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  1. I see your point. For me it was an advance compared to the projections on Sochi and Rio. But projections in Tokyo was already on another level.. I agree, it doesn't represent much far from projections in Tokyo or PC.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/feb/04/beijing-2022-winter-olympics-opening-ceremony-11-key-moments "One sequence featured children dancing and singing across the arena, while the LED screens beneath them automatically tracked their footsteps, making stars appear at their feet as they performed and moved around."
  3. grown up. I'm not going anywhere. this is harassment already.
  4. size don't necessarily means spectacular. it could be both big and simple (BA 2018 YOG, as example...). anything can happen, I agree, but still in a austere concept (that don't includes put a cauldron at eiffel tower )
  5. just found this image which means that 2008 LOTG should be covered....
  6. conceptually it don't make sense either... olympics (except when in China) is going on a less spectacularization direction. to be seen also means to be accessible, approachable, like examples as Vancouver, Toronto (2015 PanAm), Rio, Tokyo.... in best scenario there could be the rings attached on Eiffel Tower.
  7. It'd be awesome if the torch mixes steel and glass, in a Louvre pyramid and Eiffel tower inspiration
  8. considering the 'gender equality' and 'sustainable/for future games' themes I think it will be a young lady (or ladies, similar to London 2012 message) athlete from France! some 15 yo girl that is somewhere trainning right now for her debut at 2028 or 2032 games...
  9. At least Tokyo medals matches the look (I'm not saying I liked it lol)... that Beijing medals seems a little disjointed and soulless compared with others elements of visual identity..
  10. I think it's gonna be very art deco, with lots of parallel lines and patterns. And of course black and gold!
  11. I think Paris cauldron should follow Rio's and Tokyo's examples: visible but simple, small but in the concept.
  12. Any thoughts..? I think they're very conservative.... a little frustrating specially compared with 2008 ones (so unique with jade application). My personal favorite still is Torino 2006 donut lol
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