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  1. They should rename it Euro Trash Contest. Not exactly a good showcase for them.
  2. ^^"Ouvrons grand les jeux" that's it
  3. According to their site(primavera2023-scuola-mascotte?) , MiCO is going to unveil mascot next spring after schools competition?
  4. ^^It sure is one of those cities, the remaining one, that can pull it off properly and nice even in current global changes. ..and it would be fun to see one more crazy London logo
  5. That's the country of the Legion etrangere afterall. They may know how to keep a place safe.
  6. FIFA-World-Cup-Qatar-2022-match-Schedule
  7. Ok, then. Just Madrid and sailing in Canaries? Besides, Barcelona is already appeased with America's Cup.
  8. They choose the most original and young mind oriented which makes sense considering the theme.
  9. wow, googly eyes mutant.. and Corona like.. not bad at all
  10. ^^ agreed. That's what a good stadium should be like nowadays. Nothing bombastic or out of contest. Those medals look ridiculously amateurish, though
  11. Very livable city and country. Just imagine a summer joint bid with Barcel and Valencia.. and maybe canary islands! They used them in their last successfull bid for FIBA Wc.
  12. ^^it's not that Paris, 1st fashion capital, has a jewel stadium. Stade de France looks kinda dull for such a city.. but at least is a contemprary venue not a 90's phantom like the other one.
  13. iconic-footbal stadium and so old fashioned.. they better revamp it properly for such an occasion.
  14. ^^ the oddest scenario would be the current one: letting old fashioned- fake ravamped San Siro host an olympic ceremony. Can you imagine if old Wembley hosted 2012 OC?
  15. Don't know. They always seemed to fail in motivation to get through. And about that I think a team like England would rather make the difference.
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