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  1. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/olympics/tokyo-olympics-2021-which-australian-sports-are-set-for-funding-boost/news-story/340c8d9ef26153489d6c171ac599594c
  2. Article below - looks like Australia is likely to step for 2026 with talks underway with the NSW State Govt (likely 'Western Sydney 2026' centred upon Homebush, Parramatta and Blacktown). Makes sense - the region has some great infrastructure (even post-2000) and is getting a new international airport. It is in some ways a distinctly different flavour of Sydney than the more famous eastern side (even though the 2000 Olympic Park is technically in WS). I understand that the Victorian Government was engaged earlier this year but decided it was not a priority in our COVID recovery. I have it from a reliable source that a 'diluted' 2006 model was considered that might not have even included the MCG at all (I suspect Track and Field at Albert Park - ceremonies at Rod Laver?). Eventually landed on a No from us. SA also said No last year to an Adelaide hosting. Keen to see whether this NSW idea gets up - Western Sydney could be interesting and different to Melbourne and Gold Coast (and as the article says a good boost towards the 2032 Olympics). https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/olympics/tokyo-olympics-2021-which-australian-sports-are-set-for-funding-boost/news-story/340c8d9ef26153489d6c171ac599594c
  3. Possibly? But its more the intent and the thought that counts. Japan did the Olympic Movement a huge favour by pushing through and committing to delivering the Games in the most exceptional and challenging circumstances (when they probably should have been cancelled). Instead, a certain VP was too busy stitching things up for his own home town for it to have been properly considered. If the IOC is so intent on sustainability - surely repeat hosts would be part of that which mostly utilise existing venues (eg. a third Tokyo Olympics in 2032 instead of Brisbane).
  4. This is why I am baffled that the IOC didn't instead consider offering 2032 to Tokyo - even if 2021 went ahead as is at least give them a chance to host again soon to do it the way it was intended.
  5. Agree - but haven't enjoyed any prior. Sydney's in Atlanta sucked, as did Athens in Sydney, Beijing in Athens, etc...
  6. I actually think a cross over segment with footage in the next host works better than some tokenistic presentation in the Closing of another city (I can't think of a good one). I loved tonight's 2024 handover. It was optimistic, bold, and happy. Tokyo's ceremonies feel rather cold and I think this would have been the case regardless of COVID.
  7. I might be alone but I loved Atlanta’s opening, it had so much energy, colour and heart.
  8. Yes - imagine if 2020 was happening in Rio (wand no disrespect to Brazilians) or any other ‘less organised’ host. Could have been a disaster.
  9. Yep - precisely. I understand that Tokyo had constraints with the wooden roof - but they didn't even place it to the side like London. Really disappointing and takes away some of the atmosphere that elevates the Olympics above an IAAF or Commonwealth Games. For all that the IOC carries on about protocol it seems like a really obvious oversight.
  10. I don't disagree - but you can't tell me that if Toronto had stepped up with a serious counter offer to host 2032 that the IOC would have turned it down because of LA 2028.
  11. Well, thats an internal problem. I was meaning more about the fact that Toronto's 1996 bid was asking for a third Canadian Olympics within 20 years. Seemed like a lot. Amazes me to see all these cities so eager over and over with bad timing. Where were Toronto and Madrid when Brisbane was being fussed over for 2032? I bet if the IOC proactively engaged with them early (instead of Brisbane with a Coates tip off to go in hard) they would have been interested and frankly one of them would have won, probably Madrid.
  12. I was too young to remember, but didn't Toronto 1996 get undermined by the fact it was a mere 20 years after the not-so-successful Montreal? Not to mention Calgary? At least Australia was proposing a respectful 40 years even with a previous host city.
  13. Agree - one thing I do hope that Brisbane hosting does is make smaller cities believe that they can attain it again. For example, I think Brisbane's win would have been noted by the likes of Manchester who could still very well host its long awaited Olympics in the coming decades. Some of the most iconic Olympics have occurred when the IOC took the circus to the lesser known - Antwerp, Helsinki, Melbourne, Munich, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta.... were all "backwaters" by comparison in their day. These cities pride themselves of their Olympic heritage. Happy to be rebutted but I am not convinced that the Olympics leaves as much of a mark on the likes of Paris, London or Tokyo.
