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  1. Interestingly, the Gabba in Brisbane will only be a similar size to Marvel Stadium after it gets rebuilt to host the 2032 Olympics.
  2. It's perfectly normal. All Olympic and Commonweath Games in Australia have been the same. The Government appoint their Organising Committee and once they start to get their team together you will see the Committee CEO taking the lead and the Committee making the big decisions. Remember for 2006 it was Premier Jeff Kennet in 1998 who Appointed his close friend Ron Walker to head the bid and subsequently organise the games. This one is only different because there was no biddng or organising committee at the outset because of the short notice. They've had to be appointed after the state being announced as host.
  3. Well there's India's opening to pitch for wrestling, archery and shooting. I imagine that Rowing Australia will put in a strong pitch and of course track cycling will most likely get a Guernsey.
  4. The dates are virtually identical to the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The alternative is to hold them late in the year when Victoria's weather is far more unstable and unpredictable. If you consider that the 1956 Olympic Games were held late November into early December and it virtually rained every day that Spring right up to the day of the opening ceremony. March is definitely the best time of the year for this part of the world. We don't know what 2026 will deliver unto us weather wise, by that time the La Nina weather cycle will have broken up and we could be in the grips of an El Nino drought.
  5. There's not that great of a deal to be done. Essentially there are only four permanent venues that need to be constructed: Mars Stadium enlarged and an athletics track installed, an athletics training track, the Geelong Indoor Sports Stadium and a velodrome. All other venues exist, and it's just the outdoor venues that will mostly need temporary stands and a spruce up. The main work will be in the construction of the four villages. Ballarat is probably getting the most actual permanent construction with the construction of a village for 1800 athletes and officials, the redevelopment of the entire Eureka Sports precinct which will include new parking, a plaza linking the various sports fields and two main stadium's, expansion of Mars Stadium, the upgrading of the Midland Highway and a likely new train station. I expect that by this time next year the entire precinct will be a construction zone. Nobody seems to be panicked about it, nor are they underestimating the work that needs to be done. Three years and eight months is a tight time line but Melbourne prepared for the 56 Olympics completing a similar scale of construction work and did it in two years. The government aren't going to go big on any announcements at least this side of the Birmingham games. I reckon that announcements will come thick and fast around November once all of the key decision makers and their staff are in place, Council's have completed their Master Plans for their sports zones, and the organisers can fully scope the works proposed and allocate moneys to the infrastructure projects.
  6. It's a joke ... But that said, every little thing that could possibly go wrong during preparations, the state opposition will (by tradition) leap upon and blame the Minister, including when the coffee machine breaks down at the Games Organisation Head Office or if the athletics track turns out to be green instead of blue or ochre coloured. The opposition politicians are certainly not going to beat up on a senior public servant like Jerome if things go a little awry or not according to their plan (because railing against public servants never ends well for pollies). In other words, the state opposition now have their whipping boy (or in this case "Girl") to say "Oh we could do it so much better and for half the cost" or "This Minister couldn't organise a pub raffle". That all said, given the now very tight time-line where we effectively have just 42 months to organise everything including: Determine the location of and the construction of four villages; Design, approve and build build an athletics stadium and warm up facility; Construct a new Gymnastics venue; Possibly construct a new cycling velodrome; Upgrade roads and parking around all venue locations; Build a new train station; Upgrade and retro-fit many existing venues including the main swim centre; Coordinate ticket sales and merchandise; Organise lead up promotion and advertising; Compile and coordinate a security plan; Formulate and implement the public transport plan; and The official handover only takes place five weeks from now. There's a lot that needs to happen and much could go wrong if they fall short on any of their time lines as there's seriously no margin for error. I imagine that the "Project" wire diagram illustrating the time line for Games deliverables will cop a real beating and will be the most studied feature at the Games organising headquarters. Ms Allan and Jerome will certainly have their work cut out for them in the months ahead and I can foresee a real sprint to the finish happening by March 2026.
  7. Oh thank God for that, at least the Liberal's will now have somebody to blame for every little blunder that happens during the preparations.
  8. Interestingly Martin Pakula (Sports and Special Events Minister) has announced that he won't be running for office in this year's November State Election. The Deputy Premier, Police and Emergency Services Minister and Education Minister have all announced retirement at this year's election. When you consider the offices that three of these Ministers hold, it's completely understandable considering the stresses that the events of the last 2 and a half years have placed upon them. Even the Deputy Premier who had to often stand in for the Premier. That said, the Sports and Special Events portfolio is an interesting resignation because there has been little if much happened with that while everybody was locked down, sports clubs were shut and major events mostly cancelled. I would suggest that now with Melbourne and indeed Victoria cranking back up its major events programme, theatres re-opening, concerts being booked and of course the 2026 Comm Games that this period over the next four years would have been Mr Pakula's time to shine. Jeroen is a good choice. He's articulate, athletic in appearance, and has a strong presence both on and off the camera. He will need all of his "cat herding" skills to keep a lid on the team responsible for organising the 2026 Games.
  9. I suspect that a lot of great UK cities such as Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool have struggled to shake off their Industrial Age images. A lot of work has gone into reinventing these cities beyond heavy industry and the Games puts a spotlight on them in a positive sense to hopefully promote future tourism and growth.
  10. All you need is a third party image host like another social media forum or an online free picture host (take your pick). One the image(s) are stored there all you need is the URL link to the images which you insert into this forum by using the "Insert image from URL" button at the bottom right of you message window whilst posting your message.
  11. If Birmingham can put on the same brilliant games as Manchester did 20 years (Gosh, has it been 20 years? ) ago, then no doubt Birmingham will shine.
  12. Once the senior executive positions are in place, they will be organising and hiring staff very quickly. I would keep my eyes glued on this link and the Comm Games 2026 Webpage for details if you are so motivated. You never know what opportunity will potentially arise and perhaps where that may take you one day.
  13. Looking for a job? There are six positions available on the Organising Committee. Applications close midnight 21 June 2022: Click Here: Careers - Organising Committee 2026 Commonwealth Games
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