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  1. Here's the three I recently got:


    Also, I've been wanting to complete my set of the COC pins HBC sold for Beijing last year. I've looked all over the web but couldn't find any info on them; how many there were and what they were. I know there is a Panda pin I'm missing but I don't know the identifier number (COC-1006 or COC-1011?) Here's a little table I put together with their numbers and descriptions as they appeared on the wrapper:


    Artiss Aminco never had the info about these pins posted on their site.

    Anybody know what the following were?



    And, were there any before COC-1005 (COC-1001 - COC-1004) or after COC-1013? How many were in the complete set? Were there any more Beijing logo pins in the VBOC series?

    I managed to pick all these up after Beijing ended when they were marked down to $2.00. I did manage to get the full set of HBC's 2006 COC pins and hoping to get the full 2008 set as well.

    Artiss Aminco did not have them on their site because they were exlusive to HBC. There are 12 pins total in this set. Here are the missing pins from your set. Good Luck!cocpins.jpg

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