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  1. Bing Dwen Dwen sure sold like hotcakes in China.
  2. It be wild to see Tokyo 2036 appear in the countdown after Tokyo 2020.
  3. Is there not gonna be a mascot for Qatar 2022?
  4. In before, Tiktokers are part of the LA28 OC just to appeal to Gen Z.
  5. I’m pretty sure they’ll be revealed in late 2022 since the Milan-Cortina 2026 Mascots will be revealed in Spring of 2023.
  6. And that is why I’m a bit skeptical on locking in 2036 for Istanbul… Unless they figure something out.
  7. Is Istanbul a safer option for 2036? Like what do they have to offer or show?
  8. Every 20 years since Montreal, the Americas has hosted the Summer Olympics. 1976 - Montreal (Americas) 1996 - Atlanta (Americas) 2016 - Rio (Americas) 2036 - Toronto-Montreal (Americas)
  9. FIE President Usmanov placed on EU sanctions list after Russian invasion of Ukraine
  10. IPC to hold Board meeting to decide fate of Russia and Belarus at Beijing 2022
  11. Ukrainian athletes demand Russian and Belarusian NOCs and NPCs be suspended
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