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  1. 16 hours ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

    I wonder if Mayor Paes knows what happened to the bigger cauldron (with reflector sculpture) used for ceremonies in the Maracana. Did it get sold?

    The full text from link above, by Google Translate:

    Leo Burlá and Pedro Ivo Almeida From UOL, in Rio de Janeiro 08/29/2017 4:00 am

    The centerpiece of the opening ceremony on August 5, 2016, the Olympic pyre was in the sights of the eyes of the world at the Games held in Rio de Janeiro. A year after shining at Maracanã, however, it has faded. No shine, disassembled. And without a single person being able to see it.

    UOL Esporte found that the emblematic metal object was kept in a box and is abandoned in a shed in the west side of Rio de Janeiro. With no destination in mind, it was left at Maracanã for months and was almost shipped to the museum of the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland. It was in the warehouse of set designer Abel Gomes, general director of the Rio-2016 ceremonies, however, that she ended up stopping.

    The Rio-2016 Committee claims that it could not pay the fees to keep the pyre that was lit by former marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima. After a round of negotiations, the costs of import taxes were reduced and the object remained in the Olympic city, more precisely in a box in the Santa Cruz district.

    The intention was to create a museum with several records from the Pan 2007 and Rio-2016. According to Mario Andrada, communication director of the Rio-2016 Committee, Ilha de Pombeba, in Barra, would be the place that would house this collection under the responsibility of the Olympic Committee of Brazil (COB). Sought out by the report, the COB's staff informed that "there is no decision" on the matter.

    Like the pyre, the revolving sculpture that made up the object is also discarded. The work, by the American artist Anthony Howe, produced a great plastic effect during the lighting of the fire.

    With one of the biggest Olympic symbols abandoned, tourists interested in taking a picture can go to the region of Igreja da Candelária, in Rio's Port Area. The alternative pyre that was installed for the Games is still there. It doesn't have the same shine and representation, but at least it's not inside a box.

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  2. According to this news from 2017, the one used at the Maracanã lays stored at a warehouse belonging to Abel Gomes, who also took part directing the ceremonies. There were various plans to put it on display in different places, maybe even in IOC headquarters in Switzerland, but it seems none went ahead. 


    Personally, even if it's not oficial, I found it was a nice step to have the flame burning again. I can easily see Tokyo doing the same by the time of Paris 2024. It could eventually become a new tradition to have previous hosts cauldrons all around the world reignited and sharing this flame "together", since the games motto now bears this notionspan widget

  3. Queen's "Teo Torriatte" was played on one of the ceremony's last video-montages and that was a pleasant, yet somewhat unexpected, moment for me. I didn't remember that this particular song had some lines sang in japanese.

    But it made me think of how Rio 2016 ceremonies didn't have songs perfomed in english (except for that horrible Olympic single presented at the closing because of "IOC wanted to") and that didn't make those shows less enjoyable ou relatable for the International audiences, I guess

  4. It could be of your interest to know that Rio's mayor Eduardo Paes (2009-2016; 2021 - current) has reignited the fire at Olympic cauldron, apparently out of protocol using a simple lighter, to let it burn during the period of Tokyo 2020-1 Olympic games. It all seems like a stunt to promote his new term on the office and to draw attention to the follow-up of these past games.

    In fact, he has recently made some statements regarding the legacy of Barra's Olympic Park. The temporary structures for the water sports arena and the Future arena should soon have found an enterprise contracted and responsible for their disassembly and conversion into smaller training installations and public schools.

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