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  1. I could have sworn I posted a few minutes ago a response to your comment. Regardless, this thread right now is becoming about as interesting as watching paint dry or grass grow. Maybe that will be as good a theme as any for an Olympic ceremony.
  2. I imagine the 2024 OOC at the end of their games will revert back to a more conventional format. But who knows? It will be interesting if 2024's producer manages to avoid a lot of the "We are too cool for the room" foo-foo of entertainment/presentations/ceremonies over the past few decades.
  3. Sapporo last hosted the winter games in 1972, SLC in 2002. I'm assuming the sports facilities of an event held 50 years ago are a bit more limited or worn-out than the facilities of an event held 20 years ago are. But if the people of Sapporo are as excited to host the games again as the people in Salt Lake City are, then a two-fer or double award is in order. Did Sapporo compete with getting the games that Nagano landed for 1998? If they did, another reason why Sapporo should receive a bit more of an extra push from the IOC in getting the winter games for 2030 or 2034. Or visa versa.
  4. I don't know where the money is going to come from for a cricket field in Irvine, California. I watched a video about that sports awhile ago and, sorry, it doesn't make sense in today's world where there are already a million athletic activities jammed into an already stuffed sports calendar. Save cricket for Brisbane 2028.
  5. All the bid presentation material had the image of the bid logo, the stylized angel-type figure. I liked that since it was a nice change of pace from the overly abstract logos of previous games. As for the changing "A" logo, I have mixed reactions about it. But I prefer it to the "hair product" logo of 2024 and the "Lisa Simpson" logo of 2012. As for the 2016 logo, that always made me think of a plastic toy in a McDonald's kiddie meal, and the 2020 logo wasn't as simple and dignified as the 1964 logo was.
  6. If I saw replays of segments of openings/closings after the fact and wanted to change my opinion, then I'd want to watch an entire ceremony. But if anything, when I've viewed additional parts of them going back years, I find I have either the same or even less positive opinion. I had never watched the opening of the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake City until about 2 months ago. It pretty much followed a template that I would have predicted even back then. I never saw a portion of the closing of the 2000 summer games in Sydney until late last year. That's the segment where the ceremony's producer mocked a stadium worker crashing his maintenance cart into the speakers platform. Whoa. lol. SMH. I admit that the sales/marketing people of the IOC and organizing committees create ceremonies that are not aimed at people like me. So my tastes and preferences are different from theirs.
  7. In a way, I'd think so. But the capacity of the marketplace is also way larger than I originally assumed it was in the past. Look at the churn in various media companies. Look at all the TV shows, movies, music, etc, they're constantly throwing at the dart board to see what sticks or doesn't stick. I was looking over magazines sold at a stand a few weeks ago and was amazed at how much the dead-tree, old-print media are still publishing.
  8. But if actually watching whatever occurs in 2028 is the criteria for this thread, then it won't serve any purpose for the next 6 years.
  9. Isn't this a message forum to discuss the topic of "Olympics" and in this particular thread, the ceremonies of the 2028 games? Now if you like an echo forum, fine. But if everyone is agreeing with one another all the time, that makes for a dull conversation. Even when I was posting comments about what I'd like to see in a Olympics opening/closing, and using examples, some users resented that. So what is it? Talk about what a person likes in the games? Talk about what I don't like? Talk about what I had for breakfast? Keep in mind that this forum doesn't attract a lot of users and most threads in it aren't all that active.
  10. I'm not the one who gets way too defensive ("look in the...buddy", "constant ramblings") towards opinions that are different from mine. Although I prefer my opinion to be shared by others, I'm not going to get bent out of shape if people disagree. Or what's known as "cancel culture." As for the 1996 games, what occurred there and at that time had nothing to do with a games in 1984 or a games in Athens, etc. Each Olympics sets its own unique tone or what can be called fingerprint. You think the bombing in the park is why the 1996 games weren't rated more positively. I disagree. Or I'll say that if the 3 major goals of any organizing committee had been better handled, that would have offset the crime. Hell, if even the creation of the mascot Izzy hadn't been a case of "WTF?!" judgment, that would have helped.
  11. "Culture" in regards to the Olympics losing some public interest over the past few decades and "economy" in terms of the market potential of the Southwest compared with the Southeast.
  12. Then give us your theories on why the Centennial Olympics weren't more positively rated or held in higher regard. I've given my theories. As for 1996's Don Mischner, along with my previous post, I never wrote off 1996 as being too "LA." I said that reliable judgment and good decisions can be a total crapshoot, at anytime, anyplace, for any person, any event, any occasion.
  13. I mentioned a summer games where there were more events than in 1996. So the assumption that a summer games of today will necessarily outdo summer games of years ago because of the number of events isn't backed up by London. As for theme parks in California as compared with such facilities in Florida, the market - based on attendance figures - is bigger on the East Coast than it is on the West Coast. More people live east of the Mississippi than west of it.
  14. How do you judge or define "enough interest?" If LA and SLC were both hosting a summer Olympics, then, yea, I could see competition for a set amount of time, interest and dollars becoming squeezed. All of this is set against the backdrop of the IOC playing musical chairs with too many host cities and the IOC's desire to make the Olympics a constantly traveling circus.
  15. People like Sebastian Coe or Billy Payne, etc, are very well-known figures in their communities. Or they're quite well known in their social circles, elite or otherwise. I'm sure a lot of the people managing 2020 or 2016, etc, are highly regarded in Tokyo or Rio. That's why an Olympic games (other things too) often end up being a crapshoot. Throw in people's personal tastes and personal preferences, and - unlike specific determinants in an Olympics event (such as seconds on a timer) - it's almost sheer luck when things aren't screwed up.
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