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  1. 7 minutes ago, Nacholympic said:

    Do you know something about this?

    Was it the original plan of MIKIKO? To continue the show they did on the handover segment in Rio???

    If it was the plan... I feel more and more dissapointed... it could have been the best opening ceremony ever thet we already started to watch four years earlier...


    I'd get annoyed after watching this for more than 1 minute. 

  2. Once again the athletes did what they needed to do and the competitions were good.  

    HOWEVER it is hard to judge from the looks. We don't know what went on behind the scenes. We don't know the full picture about the billions of dollars waste (even before covid). We don't know why so many people quit the organizing committees. These things tell me the games did not go as well as people imagine. 

    I am stunned at how biased the MEDIA has been about Japan. For example, did you see the pollution of the water in Tokyo's bay? So much dirtier and smellier (according to witnesses) than in Rio, but the last Olympics got much more trash talk. And the fear mongering about zika last time? This time I see NO journalism concern about athletes bringing fresh covid variants home. In Australia, we have hotel quarantine which should take care of it, but how about the countries that don't?

    I also didn't see the media giving the wider population a chance to express themselves. I still don't know if the narrative that the majority rejected the games is true or if most people actually wanted it (think of those hundreds gathered on a bridge trying to catch the BMX, or the many apologising for the terrible ceremonies). I think Japan could have allowed attendance to the stadia with proper social distancing as they are not in lockdown, but they sacrificed the local's involvement in order to look "responsible" to the rest of the world. It's bullshit.

    Therefore, the media once again takes the medal for narrative fabrication (in this case, positive for the Japanese government), and the country will leave unscathed from much criticism. Especially after the crappy ceremonies (worst ever).

    If it had been Rio, the media would have called it a disaster. But to them (and to us in the receiving end), Tokyo is fine. These Olympics highlighted the persisting prejudice and privilege. These Games  will be forever elitist.  


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  3. The game were great! (Though I still think they could have had crowds with appropriate safe distancing!!). Props to the organizers. But the ceremonies have been boring. Again, I reflect back on Rio and their concept to do more with less - they had a small budget but kept a great standard at the ceremonies.

    I wish in Tokyo they had used more technology (like robots, cars, etc), banked more on the brands and things that connect Japan to the world. I also wanted to learn more about their history, but I haven't. 

    I liked the video they have just showed and the dance performances in the ceremony because we can grasp a bit of their culture and demographics. However,  this should have been done live, in a creative way.

    I also enjoyed the caring touches that are revealing about their society. For example, in the opening ceremony, they had elderly flagbearers and here we see people in wheelchairs. That is super respectful and honourable! (though they should have been given the elderly flagbearer a shorter distance to walk as it dragged too long lol).  


  4. Thank you Tokyo for doing what you could... Just wish there was a greater effort to include fun and happiness to lighten up the hearts of those of us who are in lockdown. Obviously, I'm not expecting the same energy as Rio 2016, but I think Tokyo could have been more creative. It doesn't look like they even tried. Rio will probably remain one of the most joyous and colourful Olympic games ever!



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