Abuja would be a better than even chance for winning 2018 if it entered; if such a notoriously underwhelming and non-meritorious bid was perceived as having favouritism before their withdrawal then the Sri Lankan fantasy bid must be given at least some credence (even though we all know it would bring the Commonwealth Games and it's federation into arguably more disrepute than the fick-ups in Delhi or the bribes offered by Abuja).

  16. It really says something about this race when hypothetical future GC public opinion and the remote possibility that the bid may be cancelled are bigger threats to its 2018 chances than the rival bidder is.

    Rob I wish I could agree 100% with you but having seen the simply lemming-like decision of the Blatherites in MaFIFA take football totally into the slough of despond by picking Qatar as well as watching the schemozzle that was the lead into Delhi 2010 the Hambantota bid will be at least of some interest to Fennell's mob later this year. It shouldn't be; it should be laughed out of existence however commonsense and sanity is in short supply with certain sports administrators. Whilst the GC2018 bid does have problems in terms of convincing locals of its value it does stand out as a beacon of reasonable and suitable existing games capability unlike the foreign aid funded fishing village that can;t even complete a cricket ground after missing two deadlines.

  17. Renovated Ivor Wynne


    Spectator file image


    Now that Ivor Wynne stadium, Commonwealth Games first stadium, will receive a multi-million dollar renovation there's even more probability of a Hamilton 2030 Commonwealth Games bid.

    Why 2030? Why not 2022 or 2026? Is there that much antipathy to a future bid, or such a deficit of infrastructure support that there needs to be approx 12 years of waiting before another CG bid? Surely Hamilton could run earlier and have at least a half decent chance of winning the rights.

    That's assuming of course the CGs continue past 2018....

  18. Exactly, it's going to be a public support problem more than a logistical one.

    I'd expect the financial downside of the floods to be very short lived. By the time reconstruction gets going in earnest, if anything it's going to be an economic growth booster.

    Yep, there will be lots of naysayers out there (particularly those who are either drastically affected by the floods, as well as potentially those north of the likes of Gympir and Scaryborough who have a fairly disinterested take on the GC), however now that St Anna of the Waters has dispersed her hugely negative perception from 2010 thanks to her stateswomanish performance with the floods I am sure she will be able to sell GC2018 as if she was flogging ice to eskimos. That whole 'we are Queenslanders' pitch will make many a Cane Toad dig deep emotionally for something like a win for 2018.

    By the way right now I would not want to be anyone involved with the NSW state of origin team...the Maroons are gonna come out at Lang Aquarium...oops, I mean Lang Park with a heart bigger than Phar Lap as doctored by an East German sports physician.

  19. Rob, I prefer the term 'suffer you selfish ungrateful despotic bastards who have ficked over everything that was decent and respectable about what was supposed to be the beautiful game, and no one thinks that these thieving mongrels deserve any better than the massive shitefight they are all engaged in'.

    The petrodollar fuelled Qatari tail is now wagging the MaFIFA dog and Blather is floundering like a drunk at a wine tasting. They are stabbing each other in the back with so much energy it's a shame that they can't divert 0.1% into actual management of the game (you know, goal line technology, eradicating simulation, addressing the inequalities of wealthy European clubs, racism, crowd violence etc etc) and achieve something more than covering themselves in mutual shite.

  20. Intriguing article about assassination plots against Delhi 2010 officials:

    Prisons guards ordered 'hit' on jailed Commonwealth Games chiefs

    Prison officials armed two inmates and ordered them to assassinate two of three of Delhi's Commonwealth Games officials held in custody on corruption charges, an Indian court was told.

    The claims were made by two brothers serving life sentences for murder in a magistrate court on Tuesday.

    Magistrates in New Delhi, India, ordered an inquiry after Amit and Nishant Prasad petitioned the court to disclose details of a murder plot against senior officials accused of corruption in the award of contracts for the Queen's Baton Relay in London last year.

    According to the brothers, jail officials gave them a pistol and a knife and ordered them to kill two of three Commonwealth Games officials held on corruption charges in Delhi's Tihar Jail. They include T.S Darbari, a director of marketing for the Delhi Commonwealth Games, Sanjay Mahendroo, another director, and M Jeychandran, treasurer for the Delhi Games. They have been in custody since their arrest last month.

    The chief metropolitan magistrate ordered a police inquiry into the claims after a knife was recovered from the wing where the brothers were being held.

    The Prasad brothers' claims were angrily denied by prison spokesman Sunil Gupta. Although a 'blade gang' had carried out knife attacks on prisoners in the past, the Commonwealth Games officials were being held on a safe wing separate from hardened inmates, he said. The two brothers who had made the claims were unreliable, he added.

  21. Bingo.

    That is just ridiculous that they talk about this AFTER the vote.

    Well the before the vote talk was dominated by the exchange of Swiss bank account numbers, the plans to succeed Septic Blather and how they were going to charge $50 each for a lukewarm watered down glass of Budweiser for those licenced to drink alcohol in this footballer's paradise.

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