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  1. I still don't believe she is going to open the Games, because a lot of newspapers did not write about it. I believe it at the moment Buckingham palace is going to confirm it, whenever it may be.
  2. A few winter olympics further and we can also find China there in the top three countries
  3. I'd like to know what kind of sports we can play. I see only ski jumping so far.
  4. It's the last chance I think for the Queen do declare open an olympic winter games. If she also opens the London Olympics she in total declared three Olympics open, that's a record.
  5. At gamesbids.com we can read the Queen is going to attend the opening ceremonie on February 12th. What's the source they used?
  6. I love the British monarchy. If she goes to Canada to open the Games or not. Some of you said it's not possible to visit Canada twice in three years time.. well a look at the history: 2005 17–25 May Canada 2002 4–15 October Canada 1997 23 June – 2 July Canada 1994 13–22 August Canada 1992 30 June – 2 July Canada 1990 27 June – 1 July Canada Only the last two decages.. so I think it is possible. But I don't think se is going to open the Games. I hope she still lived in 2012 to celebrate the diamond jubilee and to open the London Olympics.
  7. How do you know this? I am sure the Netherlands also will participate.. last week the chef de mission visited Vancouver and the speed skaters are already busy with their olympic preparations. So 28 countries;)
  8. Personally I'd, and many people with me, do like the British monarchy so much because of the traditions. I think it's one of the few monarchies still using ancient traditions. What do the British people think about renewing old traditions like the Coronation, State opening of parliament, trooping the colour etc?
  9. Maybe the Canadians who are here can tell if they think in that way. But Sydney 2000 also was a milestone for Australia and the head of their monarchy was not a part of it.
  10. Do you now already know about the Diamond Jubilee plans for the Queen? I think the Queen opened only the 1976 Olympics and not Calgary anymore because of the Canada Act of 1982.
  11. Also happened to me. But yesterday they sent me an e-mail with the question if they need to process that order, so I now have the tickets.
  12. Got notification yesterday. I requested only three tickets, but I have all three tickets:D So I'm happy
  13. I know it's normal to allocate 30% to the Olympic Family. So 49% of the total is going to Canada and 21% to the rest of the world.
  14. In Europe not any notifications until now. But they told us the send out the notifications this week, with last possible day this Friday.. so still 3 days time.
  15. Don't think they want to use a smaller venue, there are already tickets sold for the opening and closing ceremonies.
  16. If you go down to that link you can find this article, from yesterday. January 5, 2009 6:31 PM Washington: We're no British Columbia -- but we can be a stand-in Posted by Ron Judd A couple converging notes about Washington hills and trails serving as training grounds for 2010 Winter Games athletes: -- Thirty-eight-year-old Roberto Carcelen, a runner and surfer from Peru, is training as a cross-country skier at Hyak, hoping to claim a spot in the Vancouver 2010 Games, The New York Times reports here. He's one of a growing number of athletes from warm-climate nations taking up winter sports in the hope of appearing in winter sport's marquee event. -- The list of other athletes from unlikely places doing the same includes Kenya's Philip Boit, part of that memorable Nike publicity stunt to place runners from a desert climate in the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. Boit competed there, but much to everyone's surprise, stuck with the sport after Nike stopped writing checks. He competed in the Salt Lake and Turin Games, finishing 92nd in the 15K -- ahead of five competitors -- in the latter. And he has vowed to cap his career by competing in the Vancouver Games. To help prepare, he's used the great trail network in Washington's Methow Valley as a training course. He might not be alone for long. Word from a couple different sources is that the U.S. Cross-Country Ski Team, which has medal hopes higher than they've been in a decade, also is looking at the Methow as a possible pre-Olympic training venue. More on this to come.
  17. I don't know, it's only there are many different stories about the same thing.. that's also the conclusion from the Beijing ticketing process. For the people interested in some numbers of the American ticket requests: http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com/olympics/
  18. It does not look like only 50,000 to the U.S. because this is only the first phase of the ticket sellings. So probably there are still 50,000 tickets more for the U.S. and that makes some 100,000... that's a lot more;)
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