  14. On that - if Coates et al. were serious about use of existing venues and 'sustainability' they would have probably given more thought to how they could accomodate a second Sydney or Melbourne Games. Melbourne probably has the most phenomenal line of up ready to go venues of just about any city that has not hosted in the last 60 years (and I dare say more Olympic-ready now than many that have hosted since --- looking at you, Atlanta!) Brisbane has - by comparison to is two larger counterparts - has A LOT of work to do. It will be a great Games but I don't think it's going to be a model of sustainability come 2032 and I expect that cost-creep will be a bit issue Queensland taxpayers (and voters!) will have to contend with over the next decade. I can see it getting very political when the reality doesn't match the gloss.
  15. You mean where we saw multiple bids from one country? Like how Melbourne basically took on every American city for 1956? (We will always have that achievement of you, Brisbane!)
  16. LOL I had no idea Leipzig bidded for the Olympics. Its a great city - but I find this surprising and amusing.
  17. I find it interesting that someone who "lived in Singapore for two years" would also say that it "doesn't have the financial resources or infrastructure to handle the Olympics". Strange.
  18. Whats with this view you have on Singapore? You've mentioned it in another thread. It is so uninformed. Singapore is a wealthy, highly developed country with a standard of living that probably surpasses that of the average American.
  19. There is also a very strong sense of "been there, done that" with Sydney 2000 still so fresh in the national memory. We are a small country, and at the time the "once in a lifetime" element of it made it feel very special. I think the distinction we will see is that Sydney 2000 will be Australia's Games and Brisbane 2032 will be Queensland's. We are already seeing that in the pitch and even the distribution of Football venues (entirely within Qld except for matches in Sydney and Melbourne - 2000 was spread across many different states and cities). Queensland also has a quite a distinct identity also to draw upon - somewhat like Texas does within the US. I think this flavour will come through with branding/ceremonies etc.
  20. Yep - it just doesn't sit right with me either. Its a very conflicting feeling - on one had I'm thrilled my country will host again (and I will be there with bells on) but there is no denying that it was all very odd. Even the announcement didn't quite spark the same joy as winning 2000 did in 1993. That was just huge. Even living in Melbourne at the time people were generally pleased at the outcome. Maybe its the fact that half the country is in COVID lockdown but when news of 2032 came through most people didn't really seem to care and it was out of the news cycle within a day.
  21. Again - disagree. This is too far into the future to make such statements with such certainty. We are talking 2036/2040 at the earliest here. You're underestimating the geopolitical power of a candidate like Singapore. You simply cannot compare it to Rio.
  22. You've just listed a whole lot of major non-western cities and completely disregarded their potential. I just don't agree with such broad stroke opinions. Singapore has the space. It is not Andorra or San Marino. It actually has quite good working relations with its neighbours and I can't see why it couldn't negotiate a the staging of events like Football or Surfing with its ASEAN counterparts. It has probably the best transport systems in the world, best airport, an incredibly high standards of living, lots of hotels, a strong government (albeit 'benign authoritarian' - but its not like the IOC would care). Its multiculturalism would be a strong selling point also and would culturally represent itself as a Malay/Chinese/Indian city (like how Atlanta underlined its African-American heritage).
  23. I was following this but too busy to engage in anything on here. Frankly found it odd that the IOC didn't hold off until AFTER Tokyo had hosted 2021. Otherwise wouldn't it have made sense to offer Tokyo first choice at 2032 should 2020 have actually been cancelled? It felt like the rush was Coates knowing that this was a potential scenario when COVID hit and was desperate to avoid Brisbane getting the boot to make way for Tokyo 2032.
  24. Coates is known to dislike Melbourne. Australia's states were borne out of separate colonies and parochialism runs very, very deep. A domestic bidding race was completely stonewalled to ensure Brisbane's path forward. I'm a Victorian, and I think Melbourne would have given the world an iconic second hosting building upon an LA/London-esque legacy. I do not believe that the Brisbane bid would have stood up to a Melbourne bid (or Sydney) on paper. However reality is that the ability to offer a July Olympics made Brisbane the favourite. Sydney would be another September Olympics and Melbourne October at earliest. Its the same reason that we will probably see Durban host Africa's first Olympics over Cape Town or Johannesburg. However I do need to stress that I still think Brisbane is a great choice and will put on an incredible Games in 2032. It is no backwater city as others suggested previously in this thread - just a lesser known city like Barcelona, Atlanta or even Melbourne was in the 1950s. Give it a chance.
  25. Particularly with the sheer amount of investment being undertaken now to upgrade the precinct and build new venues. If they don't step up for 2036/40 then I'd be very surprised.
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