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  1. https://www.gazzetta.it/olimpiadi-invernali/14-02-2022/olimpiadi-pechino-brignone-a-milano-cortina-non-ci-saro-4301419130120.shtml
  2. will the Hangzhou games have the same vibe as Beijing 2022 with hardly any spectators?
  3. Does anyone have any ideas what will happen to the Yanqing alpine skiing center?. For the 2018 games, the alpine skiing venue (Jeongseon) is not a functioning ski resort and there are plans for the forest there to restored. When China opens up without restrictions will they get more world cup events in those same venues in the coming years?.
  4. I disagree Sochi had the best atmosphere of the 21st century especcially with it being so close together and in real mountains with real snow
  5. The Milan games will feel like just a bunch of different world cup events due to the large distances between venues separated by mountain passes.
  6. I think its fine, most of the sports are made for TV not for being there in person. Obviously the only decent atmospheres were when the Chinese were winning gold medals. Those who say that China isn't a traditional winter sports country, look again, they are tied to Austria on the Medal table. But I do think it was much better than Tokyo in terms of organisation and atmosphere also common sense prevailed when they allowed a limited amount of fans to enter.
  7. I think Belgium and the Netherlands don't need Germany, they have enough stadiums.
  8. The 2027 edition should really be held in the western hemisphere or Africa if FIFA really wants to grow the game. Also The 3 uefa teams auto-qualifying is not fair on the other uefa teams.
  9. South Africa wouldn't be a bad option either https://sundayworld.co.za/sport/sa-to-bid-for-2027-fifa-world-cup/ . Loved the 2010 world cup atmosphere, so wouldnt mind repeating that.
  10. Brazil would be the only viable bid from South America. Just reuse all the 2014 world cup stadiums.
  11. if its Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Those three countries cannot autoqualify directly
  12. It would probably be in CONCACAF, CONMEBOL or CAF because last time it was in UEFA and 2023 is in AFC
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