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  1. Just now, Victorian said:

    and there is 10 years plus to plan for this

    I know you have been against the Brisbane Olympics from the get go but this doesn't mean we are not capable of hosting a great Olympic games.

    I'm not against a Brisbane Olympics - in fact I defended the city itself numerous times when it was announced earlier this year. Brisbane is a fresh and exciting place and is our only option for July-August. It has the potential to be an Australian Barcelona and I love that. I also love that it might encourage other non-Alpha world cities to give it a go (eg. the likes of Manchester or Durban).

    However I still have strong reservations about how it came to fruition. I will hold the same feeling if we get Kazan 2036 or Doha 2036. I would feel reluctant right now as a city leader to enter a process like this. I'm also convinced they will ditch Agenda 2020 in a heartbeat if they start to get a groundswell of cities interested again (which they will - Paris, LA and Brisbane will be a golden era, mark my words there will be piping hot competition for 2036/40).


  2. 5 hours ago, Victorian said:

    I travel to the GC regularly for the football to watch the Suns. At the moment transport isn't too good until you get to Broadbeach. Having the tram all the way to the airport will do wonders. They then need to make the tram go to Metricon Stadium. Buses do not work. I got home after the CWG Opening Ceremony at 3am due to the long waits for buses outside Metricon. If they had bigger carparks, along with a tram, buses and the proposed ferry, it will make getting to the stadium so much easier for sports fans.

    This is still my main concern with a Brisbane region Olympics - transport. Its just not as well established as Sydney and Melbourne and careful planning to connect a dispersed 2032 Games needs to really get the transport aspect right otherwise I can see it being a bit... Atlanta.

  3. On 10/13/2021 at 9:47 AM, yoshi said:

    I don't know anything about Albany, apart from it being the capital of New York state (why?), but would it be a bit small? If Milan Cortina works well though and having indoor and outdoor events well away from each other works, then a NYC/Lake Placid Games...now you're talking. Figure skating or ice hockey at Madison Square Garden? Iconic. 

    Should have read ahead! You said what I was thinking.

    The more I think about in this weird world of Brisbane-Gold Coast, Beijing-Zhangjiakou and Milan-Cortina (and Stockholm-Are's consideration) I think 'New York 20XX Olympic Winter Games' works (Also the naming would be convenient if promoted as 'New York' as it would be deliberately ambiguous as both host city and host state)

  4. On 10/13/2021 at 7:07 AM, FYI said:

    Of course. I'm sure most Americans & Canadians would also agree. But I meant mostly the average non-English speaking international spectators. To them, those distinct differences don't/won't register. It's akin to when ignorant Americans lump all Latino, Asian & African cultures all as 'one'. When obviously, the differences within those cultures are as different as night & day.

    Lake Placid alone is way too small for a 21st century Winter Olympics. That's why when there has been any talk from them, it's always mentioned with a Montreal proposal. An Albany-anchored proposal would surely complement a Lake Placid hosting, but AFAIK, Albany has never expressed any interest.



    In fact --- just to throw it out there --- why not a New York City Winter Olympics? We all thought Beijing was ridiculous, but given the consideration to Stockholm-Are (which nearly happened) this could be an exciting option. Mountain venues upstate, ice venues in Manhattan. I think it would be thrilling, and would finally scratch the itch of the Big Apple not being an Olympic city.

  5. I think its fair to say Australia will sit 2026 out. We've done our bit to help out the CWG by giving them two outstanding Games in 2006 and 2018 and it seems like they've not been proactive enough to engage with potential candidates earlier. Its not like this problem is new for them - they have been skating on thin ice for decades now with luck of solid cities stepping up - sometimes as the only candidate. 

    If I were the CGF I'd be pitching a double hosting to Birmingham. After 2022, put the organisation into 'sleep mode' and effectively use 2022 model again in 2026. Then hand off to Hamilton for 2030. The Asian Games had a similar issue in 1970 when they were left without a host city - 1966 host Bangkok stepped in for 1970 using the exact same Games plan.

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Chris_Mex said:

    Wow, USA, USA, Australia, well, thats the most boring lineup since well....USA, Australia, USA, I keep thinking that maybe ukraine would be an smart choice, because it would attract many future bidders if they succed, barcelona, if IOC want to avoid having to decide between istanbul or madrid again in 2036, or sapporo, because IOC owes them their life in this one (also because a 2030 success, can make IOC count on japan for future summer bids, else they'll end up only with 3rd world, asian authoritarian hosts). And well for vancouver in this one, I believe it would be far better than USA, (yeah, I can tell there's difference, coming from a mexican guy), but that also could hurt SLC aspirations for an eventual 2034 bid

    In fairness though - if we had less non-Anglosphere countries getting cold feet it might not be as much of the USA/Australia/Canada high rotation.

  7. On 10/9/2021 at 3:19 PM, FYI said:

    For the most part for the very international spectator, I seriously doubt that an LA-SLC or an L.A.-Vancouver would make much difference to them. And add Brisbane after either one of those line-ups, & all it'll be to them, is a tri-fecta of Anglo-Saxon, English speaking Games.

    As an Australian I can see a big difference. Canada is quite distinctly different to the US. However point taken re: the glut of 'new world' English speaking hosts (a bit of a repeat of Atlanta-Sydney-Salt Lake).

