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  1. In the case of Athens it is not very fair to judge the Games under the circumstances in view of the very difficult financial condition that Greece is. But lets put some things straight 1. Organisation wise the games were successful much more than some of the preceding games wanting it or not. 2. The opening ceremony was an artistic event and as such, not everyone will like it or has to like it for that matter. It may have appealed more to people that have a specific background and specific educational background (and you can see than sometimes in the nationality of the commentators) while o
  2. Also there are still some people secretly hoping for Qatar 2022 not to happen and therefore this thread to remain as it is...
  3. 10,000 Tennis centre according to international tennis federation site among others
  4. All Olympic bids are just unpredictable, in this case if the Istanbul unrest was a week before the election and a nuclear leak in Tokyo the day before as well, maybe we would be talking of Madrid 2020 today! This however, is a too desperate and expensive technique to get the Olympics "try until you are at the correct point at the correct time as the only viable alternative". On the other hand if there was zero chance for them to get it why were they shortlisted to beggin with?
  5. This has probably discussed somewhere before, but why Durban and not Cape Town? I think CT will have better odds!
  6. Madrid 2024 It made sense 4 years ago, well guess what it still makes sense!
  7. London has organised three times and the first two do not qualify as bids really given there were no many alternatives!
  8. I think, I saw one of those ladies, is the wife of the PM.
  9. Istanbul is closer than ever to their dream! Actually it is all decided we just have to wait...
  10. Ok If you get this one too, I promise not to disagree with you again!
  11. Mathematically Tokyo is favoured, but in real life people can change their votes!
  12. OMG I even noticed three IOC members reading "Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies"
  13. Possibly previous host cities... That actually would be very interesting!!!
  14. My prediction: Madrid Out first Tokyo Out second Istanbul Winner!
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