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  1. I still think Belgium-Germany-Netherlands could win the bid over South Africa since the joint European bid is considered the favorite.
  2. Qualifiers will begin in October later this year. Saudi Arabia qualified automatically as host.
  3. They haven't hosted it in the past. Now they will. They previously bid for 2019 but dropped out. 2027 will be a historic event they will host. That will be seven years before they host the Asian Games 2034 in Riyadh.
  4. It was announced by the Brazilian Football Confederation. They could possibly make a joint bid with Chile. That would be nice to see them jointly bid together since they're part of the same continent.
  5. Brazil wants to host the 2027 FiFA Women's World Cup according to Globo Esporte. https://ge.globo.com/futebol/futebol-feminino/noticia/2023/01/31/em-parceria-com-a-prefeitura-do-rio-cbf-quer-sediar-copa-do-mundo-feminina-em-2027.ghtml
  6. Here's the link from AFC's website when Saudi Arabia was selected in Manama, Bahrain. https://www.the-afc.com/en/about_afc/afc_congress/news/saudi_arabia_confirmed_as_hosts_of_the_afc_asian_cup_2027.html
  7. It's official now, Saudi Arabia will host the 2027 AFC Asian Cup. It will be the first time that they will host. The bid progress for the 2027 edition is now closed.
  8. It will host in five zones in the Piemonte Provience: Torino - The main zone Bardonecchia - mountains of the country. will host alpine skiing, snowboarding and freestyle events Pragelato - historical greenery site. Pinerolo - streching the border of France, will host curling and speed skating. and finally Torre Pellice - and greenery landscape, will host ice hockey. All of the zone will be likely to be 10 minutes by transport train. Village will be used at the Villaggio Olimpico in Bardonecchia. This will be with venues serving a legacy of the 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the 2007 Winter Universiade.
  9. With the Lake Placid 2023 World University Winter Games now done and dusted, it's now time to talk about the next edition in Torino,Italy. It will take place between January 13th and 23rd. This will be Italy's eighth time hosting the World University Games. The slogan of the game will be: "Piemonte, Land of Sport".
  10. Thank you Lake Placid 2023. See you in Torino 2025.
  11. Now on to Torino (Italy) for the 2025 World Winter University Games.
  12. We're near the end of the Lake Placid 2023 World University Winter Games. I think this is Lithuania and Thailand's first ever World University Winter Games medals. We're nearly getting to the closing ceremony which Lake Placid will hand over the FISU flag to Torino (Italy) which will host the next edition in two years' (2025).
  13. Well. 2028 or 2032 might be possible.
  14. Budapest might have a chance of hosting the Olympics.
  15. Well. I think they may have Borjomi to host in case Sapporo and Salt Lake City bids for 2034.
  16. Oh. Okay. I didn't expect that. I thought it was gonna be my design, but this one that was launched with the help from celebrity Paris Hilton was the choice. It is kind of inspired by French Art Nouveau letterforms. But that's a good design. It's not much like the NBC Tokyo 2020 logo.
  17. It is gonna be rough to find a city for 2030 Olympics because of the climate change concerns.
  18. Of Lillehammer is selecter for the World University Winter Games 2027, it would mark the first time that Norway has ever hosted a World University Games Summer or Winter.
  19. I only watched the highlights of the opening ceremony.
  20. It will will be the first time for USA to host a World University Summer Games since 1993 in Buffalo, New York.
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