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  1. Well this is it! we are hours away, after years of waiting, years of theories, days of sneak peaks, researching about the ceremonies and the tokyo 2020 and yes it finally happening! All of our questions will be answered in any time now!  Happy olympics everyone!! I wish to see you on Beijing 2022!! So fun being in the forum with you all. Ive been reading here since it was created and I just created this account just recently!! Still curious for the Closing Ceremony but let us see the opening today #StrongerTogether

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Blazerblaz3 said:

    But if you look at the cauldron in the photos it appears to be surrounded by two different circles of mirrors. The interior ring does not seem large enough to allow the pillar to expand out to a petal. The use of mirrors at that height leads me to believe that it will be vertical tower design. Like how SLC cauldron was ignited, but the "stem" 

    At any chances tho it could be too. But what if the petals there are  being tied to each other or the petal will move down upon being lit (robotic). Also the mirrors there reminds me of the rio2016 outdoor cauldron that surrounds the cauldron as gate 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

    Don't need to tell me. The moment I read Marco Balich I knew what to expect. <_<

    Seriously, much like Bach he seems to be a Dictator himself now when it comes to olympic/sport ceremonies (though he wasn't in PC2018 I think). Really getting tired of him being around in everything and for the look of some posts ago seems he forced another small/ecological cauldron. Again.

    Exactly :( I really missed the past ceremonies (not balich's). I understand the situation now about the downscale from the "grandious" (due to a pandemic) but this could be their chance to lift up every ones feelings and get the feeling of fun and the AMAZING factor.    Anyways. I hope the "Sobering" ceremony will work and wont disappoint. But yeahhhhhhh im sad. 

  4. According to an article that is posted on Balich wonder show ig

    Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony will be ‘sobering’ show, not flashy

    JULY 21 . 2021

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Forget the mass choreography, the huge props and the cornucopia of dancer, actors and lights associated with an Olympic Games opening ceremony. Tokyo’s grand opening on Friday will have none of that splendour or grandiosity.

    Instead it will be a scaled down affair, a “sobering” performance, Marco Balich, longtime Opening Ceremonies Executive Producer, and now a Senior Advisor to the Tokyo ceremonies Executive Producer, told Reuters in an interview.

    “It will be a much more sobering ceremony. Nevertheless with beautiful Japanese aesthetics. Very Japanese but also in sync with the sentiment of today, the reality,” Balich, who was in charge of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, said

    Click here for more https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN2ER09Y

  5. 9 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Oh, background music.  But on TV, the commentators are usually talking over it and providing context.  So it's really a PRE-Awarding underscore. 

    But to me and I would think to the athlete, the main point is their ANTHEM -- not some hocus-pocusy, heavenly music which would seem to hijack the moment of glory for the athlete(s) and would have to be turned down quickly anyway to make room for the anthem - right?  

    I guess what gets me is how trivial it is -- but some guys here just make it out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I just don't get the excitement over what is essentially background music. 

    Yes it will be turned down during the anthem , here's a sample in 2012 (listen to the music)

    The sochi victory ceremony 


  6. 27 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Victory?  But Olympic protocol dictates that the gold medal country's national anthem is played -- NOT some other piece of music.  Even Russia has designated like 24 bars -- I think -- of one of Tschiakowsky's pieces as their substitute "anthem" since any official Russian emblems, parapharnelia are still banned.  Maybe this piece was played in the unveiling of those items -- but certainly will not be played at the Moment of Glory for an athlete.  

    And if it's an athlete from the Refugee Team, it will be the Olympic Anthem.  

    This is just a generic "theme" that TOCOG is using in all its build-up pieces but will NOT be played at the actual Medal Awarding ceremonies.  


    ALso, neuneu, why do you keep posting photos of Olympic Stadium?  What is so special about your continuing posts?  Of course, they're doing things over there at OS -- but your shots DON'T reveal anything significant.  

    Each olympics has its own victory ceremony music, and yes  the gold medalist's country anthem will be played after they are awarded. The victory ceremony music is played as background music during awarding. Try searching for victory ceremony music of (sochi, pyeongchang, beijing, vancouver :)

  7. 21 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Hmmmm.  I doubt that's genuine "Ceremony" music.  It doesn't sound like any "ceremonial" music that's ever been used.  And look who posted it.  A kid.  Further, it doesn't sound Japanese-y at all. 

    That music was unveiled last few weeks ago together with the official podium and medal plate. That is the official tokyo 2020 victory ceremony music.

  8. 2 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

    An expensive ceremony is not what the Olympic movement nor the japanese people which are already very upset at these games need. Keep your expectations low. There will be many projections. And asking for many performers on stage in a pandemic like this is just insane.

    Yes i also agree to that, i also started to lower my expectations but who knows what tokyo can do. cant wait for the opening :)

  9. I hope they will not use too much floor projection, i mean Floor Projecrion is great but too much seems mediocre. Imagine, few persons on the stage being eaten by the projection. I hope theyll use huge props like london or sochi or by using harness, utilizing the space above and below, that completes the ceremony. I wonder how would they execute the rings this year.. anyways looking forward this 23rd!! 

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