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  1. Wouldn’t there be a mess going on with sponsorships if SLC were to be given 2030?
  2. Brisbane 2032 sure is a long time from now. 10 years to be exact.
  3. I wonder if Ukraine will be able compete at the Paralympics. Unless they decided not to.
  4. Reading this thread makes me think the race for 2028 would’ve been interesting considering 2028 is the Americas desired year for the Olympics after Europe was in 2024, and Asia in 2020(1).
  5. Russia needs to be banned entirely from competing at the Olympics and Paralympics.
  6. Given the current circumstances, Lviv 2030 shouldn’t happen at all.
  7. I’m starting to think theres a scheme going on with the IOC. They might lock 2030 in for Ukraine and 2036 for Russia instead of going with other countries that are much better imo.
  8. Back to Russia 2036, drop the bid entirely since Russia won’t stop bothering Ukraine.
  9. This question has been floating in my head recently so answer away.
  10. On the COC website, it did say something about bringing the Summer Olympics back to Canada before 2050.
  11. Where do I post my Olympic & Paralympic mascot plushies?
  12. Heres how to settle this once and for all. A Berlin-Tel Aviv bid wouldn’t happen for many reasons. End of story.
  13. Might as well count those two out of the running.
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