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  1. Big mistake !They have forgotten atheletics facilities ! Nice for football match !!! AH,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah IOC must organise a race on the arch:Coe claimed this"arch race" part of athletics competition !!!
  2. Dear moderator, I am a statistician and i Suppose that you have not understand the second point : the decrease of Paris percentage was couterbalanced only by the same increase of New York one.A large number of poeple have voted for new York that is to say too that the denominator of the percentage should be increased for all the others candidates (except New york ) due to the increase of new people. Your explanation is not fair and complete. Try again ! Thank you numerator/denominator=ratio or percentage. The newcoming people voting for new york induce de facto an automatic increase of denominator of each ratio and not only for Paris one
  3. The sum of percentage given by your poll is 102 %. Could you please explain ! Another point was the large advance of Paris six month ago (40 %) then in a few days (a week) the advance has promptly decreased for only New York profit:it was statiscally impossible because all the others competitors should decrease their own respective percentage ! Could you explain please
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