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  1. If it would have been a more attractive area, Orlando or Vegas or literally anywhere in the top 10 US vacation cities, I would suspect the US would probably have a good chance. Especially if they would have taken the theme from Belgrade. Biggest concern with Minnesota to me, even if it is the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, is a relative lack of hotel rooms and frankly large-scale convention space or outdoor space suitable for hosting such events, which many other cities have in spades.
  2. I feel like somewhere might lose out to Orlando, as a thank you from CONCACAF for hosting so many continental matches, including non-US matches, throughout the pandemic, in addition to MLS Is Back (although that was at Disney, not at the stadium). They have more than enough of pretty much anything to fit at least group stage games, if not better...
  3. I suppose if anyone got dibs on them then, as I said, it would probably be the qsl teams, whichever ones have older stadiums or perhaps to make them to share them all... Would be better than them just sitting empty, unless Qatar thinks that they can retrofit some of them for a future Olympic bid.
  4. So besides the one stadium that's a guaranteed tear down, what's happening with the rest? Are we going to see half the QSL get fancy new stadiums?
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