    Is there any interest from Lake Placid? Seeing as New York City is unlikely now as an Olympic venue until at least mid century it seems like Lake Placid (perhaps cohosted with Albany) could be intriguing.


  8. Welcome to the world of petty Australian politics - the IOC should be prepared for a long winded decade of 2032 being politicised. However, its all surfacey - and highly unlikely anything will happen that will compromise the Games themselves (Canberra upsetting Queensland is a big no-no - politically it is our Florida). 

    Although I must admit the barking about funding and stadiums, etc, sounded a lot like history repeating itself in the preparations for Melbourne 1956 where basically the same thing happened. 

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  9. On 9/15/2021 at 5:59 AM, AustralianFan said:

    As much as I’d like to see the Commonwealth Games return to Sydney/Western Sydney, unfortunately, this area and most of NSW is in a long lockdown right now, in the worst COVID  outbreak of the pandemic so far in Australia.   Case numbers in NSW recently seemed to have “peaked” at around 1600 cases and more than doubling the Victorian daily case numbers (750) at the peak of the long 2020 Victorian lockdown.   The Western suburbs of Sydney include the worst hit areas in Australia for daily case numbers.

    Bizarre logic. You realise the NSW Govt is a massive entity capable of undertaking more than one task at a time?

    I would say it should compel them from a stimulus / civic pride point of view.

  10. Admittedly haven't really followed this very closely - why are these Games being packaged as 'Milan CORTINA'? Milan is such a global name - surely that would suffice? And its not like previous Winter Olympics haven't been somewhat cohosted-eg Vancouver and Whistler. Likewise 2032 won't be Brisbane-Gold Coast. 

    Pick one! I like consistency. 

    Just a thought. 

  11. My thoughts on the 2032 logo... 

    • Overt Western expressions of Indigenous culture (like the Sydney 2000 logo) will be unlikely. 
    • 'Brand Queensland' is going to be very keen to take centre stage. You'll notice 'QUEENSLAND' is firmly planted on the interim logo - not to mention appearing on the Commonwealth Games 2018 logo. I have a feeling the IOC will snuff this idea. However I think the logo will likely speak more to promoting an image of Queensland as a whole instead of Brisbane alone.
    • Colours: the state colour is Queensland Maroon.  I feel fairly confident this will be present in some ways. The state's geography from east to west has quite a great cross section of colours: 
      • The reef (pinks, yellows and aquas - could be very LA84). 
      • The coast (aquas, deep blues, golden sands, lush green mountains)
      • The outback (yellows, oranges, shades of green).
    • I hope we will not see an 'Athlete in Motion' logo again in an Australian Games (the 2000 Olympics and 2006 and 2018 Commonwealth Games had them - time  to be a bit more original). I'd love to see a native flower of some kind be the basis of the logo. I think flowers and native flora are culturally neutral (much more important/sensitive now compared to when Sydney's logo was designed) and can offer a great degree of flexibility in how they are visually interpreted. It could almost take a similar form to the olive wreath on the 2004 logo. If its not the logo I think Australian natives could make an incredible 'Games Look' reminiscent of Atlanta's 'Quilt of Leaves'
    • For example, the Golden Wattle is Australia's national flower, and there are many varieties native all across the country. They usually flower at the end of winter and signal the arrival of spring and summer (when these Olympics will be held). It's also been the inspiration for the new Australian National Brand - which coincidentally reminds me of the London 2012 cauldron.
    • Some ideas from Google..... imagine the green and gold of the below mixed in with Queensland Maroon...... a very dark and almost Atlanta-like scheme but I think it could be very beautiful. 







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  12. On 8/12/2021 at 2:24 PM, Victorian said:



    Another version I have made. The lines symbolise 'fireworks' but also everyone coming from all corners of the globe to Brisbane. The shape again is reflective of the state of Queensland. For the Paralympics logo it takes inspiration from Sydney and has a similar look to the Olympics but shape is reflective of the Paralympic flame.

    This is wonderful! you're really talented. The shape of Queensland with the shards all coming together on SEQ is fantastic. My only though might be to play around with colours - its ok to vary off from Olympic colours towards the palette that could be used in 2032... I have a feeling 2032 might be a lot of Green, Gold and Maroon (duh). 

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  13. Australian Fan - you're not doing your position or arguments any favours by taking on such an 'shouting down' online presence.

    Your tone is pretty abrasive / condescending and frankly I'm skipping past your posts because they're hard to read. This is a shame because it could be good to a generally supportive voice for Agenda 2020 to create some discussion but you're getting people's backs up over an already contentious topic. 

    Just my 5 cents.

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  14. On 9/1/2021 at 4:57 PM, Sir Rols said:

    Are you sure you’re not getting him mixed up with Phil Coles? Coates was pretty arms length from the 1996 bid - Coles was the one ringing Atlanta each night and who later got caught up in the SLC scandal. He was the one Walker wouldn’t invite to the Commies:

    Why Melburnians maintain their rage at Phil Coles

    I knew about Coles but as I understood it Coates was also fairly obstructive to the bid having success. 

    I'd also forgotten about that incident - poor judgement I think by Ron Walker as it meant that Rogge (who had planned on visiting Melbourne during the 2006 Games) backed out (something about protocol of having a senior NOC member present with the IOC president?)

    At the time it wasn't a good look as the feeling around town was that Melbourne would move onto exploring a 2020/2024 Olympic bid (needless to say the idea never gained momentum). 

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