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  1. Paris would easily make it as the most simbolic & attended Games ever on many levels. Maybe just Athens 2004 can compete with this.
  2. Hope they'll do something more creative than just lighting baloons (like at weddings?). The main idea is simple and fascinating (montogolfiere has all those belle epoque/ world fairs reminescences) but it has to be grander (as well as reasonable oc). Anyway seems (multiple)bearers, cauldron and highlights are going to be particulary ensemble and captivating. Just as expected by their work so far.
  3. Probably the last genuinely cheerful FIFA WC before they got too much loosely commercialized. Hope Paris will deliver the same excitement of those days and more.
  4. Even Cologne-Dortmund (or whatever they have down there) would sound nicer. And as history repeated itself, must put a cultural-urban center in the digit to make It for the Games. Not a vague, mostly-industrial burgs.
  5. Lock Berlin in for 2040 then. The others german options just don't seem as desiderabile.
  6. If they want to keep coherence with the flame-on-water theme of the torch relay they would definetely make flame(s) travel through the river.
  7. Great show in Marseille. Hope for the same jubilance in the rest of the country. Shame a city like Lyon will miss it out.
  8. Speaking of Opera and Venice, just one name pops up.. Vivaldi! And his winter suite oc.!
  9. Also, if they eventually manage to clean up the Seine, a nageur/euse would be their must have addition.
  10. Fair enough. Although the footbaler option may look the weakest among all for several reasons already debated here. I personally think they're going to do the an ensamble and a female final torchbearer. And Manaoudou, if I remember correctly, is the most prolific French olympian in their recent past, so..
  11. ^^ Hexagon/Eiffel bottom section in cockade texture. Could it be more French?
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