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  1. It seems surprising that it didn't evolve into a future Olympic bid. The national sports precinct on the water feels like an Olympic Park in waiting.
  2. With a seeming lack of options to take the Games to Africa a South East Asian Olympics would offer that new frontier that we will perhaps be craving after the next decade of repeat host nations.
  3. Bangkok is an incredible place and would be quite iconic - they've also had good experience over the years hosting multiple Asian Games. I just think Singapore is a sensible, lower risk option and is well positioned to 'delegate' events like Football and Surfing to its neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia (Bali).
  4. First I remember being bothered by London's cauldron not being visible from outside the stadium - and then Rio felt completely soulless because its ceremonies weren't in the track+field venue and the cauldron was moved to the waterfront. Now it appears the same thing as happened in Tokyo. What I love about the Olympics is that presence right there in the Olympic precinct. There is a majestic to this siting that I feel is kind of lost when you take it out of its context. I wish it would become part of IOC protocol that it must be within the athletics venue. Rant over!
  5. Athens (epic) and London (beautiful) - tie. Cathy Freeman and Muhammad Ali were probably the most "goosebumps".
  6. The 1956 cauldron now sits proudly within the National Sports Museum in Melbourne. I visited for the first time a few years ago and I was surprised at how big and imposing it is in person. In some ways too I've always felt like Sydney's cauldron was a very subtle nod to it? They both have that flying saucer/space age vibe.
  7. Agree that the loss of the Sydney cauldron's plyon is a travesty. Its effectively a different sculpture now sitting on those silly pick up sticks. It went from something quite majestic and classic to looking childish and meek. I wish it were somehow incorporated into ANZ Stadium's design a la Barcelona or Munich.
  8. I wish New Zealand would step up to the plate here. If the IOC could be persuaded on dates (could they in this new era?) an NZ regional Winter Olympics could be exceptional (Indoor venues in Christchurch and Auckland and mountain venues in Queenstown). Wish they'd have a crack at 2034 - would complement Brisbane 2032 beautifully.
  9. It'll come back in one form or another once interest picks up again. We are in a 1970s kind of lull. Which is why I'm somewhat perplexed that the IOC jumped at shadows so quickly to award 2032 so early. Imagine if the IOC awarded 1992 in 1981 when interest in the Olympics was still very poor? While Brisbane excites me as an Aussie I'm wondering whether they should have waited longer?
  10. Seeing as no events are taking places in the Bird's Nest it makes sense that they may consider using the 2008 cauldron out on the outside (similar in some ways to Sochi). Otherwise it won't be visible.
  11. Jakarta is an amazing place but I just can't see it happening. I think if we want to ever see SE Asia it needs to be an Olympics centred upon Singapore. The only matter to be resolved there would be Football and Surfing. Perhaps Football venues across Malaysia and Indonesia and Surfing in Bali? Maybe sailing at Penang?
  12. I also doubt it will rule out the US hosting the Winter Olympics in 2034 - Europe and Asia have done back-to-back Winter Olympics - why can't North America?
  13. A month ago I would have said the same thing about Brisbane (and I am an Australian!). Atlanta and Brisbane teach us that nothing is too soon if you are in the right places at the right time - I think a second Vancouver Games in 2030 would be nothing short of perfect.
  14. Absolutely - I don't think ignoring our past is a good way to go however I don't think we will see Captain Cook and the Union Jack being celebrated quite like it was at Sydney 2000.
  15. It won't be - because that was Samaranch's thing. Glad it's no longer a thing because all it does is diminish the efforts of previous hosts.
  16. I think a lot of that stereotypical hokey stuff was certainly well done at Sydney. In some ways I think the 2000 ceremony was more about pandering to stereotypes rather than what Australia is really about. I hope Brisbane demonstrates a bit more complexity - and perhaps puts Indigenous voices and stories in the centre and not as a prop of a white man's version of events to foreign audiences.
  17. It is a real shame South Africa screwed up the hosting of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Had it been progressing well I can easily envisage an alternative reality where Durban was just named host of the 2032 Olympics.
  18. And Acknowledgement of Country as part of protocol (something that is now very common practice at all public events in post-2000 Australia). Hopefully the IOC step aside and make room for it.
  19. I found the cauldron kind of ugly - it reminded be somewhat of the 2018 cauldron which was awful. I did love the reveal of the staircase with Naomi Osaka at the base (reminded me of Cathy Freeman in Sydney). Best cauldrons in my opinion were Mexico City 1968, Barcelona 1992, Athens 2004, and London 2012.
  20. I loved it - and I think it was the right balance of serving the occasion and acknowledging that alot of the world (including Japan) is in a lot of pain. It couldn't be a usual Olympics ceremony because these are unusual and sombre times. They got the tone right. I thought Bach spoke beautifully to the moment (he seemed genuinely humbled). and I've never really liked his style of leadership. I love the bold move of changing Faster Higher Stronger Together.
  21. An alternative to the Gabba is a new stadium at vacant land in Hamilton (toward the Airport). Alternatively they knock down and rebuild QE2 Stadium - the site of the 1982 Commonwealth Games. I doubt they'd go with Carrara. That would be like having LA28's Ceremonies and Athletics in Orange County.
  22. I wonder if a temporary retrofit of Manchester's Etihad Stadium (built initially for the 2002 Commonwealth Games) could be possible? That entire precinct was originally intended as an Olympic Park for Manchester 2000. Now there is a Light Rail connection to central Manchester.
  23. Low or not they are still planning on dropping a cool $1 billion AUD onto rebuilding the thing before 2032. Not exactly a No Frills model for other cities to follow. Its going to be interesting to see whether the budget-creep can be held at bay over the coming 11 years.
  24. What kinds of upgrades? Just curious Brisbane's regional transport connections are ok but nothing brilliant (at least by European standards). Buses will play a huge role in getting people around. Is it so bad that Manchester-based regional Olympics couldn't get up? I love London but it also feel that the UK is capable of giving us another region - particularly post Brisbane.
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