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  1. Nashville is too hot there. It has to be another country as a potential bidder could step in. I already mention Borjomi (Georgia. There's also Almaty (Kazakhstan) who almost got the 2022 edition, Leipzig (Germany) looking for the bid for the second time but winter, Savoy (France) looking to bring the Winter Olympics back to the French soil and finally Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) hoping to host for the second time as it did in 1984. One of them could replace Barcelona as the fourth candidate.
  2. AND IT´S FINALLY DONE. Goodbye, disjointed spanish bid, you lasted far longer than you should had. NOW GO FOR A SUMMER GAMES ALREADY!
  3. Now this... You might have a more workable idea than whatever COE is having with that bid. It would indeed keep the focus at the place where the action is mostly at, even though Barcelona part´s might be the thing made to lure that IOC votes.
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