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  1. Paraguay or Panama. One of them will take the final spot tomorrow.
  2. Now we have Portugal. Another newcomer. Looks like the newcomers dominated the play-off qualifiers.
  3. Qualified Teams: Australia (Co-Host) New Zealand (Co-Host) Japan South Korea China PR Philippines* Vietnam* Sweden France Spain Denmark USA Costa Rica Canada Jamaica Zambia* Morocco* Nigeria South Africa Colombia Brazil Argentina Norway Germany England Italy Netherlands Switzerland Republic of Ireland* Haiti*
  4. Then tomorrow, Panama will take on Paraguay to see if they could qualify for the first time ever.
  5. Coming up Portugal will face Cameroon in three hours. I hope Portugal qualifies.
  6. Well, Haiti made it to the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. They qualified for the FIFA Women's World Cup for the first time in their history. That was a surprising team.
  7. My guess would be the two newcomers Portugal and Panama. Along with the 2nd appearance team Chile.
  8. The final matches of the qualifiers will start tomorrow beginning Chile vs. Haiti at 5:00 PM Pacific/8:00 PM Eastern. Then at 10:30 Pacific/1:30 AM Eastern it Portugal vs. Cameroon. After that next day, the last will be Paraguay vs. Panama.
  9. Not gonna happen for Stade de France.
  10. The finals of the inter-continental play-offs are set. Portugal will face Cameroon, while Chile will take on Haiti on Tuesday/Wednesday. Paraguay will battle against Panama on Wednesday/Thursday. These will determine the final three spots.
  11. Well. Panama will take on Paraguay. One of them will look to make history.
  12. Panama is right now in the lead over Papua New Guinea. If Las Canaleras (The Canal Girls) beat Papua New Guinea (Lakatois) they will face Paraguay in a chance to qualify for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.
  13. I don't know about Auckland hosting it yet. I still think Calgary/Edmonton joint bid would be a strong choice.
  14. Chinese Taipei dream denied. Paraguay is one win away to qualifying for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023.
  15. There's a lot of problems right now for Japan since not everybody in Japan wants to host the Olympics.
  16. Maybe Calgary and Edmonton might step in to host 2030. I heard that on the sources a while ago on Twitter.
  17. Chinese Taipei might have an opportunity to return.
  18. We'll they're about to face Panama who has a strong chance of qualifiying for the FIFA Women's World Cup.
  19. If they get the chance to host the Youth Olympics 2030, they would become the second games in Southeast Asia after Singapore in 2010.
  20. Portugal will take on Cameroon in the final of Group A. While Chile vs face Haiti in the final of Group B.
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