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  1. If Nadal wins I would expect him to be in the panel of the final Madrid 2020 presentation this Septmeber. After all in sports excellence Tokyo and Madrid do have the upper hand over Istanbul.
  2. Also Nebiolo did it on several occasions, during and after the IAAF world championships and during the final week of the bids. However, I do not beleive this was the crucial point that led to Rome's loss. On the other hand this bid race is a three horse race which because of the way the voting procedure is designed could lead to many surprises depending wich city will be eliminated on the first round.
  3. It seems according to the news that its mostly quiet now in Turkey. I would consider that it will not affect the bid now...
  4. Come on there were same speculation for Athens in 2004 and they pull it off. I think it will out. I meant there was the same speculation..... and they will pull it off.
  5. I am afraid that the general consensus (excluding possibly Mitt Romney and the American Media) is that the 1994 winter games were by far the best organised recent Winter Games and a golden standard to which all following winter games are compared ( I do not mean the ceremony but I mean the venues, environmentally friendly policy- possibly what you called primitive!!- and absence of scandals e.g. buying IOC votes...) .
  6. I for one although I loved all Barcelona, Athens and Sydney OC in a different way can not wait until I see the Beijing opening ceremony. I think it will be very impressive and totally different to any of the previous ones. It is the time for China to show itself to the world. The only sad part is, and this does not apply only to Beijing but pretty much to all previous and future hosts that the Olympics have become an advertisement or some might say a mean of propaganda and much less a pure athletic (dopping or not included) event. P.S. Katerina Thanou will take part in this Olympics ! Enj
  7. I think they did that in order to check also the natural lighting as the ceremony proceeded. (Simulate the original conditions...)
  8. <_< <_< I thought 2104 will be the 25th time LA would host the games (being so successful)! Or is it going to be the 13th time Sydney will (extremely successful as well)! Oh I can not remember!!
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