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  1. The amount of historic reminiscences is so high they can be easily seen as the legit contender. And I assume every footbal aficionado around the world would be pleased to see this happen.
  2. Opening in Montevideo and final in Buenos Aires? That would be fascinating. Although maybe too crowded host?
  3. ^^for the 3rd or 4th time (and also for the joy of discussion ) what's so unreasonable about my previous statements? 1_ a woman lighting the cauldron. Well, their promotions so far have been clearly lady targeted. Logo, handover, Marianne and so many others feminine references to France in general. If they keep this way, well, I can see a lady athlete as the final torch bearer and it's not like they lack in that category. 2_ Football player lighting the cauldron. As mentioned before, not only they already did it but also considering their variety in different sports achievements -and French cultural approach to their celebrations- I think they might rather consider other disciplines not so all-the-time exposed but equally deserving the spot that night. Footbal already got so manies during the year + the great World Cup. And I bet even Milan's OC team would think twice before going with football star over their proud winter tradition. And it's not about hating football players. And if someone may feel offended or too sensitive about all above, remember it's just opinions. Decently argued, I think.
  4. ^^I'm sorry. Didn't know this was a one-direction-thinking monopolized topic. Who's blatant here? Ca va sans dire..
  5. Well, yes. And this does'nt match much with them picking a marketing superstar kicker to light their first summer olympics since 100 yrs.
  6. A hint to start the ball rolling.. French-athletes-formidable-Tokyo2020 ^^ Men's Volley gold was kinda epic for them
  7. ok i see that but this is not about me not liking footbal, which I actually enjoy.. this is more about giving other less exposed -but just as worthy- sport a chance to be spotted for such an occasion. And France sure doesn't lack in sport variety.
  8. ^^Well I think France has a wider basket of champions from other different sports in which to pick before all-the-time exposed football. No wonder why they play Cinderella at the Olympics
  9. yeah but this is the cauldron lighting we're talking. They may do every extravaganza they want with ceremonies and all but they don't want to mess with the highest point of all with some footballer showcase. These are not the '90 anymore.
  10. you can see France, one of the most successfull olympic team on planet, letting an overpaid player from the most exposed and not-so-olympic sport light the cauldron in these days? What about the others? Even crazy-for-football-Milan wouldn't dare so.
  11. ^^ yes, more than 30 years ago and back then he was an absolute icon. So they've done with footballer. Not seeing this happening again.
  12. If I know the French, and I think I do , they're not going to let any overpaid footbaler light the sacred flame of Olympia. No matter how good they may score in Qatar. You can skip them from the list.
  13. What's thrilling about landing the Games in Toronto? Because it's a big hub?
  14. They should rename it Euro Trash Contest. Not exactly a good showcase for them.
  15. ^^"Ouvrons grand les jeux" that's it
  16. According to their site(primavera2023-scuola-mascotte?) , MiCO is going to unveil mascot next spring after schools competition?
  17. ^^It sure is one of those cities, the remaining one, that can pull it off properly and nice even in current global changes. ..and it would be fun to see one more crazy London logo
  18. That's the country of the Legion etrangere afterall. They may know how to keep a place safe.
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