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  1. ^^en verra anyway, after quick searching on Jolly's works on google. They look sort of theatrical and flamboyant. Something very similar to Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge.
  2. ^^Torino was intended to get involved in early plans but CONI and Lombardy-Venice duality briefly made it clear that they would have gone exclusively with the eastern side of the alps (and that curious map on their homepage can speak!). And possibly, unless big rearrengements would occur, I doubt Turin would agree on being a last minute crutch. In the meantime, they should just refresh their team in charge.
  3. ^^talking about the main stadium, not the Concorde cluster. If they keep going with open-street-athletics, what is left for SdF? Rugby?
  4. Bottom line, seems they don't want Stade de France hosting nearly anything
  5. Nothing that can't be fixed in 2 months time, really. Just willing to do it. And eventually, the heat is going to normalise by then.
  6. Bottom line, seems they don't want Stade de France hosting nearly anything
  7. Requote. Red Bull actually did it.
  8. ^given the curcumstances.. get ready for more
  9. Or, they may spread it over the ones they already got: Milano 2026 and Cortina 2030! (or the other way round)
  10. Wondering if there would be some room of action for a certain scandinavian city to get its papers back and join the bunch.. if interested, of course.
  11. Speaking of tracks.. with next national vote apparently turning to right, I doubt they will consider extra-territory options. And If low-profile Torino did it by itself from scratch, what make you think that bully Milan and proud Cortina would go different?
  12. Great panorama terrace, indeed. The Palais is just dull 30's arch., though. No wonder why Hitler praised it. Hope they're going to properly dress it up with banners and everything.
  13. Trocadero itself (the Palais) is far to be a "classical" setting. Arguably, the least charming -fame- building in the city.
  14. Salt Lake's looked particularly iconic and perfectly fitting with its own look of the games. And Athens' as well. No memories of the rest.
  15. ^^ not to mention Ceasar's expedition, Jeanne D'Arc mission and Napoleon!
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