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  1. During the nights he stayed at the Olympic village but his office was at the Olympic Family Hotel during day time. And : Documents acquired through access-to-information requests reveal that IOC president Jacques Rogge will be housed in a five-star waterfront Vancouver hotel, at IOC expense. IOC expense, so no Games costs.
  2. Does someone already know who will play the role of the high priestess?
  3. So the first torchbearer only goes to the Pierre de Coubertin grove and from there the Torch Relay continues. That's now the only role for Pierre de Coubertin.. and the ancient Greek Games get more attention.
  4. The schedule of the route of the olympic flame through Greece: http://www2.hoc.gr/index.php?option=com_co...=98〈=en PLACES ARRIVAL DURATION DEPARTURE DISTANCE 1st DAY 22/10/09 OLIMPIA LIGHTING CEREMONY 12:55 22,00 PIRGOS 13:53 30΄ 14:23 34,00 ANCIENT ILIDA 15:32 20΄ 15:52 72,50 ΤRIPOTAMA 18:01 15΄ 18:16 64,50 ΚΑLAVRITA 20:15 CEREMONY 2nd DAY 23/10/09 ΚALAVRITA DEPARTURE 07:57 54,00 PATRA 10:14 30΄ 10:44 50,00 MESOLOGI 12:29 5΄ 12:34 1,50 (K. Palamas monument) MESOLOGI 12:43 30΄ 13:13 36,50 ΑGRINIO 14:16 30΄ 14:46 115,50 KARPENISI 18:42 CEREMONY 3rd DAY 24/10/09 ΚARPENISI DEPARTURE 8:30 79,50 LAMIA 10:50 30΄ 11:20 87,00 ΚΑRDITSA 13:40 30΄ 14:14 27,00 ΤRIKALA 15:02 30΄ 15:32 24,5 ΚΑLABAKA 16:18 30΄ 16:48 64,00 ΜΕΤSOVO 18:23 CEREMONY 4th DAY 25/10/09 ΜΕΤSOVO DEPARTURE 08:00 54,50 GREVENA 09:36 30΄ 10:06 53,00 KASTORIA 11:14 30΄ 11:44 75,00 FLORINA 13:55 30΄ 14:25 36,00 ΑΜINTEO 15:21 15΄ 15:36 36,00 PALIOS AGIOS ATHANASIOS 16:36 15΄ 16:51 36,50 ΕDESSA 17:47 CEREMONY 5th DAY 26/10/09 ΕDESSA DEPARTURE 08:00 93,50 SERRES 11:15 30΄ 11:45 72,00 DRAMA 13:23 30΄ 13:53 141,00 THESSALONIKI 17:11 30΄ CEREMONY OLYMPIC MUSEUM 17:50 6th DAY 27/10/09 TΗESSALONIKI DEPARTURE 08:15 89,00 NAOUSA 10:11 30΄ 10:41 22,50 VEROIA 11:31 30΄ 12:01 63,00 KOZANI 13:35 30΄ 14:05 84,00 ELASSONA 16:01 30΄ 16:31 40,00 LARISA 17:38 60΄ 18:38 72,00 VOLOS 20:50 CEREMONY 7th DAY 28/10/09 VOLOS DEPARTURE 08:00 211 ΑRACHOVA 12:48 30΄ 13:18 33,50 LIVADIA 14:13 30΄ 14:43 12,00 ΟΡHOMEΝΟS 15:10 20΄ 15:30 121,00 ΑΙGALEO 17:36 30΄ 18:06 ΑKROPOLIS 20:11 CEREMONY 8η DAY 29/10/09 AKROPOLIS DEPARTURE 15:15 ACROPOLIS MUSEUM 15:30 30΄ 16:00 PANATHENEAN STADIUM 18:00 HANDOVER CEREMONY
  5. Even the dots so blind people can read, that's great!
  6. Are you really going to publish that book? It sounds very interesting. But the budget for Creative services was $26 million, Look $18.92 million, Torch Relay $25 million and arts and culture 2.42 million. Ceremonies only (budget from SLOC) was $54.4 million. So that was not the whole creative group. I don't know things about extra donations, like the Eccles family, but that's what we know when your book is published;)
  7. In the official report of Salt Lake 2002 I see the budget for the total department of ceremonies was $54.4 million. So I think the 37 million doesn't include tje medal ceremonies.
