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  1. A few questions. Because Canada is biliangual and the openin ceremony has some parts that are in the language of the host country, but now there are two languages So how will they solve that problem? Opening declaration by the Governor-General, French, English, two times in both languages? Parade of athletes order according to the English or French language? Athletes and officials oath? French or English? Singing of the Olympic anthem? Greek I hope:D But maybe English and French together or only one of the two languages? Singing of Canadian anthem? One couplet for English and one for French or the bilangual version? What do you think and prefer?
  2. VICTORIA - The torch for the 2010 Winter Olympics is due to arrive in Victoria Friday morning and thousands of people, including a host of dignitaries, are expected at the B.C. legislature to welcome it to Canada. The arrival of the plane carrying the flame has been delayed over an hour to approximately 8:30 am PST. As a result, the ceremony at the airport is not expected to start until 8:50 pm. The Olympic flame has its own row of seats on the Canadian military plane that's carrying it from Athens. The precious fire is encased in a miner's lantern and will transfer to a cauldron before it begins the longest torch-relay in Canadian history. There are actually four flames and six lanterns aboard the flight - the logistics of the coming 106 day relay mean organizers must have several lanterns to ensure one is always ready to go. They were all lit from the flame that was ignited in Olympia, Greece on Oct. 22 and they all boarded the flight to Victoria with a champagne toast from the head of the Vancouver Games. John Furlong also led the 80 or so people accompanying the flame in a rendition of O Canada. By the time the Olympic flame arrives in Vancouver on February 12th, it will have been carried 45-thousand kilometres, to more than one-thousand Canadian communities, by more than 12-thousand people. The convoy is now scheduled to leave Victoria airport for the ceremonies at the legislature at 9:12 PST.
  3. So there's a 3 months reparation time for VANOC.
  4. Thanks for the information. Will there also be an official Torch relay song this time? Maybe they will perform it at the start of the torch relay?
  5. Where online and when can we see the start of the domestic Canadian Torch Relay?
  6. 11 am? At the Vancouver's website they say the flame is going to touchdown 7:15 am? 7:15 landing of th airplane with the flame and 11 am start of the torch relay?
  7. Live now the Olympic flame handover in the Panathinaikos stadium
  8. You have to buy the tickets. Just in the same way like you buy all other Vancouver 2010 tickets.
  9. Does someone have a picture with the first torchbearer near the Pierre de Coubertin grove?
  10. You didn't know that before? I think it's more after the forest fires around Olympiad there are hardly any trees left at the Pierre de Coubertin grove so it looks not very beautiful anymore there.
  11. But who is the woman in white clothes? It's not te governor-general but she was the last to arrive of the VIPs.. I think she's important?
  12. It's 11 CET and 12 Greek time. The ceremony will start in 10 minutes. It doesn't look sunny in Olympia now.
  13. Grenoble 1968 the handing over to the first torchbearer was inside the museum of Olympia. Los Angeles 1984 there was no public at the lighting, only HOC and LAOC officials. Lillehammer I don't know actually. But the flame was lighted January 16th 1994 and the Norwegian flame already November 27th. Do you mean this?
  14. I have the schedules of all the ceremonies since 1998, and there always is the part when a limited group of VIPs is going to the Temple of Hera to see the actual lighting of the flame. During the other Winter Games the flame after the actual lighting was transferred to the Pierre de Coubertin grove, near the sacred grounds on a hill and there the are before the lighting the speeches, anthems etc. After the lighting there is the handover of the flame from the high priestess to the first torchbearer and release of the pigeon. During Summer Games after the actual lighting (also at the Temple of Hera and also a limited number of VIPs will be there at the actual lighting) the priestesses go to the stadium of Olympia. And there the flame will be handed over to the first torchbearer and after that the first torchbearer goes to the Pierre de Coubertin grove to honour the founder of modern Olympism. So the program is now completely the same as the ceremonies for Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. Except for the national anthems, the persons who deliver the speeched and the first torchbearer.
  15. Is it going to be broadcasted online somewhere? I know the Beijing lighting ceremony was broadcasted at the IOC's website. Maybe ctvolympics.com will broadcast it?
