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  1. Its ridiculous the video of Madrid is on now with a big part of voice only black screen in the middle!!!
  2. It's a bit hard to get enthusiastic, or look forward to any of these Olympics... I don't know... I still somehow have the feeling Istanbul will be the one!
  3. From the IOC site: Owing to heavy rain and flooding in Buenos Aires, the broadcast feed during the Madrid 2020 presentation was temporarily suspended. The International Olympic Committee apologises for the inconvenience, but would like to reiterate that Madrid’s presentation to the 125th IOC Session continued without incident and that the vote for the election of the 2020 host city will not be affected in any way
  4. Against to my expectations Tokyo's was the most sentimental presentation. I don't see Madrid getting it so it is betweeen Tokyo and Istanbul. Tokyo has the nuclear pollution risk so it is Istanbul, but Istanbul was not as persuasive so it is Madrid. But I don't see Madrir getting it so BACK TO SQUARE ONE!!!
  5. Why a whole hour between the end of the vote and the announcment??
  6. Well it might make sense for them to keep trying but nothing about if it makes sense for IOC to choose it!!!!
  7. It's the opposit they want to claim that Madrid had the best presentation, but you missed it...
  8. Well it will either be the mics or the feed or the videos or...
  9. If the microphones are not working what about the ELECTRONIC voting!!!!!!
  10. organisation is not good, translation lacks, microphones not working...
  11. How many of the latest Olympians are not doped??? (even the ones not tested positive)???
  12. Tokyo's presentation was better, but it does not mean anything!
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