  8. I'd like the uniforms. I hope I can find on too after the Games.
  9. The programmes for th lighting ceremonies of he Winter Games in the past were more and less the same, so I expect it to be like this: 11:00 Arrival of VIPs from Athens to AncientOlympia 12:00 Lighting at the Temple of Hera, lighting announced with sound of trumpets and Olympic Flame carried to Pierrede Coubertin grove. 12:30 Olympic anthem, laying of wreaths, addresses by mayor of Olympia, president of HOC and president of torch relay commission and president of VANOC. 12:45 Entrance of procession of priestesses into the Pierre de Coubertin grove. 13:10 Handing ove of flame to the first Greek torchbearer 13:30 Traditional lunch
  10. I asked the Hellenic Olympic Committee, they only said it will start at noon.
  11. How many performers are going to take part in the opening ceremony?
  12. Was this the first time we could follow an IOC session live at the website of the IOC?
  13. They also asked me in Beijing several times to show it is a real camera. The only thing that can happen is that VANOC asks you if they also can use the images in case it's very nice. All you can see during the Olympics in the venues is the right of the IOC. That's also why you can use it personal only, not professional.
  14. I think it's very special if they can create a GB team for once. Just show the world how united the United Kingdom can be.
  15. In another city? How can I leave Vancouver/Whistler during the Olympics only to see ski jumping in another city if the other events I am going to are in Vancouver and Whistler? I hope ticketholders can get their money back if they cancel the events or if the replace it to another city.
  16. I think the IOC first has to wait for the decision in appeal of CAS. If she still is guilty after that decision I think the IOC can do that if the tests around the time of the Olympic medals also are researched again (they have all blood samples until 12 years back). So maybe it will happen, but I don't think the athletes who can get medals after so many years want to have them. There's no honour about that. I think in the Olympics it's the moment, the medal ceremony etc who make it that special. To get medals 4, 8 or maybe even 12 years after the results is not a good thing, I even think nobody knows the names of the new Olympic medal winners.
  17. And if Prince William becomes King when EII dies?
  18. I think it's very original to make the two posters in this way, as an unity between the Olympics and Paralympics with the Canadian national symbol.
  19. The press release does not say poster but posters. So it seems there are more official posters again, like Beijing 2008.
  20. The only thing they said during the Opening Ceremony of Sydney 2000 about the Gg was he is the representative of the Queen in Australia. That sounds not very interesting I think.
  21. That's right, there are more institutions taking part in organizing the Games. But it's also the reality the Olympic Games are a boost for the host country and host city. You know, Barcelona was a unknown city before the 1992 Olympics and now it is a beautiful city and there is a lot of tourism every year. So yes, the original idea of the Olympics.. the athletes and competing in world peace is still the main element during the Olympics. But it cannot be seen apart from culture, environment (the other pillars of the Olympic movement) and it's in this times also also about promoting a city and country and the sponsors want to earn money with connecting their names to the Olympics. And if Obama can help in that other shadow part of the Olympic movement they will invite him.
  22. Heads of State visiting the opening ceremony of the Olympics is not a real tradition. Until the Athens Games (because it was the homecoming of the Games) there were barely Heads of States visiting the opening ceremony for the Olympics. So it's not strange the Gov-Gen wasn't there during the opening of Salt Lake.
  23. That's not a very good point. During the Sydney 2000 Games there only was Bill Clinton's daugther, in Athens 2004 there was father Bush and the Presidents wife and daugthers. Beijing was the first time a US President was there during the opening ceremony. Maybe Beijing was an exception, it's clearly not a tradition.
  24. It's not a surprise for me. The Beijing tickets already were a little big in size.. all because of the security things in it I think.
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