  16. Finally there is the program of the lighting. It's the same like the summer games lighting ceremonies this time: Τhe programme of the Lighting Ceremony: 11:45 - Closing time for the VIP attendance 12:00 - Opening of the Ceremony - Olympic Anthem - Hoisting of the Olympic Flag - National Anthem of Canada - Hoisting of the Canadian Flag - National Anthem of Greece - Hoisting of the Greek Flag - Recitation of an extract from Takis Doxas’ poem " THE LIGHT OF OLYMPIA" - Address by the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr. Georgios AIDONIS - Address by the President of the Olympic Torch Relay Commission, Mr. Spyros ZANNIAS - Address by the President of the International Olympic Committee, Dr Jacques Rogge - Address by the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Mr. Spyros CAPRALOS - Address by the CEO of the Organising Committee for the “VANCOUVER 2010” Winter Olympic Games, Mr. John FURLONG - Offer of commemorative pot to the CEO of VANOC, Mr. John FURLONG - Entry of limited number of VIPs in the Temple of Hera 12:25 - Ritual of the Lighting Ceremony at the Temple of Hera - The High Priestess and the Priestesses enter the Ancient Stadium with the Olympic Flame - Handing over of the Flame to the first Torchbearer by the High Priestess 12:50 - The first Torchbearer departs via Pierre de Coubertin’s Grove – Opening of the Olympic Torch Relay
  17. Names of first and last torchbearer in greece: Vassilis Dimitriadis was born in Brussels, August 23, 1978 but grew up in Florina, a town of northern Greece. He started his sports career at the age of 8. As an athlete of giant slalom he won the 1st place in the European championship of 2001 and became a Greek champion numerous times. He has participated three times in Winter Olympics, Nagano 1998, Salt Lake City 2002 and Torino 2006. In addition, he was the first torchbearer for the Lighting Ceremony of the Olympic Flame and the flag bearer of the Hellenic delegation for the 1998 Nagano Olympics. Niki Georgiadou, student in Toronto, will be the last torchbearer at the Panathenian Stadium, during the Hand over Ceremony of the Olympic Flame on October 29, at 18:00. The Olympic torch relay will be travelling across Greece for eight days. The sacred flame will travel through some 22 districts, 42 municipalities, three municipal districts and one community across Greece. Some 36 lighting ceremonies will take place in several cities and two archaeological sites.
  18. I searched in the official report of Lillehammer: Stampesletta in the Lillehammer Olympiapark was the place where the medal ceremonies were held. There were no medal ceremonies for ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating and short track at Stampesletta but at the venues. Here's the text from the official report: ___________________________________________________ Stampesletta was chosen as the main arena for the Awards Ceremonies because of its capacity and distance to downtown Lillehammer. All Awards Ceremonies except for Ice hockey, Figure skating, Short track and Speed skating were held here. The other ceremonies were held in Håkon Hall, Hamar Olympic Amphitheatre and the Olympic Hall. The arena was designed with conscious attention to the landscape’s horizontal axis – between the light sculptures in the north and the earth mounds in the south. In addition to paying attention to television angles etc., the arenas were designed so that the ceremonies would be a memorable event for both the medal winners and the spectators. Norwegian tradition determined the choice of backdrop and awards podiums made of ice and snow, with light, natural pine floors as a contrasting element. An ice podium made of glacier ice from the Jostedals glacier attracted international attention. Up to 25 000 to 30 000 spectators attended each ceremony. Attendance at these ceremonies was free of charge.
  19. Yes, in Lillehammer there were nightly medal ceremonies in the Lillehammer olympiapark. Every night between 19:00-20:00 and the last day from 17:00 to 18:00.
  20. I also think Sablikova is going to win the gold medal. Maybe Groenewold will win (like last world championchips in Vancouver). And what to think of the current olympic champion Wust? Maybe she is back this year. We will see in a few weeks time during the first speed skating world cup.
  21. How many cauldrons will there be for the Vancouver Olympics during games-time? One in Whistler for the victory ceremonies and one in BC place stadium?
  22. Yes, it is the Olympic Family Hotel: http://www.vancouver2010.com/more-2010-inf...)_172424bV.html
  23. And the ceremony will only last from 18:00 to 21:00. So it's not very late. They said from Vancouver to Whistler travel time is 1.5 hours? So the Whistler athletes can be back around 23:00?
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