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  1. As baron implies, a smaller field may actually force a foo-foo producer to limit the number of performers decked out in tons of fabric, some of them made to look like space aliens or Vogue models traipsing down a fashion show's runway (See: 1992, 2012). Moreover, SoFi's roof will give an airless, lifeless look to a ceremony. Even things like flags fluttering in the wind, which provides a bit of kinetic visual energy to an event, won't exist. Just as things like the Academy Awards, presented annually several miles away in Hollywood, have lost a lot of sheen and prestige (and popularity---the recent poll on the LA games may be a fallout of such things) during, in particular, the past 10 years, my hunch is "2028 Olympics" are going to be similarly affected. That's why if the 2028 OOC can at least keep their budget under control, that will be half the battle. It could also end up being the 34th Olympiad's only real virtue.
  2. The old dowdy Coliseum probably would have been a better backdrop for the 2028 games than the confining, semi-domed Sofi Stadium will be. The setting in Inglewood is newer and more manicured, but just as makeshift 1984 demonstrated, sometimes slicker is not necessarily better. I'm guessing the temporary cauldron that will be created for Sofi will be some gimmicky thingamajig. If the 2028 OOC wants to save time and money, they'll hopefully make the 1932/1984 barbecue flame the only one for 2028. Moreover, during the next five years, natural or man-made disasters, a changing culture and political controversies mean the 2028 OOC had better keep a close eye on the bottom line.
  3. The poll mentioned above sort of mirrors my own changing opinion of the "Olympics." The culture and politics of modern society, including the part that affects pro-sports and entertainment, are different today than in the past. At this point, I'll be happy if the 2028 OOC at least keeps the budget under control. If the games in 2016, as one example, had managed to come out with a good P&L, the weak parts of that event (attendance, ceremonies, organization) wouldn't have been a case of rubbing salt into the wound.
  4. Beijing 2008 and Beijing 2022: Been there, done that.
  5. Hey, I wonder if even he cared about correctly placed flagpoles, properly uniformed participants and large numbers of people singing in unison? I wonder about that not too sarcastically either, since I notice a lot of big players in today's elite, from the arts to sports, from the sciences to politics, often go, "no sweat off my brow." I don't think the elite has changed all that much either since things done by the IOC over 50-70 years ago could be funky and flaky too.
  6. Given extended trends in things like the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the World Series, and certainly foo-foo-faa-faa cultural traditions like the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, etc, I do agree that resistance is futile. The former, however, still have some athletic value, while the latter has increasingly wilted into a heap of symbols like participation trophies, yawns/shrugs/no BFD and flaky-bizarro world.
  7. I should hope so. When the IOC switched to a nightime format for the 1992 games, I thought its opening (at least towards the last half of 1992's symbolic beginning---it began in partial sunlight) looked as dark or somber as closings of past decades. Some of the etiquette of the "Olympics" got tossed out. But TV ratings are TV ratings, and dollars are dollars. Increasingly, in today's culture, the custom of going to work in, for example, a suit and wingtip shoes is being tossed out in favor of showing up dressed in sweatpants and Nikes.
  8. I have a hunch that since "less is more," things like two cauldrons and both the Coliseum and SoFi will dilute the quality of the ceremonies in 2028. Today's Hollywood is also going through the wringer due to bad scripts, poor story telling, too much CGI, etc, and LA's next summer games probably will be a drive-by victim of that. Well, it was nice while it lasted. At least the city in today's era isn't affected by matters like rampant homelessness. (Do I need to include "/s"?) However, I believe that LA in 1984 did have its own issues, such as dirtier air, limited transit and modest or even rundown sports facilities. As another example, Mexico City (which has LA-type weather and plenty of its own forms of poverty) in 1968 apparently managed to display charm, honor and dignity.
  9. Personally, I think some of the luster has worn off "Olympics." So if any city is willing to run the obstacle course, go for it. In general, I think "Olympics" is suffering a bit of the same fate of things like "Grammys" or "Oscars." Or "NBA," "NFL," etc. Or where politics, sleight-of-hand (ie, corruption) and the idea of"participation trophy" are increasingly affecting culture, including athletics.
  10. I imagine the Olympic games in 2024, 2028, etc, will be politicized up the wazoo. Everything has become very politicized in today's world, and it's not slowing down. Then again, the 1936 games in Berlin were infamous for being politicized too, so maybe it's back to the future.
  11. I don't believe in 1984 there was a venue for white water rapids, although I don't know all the angles and history around that part of a summer Olympics. But I just read this snippet: "The whitewater slalom events made their Olympic debut in Munich in 1972, but were not part of the program again until 1992." However, there's something called Grizzly Rapids at one of the Disney parks in nearby Anaheim, so maybe the 2028 OC can use that? Which could work, just as long as the venue includes properly placed flag poles and a large choir.
  12. Hey, I'll be satisfied if there's at least a large choir and the official flag poles are arranged appropriately. Is that too much to hope for?
  13. Personally, I thought the maroon/magenta look of 2012 wasn't exactly evocative of "London." It will be interesting seeing what the city across the Channel will do for 2024.
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