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  1. Albert also asked a question during Athens 2004 bid that won so maybe it is just a sign...
  2. Also the PM should smile a bit, I think I have seen him smilling before. He was just not very content, or tired...
  3. Istanbul can still very well win. However, they should have scripted answers to these questions none was unexpected... especially doping...
  4. I am sorry but the first answer was so convoluted!
  5. are they running late (it was supposed to be 45 mins)?
  6. I think Istanbul still has a chance, I dont think these presentations are so crucial! If a Muslim country will host Olympics anytime soon it is probably Turkey, way ahead of competition! Maybe it is the time! Let's see. If they win however, it will not because of this presentation, does not elicit any emotions!
  7. Minister of Athletics, very difficult to understand his pronunciation!
  8. Let's wait to see what the PM will say! (The deputy PM is very friendly and agreeable so far).
  9. Judging from Baron's last name he does not need a translator to speak Spanish, even if they are not the Castilian. On the other hand just admit it Baron, you just tried to make up something just to provoke but it backfired due to this detail!
  10. It is really sad that there are wars taking place around the planet, people (adults and children alike) are getting killed everyday and the rest of us just ignore these news and we get to fight over billion dollar fiestas (World Cup, Olympics etc.). You read in history about past mass killings and you wonder "how did the rest of the world let it happen?" Well now we know... I include myself in the problem... If we have to do anything it is to stand up for the rights of anyone we can help, as long as we can shout for the rights of even one person opressed or tortured, as long as we can prese
  11. Who needs visitor trolls, it seems that this forum has its own resident troll!
  12. I thought next european stop would be Istanbul !
  13. However, the black part of the roof is a temporary one, isn't? It will be removed when the stadium will be prepared for the World Cup. It seems as an afterthough anyway...
  14. Apologies, obviously it does not cover all born-again Christians
  15. I don't think it has to do with what you call Neo-protestant-ism, since if it was down to the beliefs of some of the "reborn" Christians congregations in US all gay people, all muslim, all women that had an abortion and/or all illegal immigrants would be publicly burnt to the sounds of Bible readings.
  16. Don't just write off the Istanbul Bid yet! Their new website is much more impressive and the renderings of the venues very nice! A job well done! It might very well be Istanbul 2020 after all!
  17. There is two ways the Brazilian demonstrations can affect Istanbul's bid: Either it will make IOC more reluctant to commit to "unstable" regions (not that I adopt this view). Or it will show them that a couple of demonstrations are not affecting the viability of the bid. Either way they will have enough excuses to tell foe their choice of vote!
  18. Wow, Sochi will definately be a picturesque Olympics. No matter how much money they have costed, IOC will definately wish to be associated with these sights!
  19. If only they did not show up in London there would be no mix up with their flag (kidding obviously)
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