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  1. What about the Netherlands? How many medals will they winn?
  2. Happy new Olympic year! Succes for Vancouver and Singapore.
  3. I already know this from March this year. It's very good, now I can watch both the Closing Ceremony and the Academy Awards Ceremony live:D like in 2006.
  4. The Danish crown prince, besides he visited Athens and Beijing, will be also there since he is an IOC member now. I think he will invite his wife as guest (all IOC members can invite one guest to go with them to the Games). Good news if Obama is coming.
  5. I also received my e-mail. But there's no expected arrival date:S
  6. The fire within, the theme of the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Games is a part of the lyrics.
  7. She reallyis out now: http://www.tas-cas.org/d2wfiles/document/3....11.25%20PR.pdf I heard she now tries to go to the Swiss judge.
  8. Claudia Pechstein & DESG v. ISU Lausanne, 19 November 2009 - The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will render its decision in the arbitration procedure between the German speedskater Claudia Pechstein, the Deutsche Eisschnelllauf Gemeinschaft and the International Skating Union on Wednesday, 25 November 2009. Ms Pechstein’s case was heard at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on 22 and 23 October 2009. Ms Pechstein is appealing against a decision rendered by the ISU Disciplinary Commission which found her guilty of an anti-doping rule violation and suspended her from competition for a period of two years. The CAS Panel in charge of this case has decided to deliver the award together with the reasons in writing.
  9. It's the first case with these circumstances, that's also why CAS needed such long time to decide (because there is nog jurisprudence until now, that's what the court president said. So from this decision on there will be new jurisprudence and more athletes can be found guilty, so the FIS president can of course go to court with some ski athletes after the decision. But every other IF or NOC president can say that.
  10. If this goes on for the next 98 days maybe it'll beat the protests during the Beijing torch relay:S
  11. Do they know all names of the ticket holders? Also the foreign ticket holders?
  12. And if you have for example a ski jumping event and one hour after the ski jumping event a cross country event? One hour is not enough time to go to Vancouver and back again to Whistler:S
  13. How do you know this all? Do you have a list with the 52 nations?
  14. It's a rule of customary law to stand up for a national anthem and raising of a flag. It's not obligatory, just like it's not obligatory to flying the flag at half-mast when the head of state of another state is death. But rules of customary law are recommended, and indeed every well-educated person knows that kind of rules, just to be polite. And it's also a rule of customary law to stand up when a head of state is arriving. It's true that the Olympic Hymn (or Olympic anthem) is not an anthem of a sovereign state. But also international organisations, like the UN, EU and the AU do have anthems. Also for this kind of organisations during the raising of a flag and the playing of the anthem it's polite to stand up. I don't know if IOC members stand up during the playing of the Olympic anthem at IOC sessions for example. I never saw opening ceremonies of IOC sessions. I only know the playing of the Olympic anthem before the announcement of the host city, and at that moment all IOC members already stand behind the IOC president, so there's no difference between the playing of the anthem en the whole of the announcement ceremony. I don't know what the other people in the room do during the playing of the anthem, I am now not abled to see that video. I know the last day of the IOC session the IOC members had to stand up during the oath taking ceremony of the new IOC members.
  15. Is it possible to visit Mount Robson in one day time from Vancouver?
  16. In Calgary 1988 they also asked to stand up for the entrance of the olympic flag I just saw. And also suring the Seoul 1988 opening ceremony, Nagano 1998 closing ceremony. And I hope soldiers will be involved for raising the flag.
  17. Yesterday searched for videos from that part of the opening ceremonies (1992- 2008). They actual only asked to stand up during the Atlanta 1996 and Beijing ceremony. But some people stood up during the other ceremonies, some people remained sitting.
  18. And I hope the people have to stand up again during the olympic hymn, like in Beijing.
  19. I also like Gianna very much. She made the Athens Games (the homecoming) a great success. And I agree with Olympian2004, it's an extremely difficult and busy job to be a president of an OCOG, so why not thank her family too? It gives something sensitive. I'd like the part abou the Olympic music. Indeed Heroes live forever is an very beautiful song. I also have that Beijing 2008 box, if he means the 3 cd's with all official songs, it reminds me to that beautiful time in Beijing during the Olympics. Interesting to know he almost has the music of almost very opening and closing ceremonies, I wish I also could have that. "I've just gotten the most incredible Chinese CD set," he gushed. "Oh, what's that?" I asked. "It's a boxed collection of all the Chinese Olympic songs," he said. "I've got a great collection of the Olympic songs from the open and closing ceremonies. I've almost got them all." I started to laugh, thinking he was pulling my leg. Who would do such a thing? "They are really magnificent, truly inspiring. You should hear them." A few days ago, just hours after writing the eulogy for his friend, the developer Jack Poole, who pushed him to run the 2010 Olympic bid and backed him in the tough periods, I pressed Furlong again on the Olympic music. Was he having me on? Furlong blushed. Then he said he'd been feeling down after the death of Poole, who became almost a father figure. So he'd dipped into his collection and picked out a number from the 2000 Sydney Games, Heroes Live Forever. "I've listened to it about 25 times," he said, his eyes starting to mist up. "I find it inspiring."
  20. I saw a video of the Montreal opening ceremony. There they only used the melody of the national anthem, there was no choir or singer. Could be a solution, but maybe a boring one. But what about the parade of athletes?
  21. Actually I'd very like the Canadian national anthem during the opening ceremony of Calgary 1988.
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