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  1. really not a fan of how the IOC are letting hosts share names. It is just confusing. The 2026 W olympics for example should just be called Milan 2026. And same with 2030, Barcelona 2030 looks and feels better then Pyranees-Barcelona-Zaragoza 2030.
  2. Just noticed while watching the medal ceremonies there is a 2nd olympic caldron located at the Zhangjiakou medal plaza.
  3. https://edgbaston.com/news/the-search-begins-to-find-volunteers-to-take-part-in-the-birmingham-2022-commonwealth-games-opening-and-closing-ceremonies/ https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/aug/26/peaky-blinders-creator-steven-knight-to-produce-birmingham-2022-commonwealth-games-ceremonies Opening Ceremony to include a mass choir and will focus on Birminghams rebuilding from being heavily bombed in the second world war. And to be produced by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight. Broadcasting will be headed by Hamish Hamilton who directed the London 2012 ceremonies. The team has been brought together by the chief creative officer, Martin Green, who also led the London 2012 ceremonies. Hopefully the choir will be of the likes of the Sydney 2000 opening ceremony although I doubt a commonwealth games ceremony will achieve the beauty of a 00s Olympic Opening ceremony.
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