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  1. hi, i have tickets for the olympic stadium from 18th august. also tickets for the football final... do u want them? write me at lasmusasmadrid@yahoo.es alberto
  2. hi desmond chan!!! tell me sthing about the olympic games!!! which events have u attend at? tell me about the atmosphere there, about security, about malasian medals... my hostel is LOFT HOSTEL, near lama temple i will try to get an extra spanish flag, for sure. un saludo alberto
  3. hi desmond chan, how are you??? lucky guy, i would like to be there, but i will have to wait till next 17th, well i arrived on the 18th, hope to see you there. i will sleep in loft hostel, near LAMA TEMPLE. when are you coming back to malaisia??? i have got two tickets for next 15th in the bird nest if you want them un saludo alberto
  4. hi!!! i have got 2 tickets for ATHLETICS for the next 15th august, it cost me 50 euros both, so i sell them at the same price. anyone interested? email me at lasmusasmadrid@yahoo.es see u in beijing. i have got some more spare tickets, but just one for each event, so tell me in advance if you need anyone, cause my friend couldnt come with me and i need to sell them. ah!!! i have got 2 tickets also for the football final on 24th august. adios
  5. hi desmond!!! i am alberto, we met in singapur two years ago during the olympic meeting, where was decided the host for the olympic games for 2012. I have got already the tickets, a lot for the olympic stadium, but no one for swimming or gimnastic, is is going to be difficult to get that tickets. Anyway, right there i will try to have a chance to get some. I will be there for the second week, the most interesting because of the finals. un saludo
  6. hi desmond chang, we met in Singapur two years ago!!! i have got hte tickets already, for hte olympic stadium and for some other sports like football or taekwondo... hope to see u next year there! alberto
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