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  1. From IOC evaluation report... This was included in the article because it described how London was dealing with the comment - by taking people on the system. It would have been silly to say that "London is taking inspectors on the underground..." and then leave out the reason. Then Paris supporter would be writing emails about how we're pro-London and against Paris. GBMOderator, I uderstand it's difficult for gamesbids to please eerybody all of the time, and i think that lately there has been more effort to combat bias, but BooBoo has a point. The quote you show says "rail public transport", but the London Underground does not fall under that description. The rail network is separate to the Tube. The tube is more important to the bid, and it was praised, not criticised. A correct quote about the rail system would be "often obsolete". To remove the "often" changes the meaning and is misleading. Again, i know it must be difficult and I'm not really complaining - Just thought I'd help out.
  2. i dont know if anyone else has mentioned this.. but Sunshine canada has made a lot of postss inslting people and their views.... saying stuff like 'your opinion doesnt matter' and calling names. It has annoyed many many members and is really damaging the quality of discussion. Could something be done? Thanks.
  3. I didn't want to make a big thing about it, especially because the news about London transport recently has been so good, but I don't think it's clear the Observer is being quoted. It looks as though the paragraph is written by GB.com: Do you see what I mean? Maybe quotation marks would help? Anyway, just because the Observer (which I read anyway) misquotes the IOC, doesn't mean GB.com can't rise above it.
  4. hello moderator, i was just going to comment on the latest article on gamesbids.com - "London's future transit plans could help its 2012 bid". While it was informative and well-written as always :: , there was one paragraph that I think was wrong. It read: Now there are 2 things wrong with this. The report never said London "would lose its bid unless rapid improvements were made". That isn't true. Probably worse, though, is the misleading quotation "'often obsolete' public transport". The commuter rail system was called 'often obselete', but the Undergroung was praised as one of the most extensive and integrated in the world. London also has very good buses and trams, which were not called 'often obsolete'. That was only the commuter rail system. I thought it was important I bring that up, because i know Gb.com is a very influential site, and anything misleading could affect attitudes etc. Thamks for your time
  5. For large parts of London it does dominate the skyline, but definitely not the whole of it. All over North and West London it's clearly visible. "You can drive a train through it" - tht's got to be the lamest statistic I've heard about the arch, no offence to you obviously. What about you could roll the London Eye under it? Much more impressive. i have to disagree with you about the arch. I was worried it would be too thin, but I think it's great. I can see it from my road, and I live miles aay from Wembley. Not splindly at all! And at least it's not in Birmingham! Haha!
  6. Next BidIndex will be this week. Leafs Fan has been warned. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey, GBMod. I've been posting in these forums a while now, and viewing them for even longer, and I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work! Two questions: 1. Any idea when the next BidIndex update will be? 2. It seems Leafs Fan annoys and insults nearly everyone on this forum.. from turks to gays etc etc. I'm not even gay and I was insulted by his comments in the 'What's your sexuality topic' (well done for locking it, by the way). He has received multiple warnings: isn't it time that he knows next time he is abusive he gets banned from the fora? It would make the whole place more pleasant for everyone. Thanks!
  8. I was just wondering why the 'No to NY' post wqas locked? I know at first it was unclear what Elena meant, but since English is not her first language, however it became obvious that she was just making a point in a civilised way. Her language and message got clearer throughout the topic, and her words were simply misconstrued. I think the real problem was that many people did not have the patience to see what she meant, and they overreacted. She didnot say anything offensive that was not clarified later and due to language problems. I think that locking the topic is censoring a healthy discussion because some people did not understand a valid point. Thanks for your time. .
  9. Thank you for the reply. As i'm new to this(-ish), could you humour me by telling me a vague timeframe of when it is likely to be?
  10. Moderator, do you have any idea when the next update of BidIndex will be? i'd be really grateful for a reply, thanks...
  11. Because it is a national stadium! The stadium will be used for England games, and probably music events too as has been said. the arrangement will be similar to that with the old Wembley. Also, there arent too many clubs that could fill a 90 00 capacity stadium every week, and to play all the time under empty stands would surely damage team morale! Also, it is a company who owns the land and is handling the facelift the whole area is to receive (and is receiving). they might want to keep things to themseves to enhance profits or whatever. Goethe, if you are trying to say that the stadium is not good because there will be no Premier League team in it, or that it is not good enough for any such team, i would have to say the point is flimsy, risible and untrue....
  12. It may be the world's most expensive stadium - although i dont know if that's true - but thats probably cause it will be the world's best stadium, and is the newest stadium in an expensive, developed country. The Wembley construction is also ahead of schedule, so i don't think it's too bad, actually. I can't wait till the arch comes up, but I hear it will be delayed a short while for final strengthening works.
  14. thank you moderator for fixing the post order on the forums I'll ask again though, is there any news about when the BidIndex for 2012 will be up and running? A reply would be much appreciated. thankyou
  15. I agree with Mr. x; the whole backwards thing is very confusing, especially when posts are backwards on the same page- first post at bottom. Please, mr moderator, can you put it back? we are peculiar folk here, and resistant to change ... hehe Also , when will the BidIndex for 2012 be up and running; the candidate cities have been known for ages now and there might not be a shortlist, anyway. thanks in advance.
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