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  1. January 19, are you sure? The week before christmas we got a e-mail sent by Cosport stated we will know the results this week. We live in Europe and the tickets will be from Austria, Sweden, Bulgaia etc.. but why would they use another date for the US? Or maybe they cancelled also again the resulsts for Europe but we don't know it until now. Indeed I cannot find in the report today, but maybe this week is also still possible?
  2. Does anyone outside Canada already have some tickets? I know this week Cosport is going to announce the ticket requesters what kind of tickets they have. In Germany Dertour also already started their sellings. Don't know how fast they are.
  3. I only saw a script during the Torino 2006 opening ceremony. Does anyone have others in PDF file?
  4. I heard our National Anthem once in Beijing (because I missed the marathon swimming event, I only saw the Dutch winning gold in the rowing event), and it was finally a beautiful version of our national anthem. Xiexie Beijing!
  5. The National Indoor stadium looks great with the look of the games.
  6. That's where I was afraid of, China who is going to let the people not be free but restrict them in the job they can do normally. I hope there could change something.
  7. Thank you! Are you also going to make a list after 68?
  8. Is Beijing going to distribute an official soundtrack with music of the opening ceremony? If so, I'd like to buy the soundtrack when I am in Beijing. The videos are no longer available at youtube now.
  9. Wow. It are mass performances, but I get not the idea it is. Realy beautiful. I don't have any Sydney idea because the colours. It's more like Athens, but more people.
  10. Iraq is participating again in the Olympics. So there are 205 nations again. If Germany is 199th with 205 nations and 198th with 204 nations we know Iraq is coming before Germany.
  11. I hate the orange and red. I hoped it would be yellow and blue and maybe some green allone.
  12. I have the following tickets to trade/sell: 11/08 Hockey 08:30-12:00 HO04 A 2 tickets GER vs. China and PAK vs. GBR 11/08 Beach voll 09:00-14:50 BV05 A 1 ticket 12/08 Hockey 08:30-12:00 HO07 A 1 ticket ARG vs. GBR and AUS vs. ESP 12/08 Canoe slalom 14:50-18:50 CS02 A 1 ticket Finals 12/08 Hockey 18:30-22:30 HO09 A 1 ticket CHN vs. RSA and GER vs. NZL 13/08 Beach vol 09:00-14:50 BV09 A 2 tickets 13/08 Canoe slalom 15:00-18:32 CS03 A 2 tickets preliminaries 13/08 Football 17:00-21:30 FB20 B 1 ticket in Beijing, NGR vs. USA and ARG vs. SRB 13/08 Hockey 18:00-22:00 HO11 A 1 ticket 14/08 Judo 12:00-16:30 JU11 B 2 tickets 14/08 Baseball 19:00-22:00 BB08 A 1 ticket Japan vs. Taipei 15/08 Beach volley 09:00-14:50 BV12 B 2 tickets round of 16 15/08 Athletics 09:00-13:25 AT01 C 1 ticket 15/08 Hockey 18:00-22:00 HO17 A 2 tickets BEL vs. NZL and KOR vs. GER 19/08 Triathlon 10:00-12:35 TR02 A 2 tickets men 20/08 Taekwondo 09:00-12:56 TK01 B 1 ticket 21/08 Swimming 09:00-12:00 SW17 A 2 tickets men
  13. In one and a half day all tickets for the Beijing events sold out. I don't know about the other cities. But it seems there are 300,000 tickets available in the other host cities, so 6.7 million tickets are sold to the general public now and 2 million to the special groups.
  14. I already see, it's Germany with bronze now and the USA with the gold and Sweden with the silver
  15. I did'nt know that. Germany is not the olympic champion in the team jumping? Because if that's the case the fourth place is bronze now, that means the Netherlands have an extra medal in Athens 2004.
  16. Here we hear the same. Also gettyimages.com shows us pictures with a lot of smog.
  17. The Iraqi government is in Geneva to negotiate with the IOC. Until the end of this month they could find a solution. Maybe still some athletes could participate.
  18. Predictions for the Netherlands sounds very good. 7 gold, 5 silver and 16 bronze. Total: 28 medals. More total medals than in Sydney.
  19. Let the athletes participate under the olympic flag! Warn the Iraq if it's not better before the 2012 Games the athletes are not allowed to participate in that Games (maybe that will work).
  20. That's what I want to find, the SI predictions for Athens 2004. Could someone post it?
  21. The Sydney 2000 Torch Relay was even longer, the Athens Torch Relay was a lot shorter and we also not heard about the domestic part. That's not the most interesting for the foreign media. Only when the flame arrives in the host country, the state/province of the games and the host city. Nothing special about the coverage of this torch relay.
  22. I am glad it's not to much red. Indeed, it looks almost the same as Athens if I see the colours in some venues. But not all is ready, so maybe we have some surprises. Maybe it looks great watching television. We'll see.
  23. Thank you Quaker2001. I do not understand sometimes why in one shop they say 310 hours (worst quality) and another shop 441 hours (worst quality). That's why I was realy confused. I am going to put the most beautiful parts on dvd and I think the rest on a external hard disc. But I am in Beijing during the olympics. That's why all I want to record when I'm away have to be on the dvd recorder. My parents are home and my brother, maybe they can do something for me in meantime. I am going to find out, I have still 10 days to do that. First I am going to make a schedule with what I want to record. And I think after the Games you could also download videos at torrentz etc. Maybe others have some images. So I have to make a good plan.
  24. If I have 250 gigabite hard disc on my dvd recorder, how many hours could I record in a good quality? (not the best quality is necessary, just something better than VHS).
  25. I think it's difficult to predict the other countries. The USA, Russia and China are the top three. For our country he even not have any prediction. He takes the medals we had four years ago. The Dutch are expecting 5 gold medals (I think Marianna Vos will winn one or two) and 15 in total. The chef du mission hopes we can get 8 gold medals and 22 in total. If we have the same number of medals like Athens I am very happy, means 22 medals in total and four gold. In Atlanta we also had 4 gold medals but 19 in total. Sydney were super games for your country: 12 gold medals and 25 in total. Albert Zoer (equesterian jumping) can not participate. Not good for us. He was a big favourite to win the gold medal and he also could lead the jumping team to gold (the world champions in 2006 and european champions of 2007). But we are going to miss two medals there.
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