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  1. I'm not worried in the slightest about the Paris 2024 OC. The idea of the ceremony on the river intrigues me greatly. Also the last OC on France, Albertville '92, is my third favourite OC after Athens 2004 and Baku 2015.
  2. Thanks for sharing the interesting post. You are correct in that most of the technical aspects of the Athens 2004 OC where created Jack Morton Worldwide, however the original concepts for the ceremony where conceived by Dimitris Papaioannou who is Greek. So Papaioannou came up with the ideas/story and Jack Morton Worldwide where contracted to bring those ideas/story to life. You can see some of his original sketched at: http://www.dimitrispapaioannou.com/en/recent/birthplace-2004
  3. Yes, I have to agree with your comments about Bach's speech at the Beijing 2022 OC. His words made me feel physically sick. How he could of made that speech... I just have no words. I'd like the next IOC President to be someone with Ethics and Integrity, and help guide the IOC with those principles. I'd also like to see a female President for the first time. If I could have a "fantasy" list of IOC prospective Presidents it would be: Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. Thought I doubt her Royal duties would allow her to accept the role. Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki. Thought I believe she would need to become an IOC member before her appointment. Barbara Cassani, CBE. Thought again, I believe she would need to become an IOC member before her appointment. Baron Coe. Who I believe is currently an IOC member so maybe the only person on my list eligible. Of course the list is just for fun.
  4. I believe you may have misunderstood what I was suggesting. My apologies, as I'm not the most eloquent person. Basically what I was trying to say is, it seems that the selection of both Sochi 2014 and Beijing 2022 have damaged the Olympic brand. Both these cities where selected under the "old" rules. Moving forward, with the "new" host city awarding system, maybe it will steer the Olympics away from being awarded to countries with political regimes that have a sub par human rights records. And in so doing, over time, the Olympic brand may recover some of the ethical credibility is has lost. Of course, this is all just academic.
  5. Thanks for the photo. I've just realised, the placards in the Beijing 2022 OC are clear/see through. The placards on the "cauldron" are not. As in, they are not clear/see through, they are double sided and read the same on both sides. So I've just realised the placards brought in with each team aren't even the ones used for the "cauldron". Also, the Olympic Winter Games placard holders you mention are from Albertville '92 and Philippe Decoufle's Opening ceremony. The Dresses had large inflatable balls around the body. The balls where filled with a few white feathers. The wearers arms would move around in the inflated ball, agitating the white feathers to give an illusion of snow fall or being a snow globe. They where marvellous, as was the whole ceremony.
  6. I was thinking over the weekend about the current state of the IOC and the new way they will choose host cities. The reason being that everyone I've spoken to recently, find it inexcusable that the Olympic Winter Games are currently being held in China, with all the human rights issues associated with the political regime there. It reminds me of Sochi 2014, when people were raising similar issues, but this time the sentiment seems a lot stronger. Now of course this is only people that I have spoken too, so it maybe won't be a true representation, but it seems to me that the Olympic brand is now tarnished with its association with political regimes that in no way observe or uphold human rights etc. As the IOC (or their Executive body) will now have a greater ability to discreetly turn away candidates and approach their preferred hosts, will this mean that they can steer clear of such regimes as mentioned above?
  7. Yes very much so. Not that I'm watching this edition of the Olympic Winter Games. I still miss McDonald's tie-in's with the Olympics, and maybe collecting an Olympic branded item to celebrate and as a souvenir of the event. McDonald's sponsored me, and covered ALL the cost of my training and qualifications, before and after working at LOCOG, and for that I'm eternally great-full.
  8. Hello Saltbayone, I don't believe this to be true. Bjork was commissioned by the IOC to compose a song for the Olympics and to perform it at the Opening Ceremony of Athens 2004. Therefore, she produced the song Oceania for the IOC, and the IOC stipulated that the song and performance by Bjork must be included in the ceremony. You can read more about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oceania_(song) Dimitris Papaioannou, the creative director for the Athens 2004 opening ceremony and friend of mine, is openly gay and has discussed his sexuality in numerous interviews. You can read more here: https://elephant.art/dimitris-papaioannou-personal-saint-mother-figure/ https://www.fugues.com/2019/01/17/the-genius-of-greek-artist-dimitris-papaioannou/ https://www.ft.com/content/10aa6815-e94e-46ba-8d0e-5c99bbb64f8a
  9. I was thinking about the 2022 Cauldron and where I'd like to place it. As the stadium itself will not be used for any sporting events it would be good to have the Cauldron in Beijing Olympic Green. Do you thing they would be able to have the Cauldron on top of Beijing Olympic Tower? For the ceremony it could be similar to Sochi 2014 when the flame was brought into the stadium then exited the stadium and lit the cauldron outside. My only thought is that the top of Beijing Olympic Tower is a greater distance and height from the stadium as was the cauldron at Sochi 2014
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