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  1. That's right, there's no choice at this point since the Olympics and Paralympics from Los Angeles is more than six years away.
  2. They might get the water clean and probably no traffic by the time the Olympic opening ceremony arrives in Paris.
  3. That bid time was so 13 years ago. Chicago's bid was so bad. Los Angeles' bid was a lot better than that.
  4. Now we are nearly 10 years left to these Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane (Australia).
  5. I don't think they can. But there's been some mixed reaction to that logo which was designed by 22 year old graphic designer Tracey Ampa-Oppong who is a former student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
  6. In a couple of months, we will know the host of the 2027 AFC Asian Cup.
  7. Here it is, the logo, mascot and the website of the 2023 African Games in Accra, Ghana has been launched two weeks ago. https://www.accra2023ag.com/
  8. It is possible for the final venue to be Rotterdam, i'm not sure. But i still predict Amsterdam as the final venue.
  9. Calgary had bid previously for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games before they dropped out and ended up to Milano-Cortina, Italy. I think Calgary might wait until 2038.
  10. I think so, since Los Angeles is the city the has some beautiful sunsets, so i think 5PM Pacific Standard Time would be the start and to be finished by 9PM Pacific Standard Time.
  11. I don't think that would be an issue for Italy hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Milano and Cortina. No problem on Italy unlike Russia.
  12. Here's a bid video of Belgium-Germany-Netherlands 2027 FIFA Women's World Cup with several women's football legends: Silvia Neid (Germany), Femke Maes (Belgium) and Sarina Wiegman (Netherlands). That Belgium-Germany-Netherlands bid is a very strong candidature. I think it would be awesome. They could still automatically qualify as co-hosts pending on FIFA decision, same for 2026 FIFA World Cup with Canada, Mexico and United States awaiting all three to secure automatic qualification.
  13. I'm hoping that the 2030 Winter Olympics in Sapporo would be a post COVID-19 event which is the light at the end of the tunnel.
  14. I depends of Russia's city to pick for a future Olympics, likely Moscow as after hosting which they did in 1980 under the former Soviet Union at that time, but never hosted as a independent nation.
  15. I agree with Ukraine hosting the Winter Youth Olympics 2028. Ukraine has never host a Olympic Games of any level so the 2028 Winter YOG would be the first time that Ukraine has hosted it.
  16. Clippers will be moving then to their new home and that will be: Intuit Dome in Inglewood which is south of the Sofi Stadium. The Intuit Dome will be opened sometime in Fall 2024 with four years before the 2028 Olympics and Paralympics in Los Angeles. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/clippers-break-ground-on-intuit-dome-unveil-first-renderings-of-what-new-arena-will-look-like/
  17. Here a possible venue list if Belgium-Germany-Netherlands wins the 2027 FIFA Women's World Cup bid over the others: Belgium: Brussles: King Baudouin Stadium - Capacity: 50,093 Boitssfort: Drie Lindenstadion - Capacity: 40,000 Li├Ęge: Stade Maurice Dufrasne - Capacity: 29,062 Germany: Berlin: Olympiastadium - Capacity: 74,475 Munich: Allianz Arena - Capacity: 75,000 Hamburg: Volksparkstadion - Capacity: 50,030 Netherlands: Amsterdam: Johan Cruyff ArenA - Capacity: 55,500 Rotterdam: De Kuip - Capacity: 51,117 Eindhoven: Philips Stadion - Capacity: 36,500 Enschede: De Grolsch Veste - Capacity: 30,205 Heerenveen: Abe Lenstra Stadion - Capacity: 26,800 Utrecht: Stadion Galgenwaard - Capacity: 23,750 These are really good venues if Belgium-Germany-Netherlands is awarded. The final i expect to be held in either: Brussels, Berlin or Amsterdam. Probably Amsterdam to be used as the final. What do you think about the venues list for Belgium-Germany-Netherlands.
  18. It's really close from 33% support and 34% opposed by Leger and the new poll with 43% support and 45% opposed.
  19. It's actually headed and founded by guitarist Brian May, he and his bandmate Roger Taylor were at the closing ceremony of London 2012, Queen is actually a band name, my parents heard of them before.
  20. The Nordic bid of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are also in the running to co-host the 2027 FIFA Women's World Cup. USA will not bid for the 2027 FIFA Women's World Cup since they are more focused on 2031 FIFA Women's World Cup according to SportBusiness.com which is to avoid the year early for the 2026 FIFA World Cup which USA is co-hosting along with Canada and Mexico, as well with the year following in the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles.
  21. I agree with that. That would be fantastic with awarding 2030 and 2034 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to both Sapporo and Salt Lake City at the same time like when IOC awarded 2024 and 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games to both Paris and Los Angeles.
  22. If Moscow is awarded the World Expo 2030, that would boost Russia's chance of hosting another Olympic Games for 2036.
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