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  1. I am happy that you enjoyed your stay here. Despite our still issues with racism, we are good people who love to share our southern hospitality. I hope that my generation is the one to rid georgia of its racism. my best friend is black and i love him to bits haha Most Atlantians know about the games, especially when an olympic games is happening. Centennial olympic park is for sure the biggest reminder. I think people are proud but it is so long ago now that most people do not remember or factor it into their lives. For me I got the buzz when i visited the exhibition at the Atlanta history center, it has so many stuff including every olympic torch. it made me want to visit the venues and learn more about the games in my city and made me find this site. And i must admit standing looking up at the olympic cauldron, even if it isnt the most beautiful, is an experience, even for a young guy like myself. But i one day hope to be an olympian and bring back more olympic gold to my home city, the only city to have hosted a centennial games, my Atlanta
  2. Found this: a costume worn by a performer at the Sydney handover during the 1996 closing ceremony. Think it is in a museum in Sydney. Also Atlanta predicted the inclusion of new sports during its closing. something especially this year that came true.
  3. Love the black and gold, so much different from other games and much more stylish. Interesting that they now have one logo for both games.
  4. It just depends on how it is done. I am also in favor of opening them up to more people and ideas, but if it is just a confused disjointed mess then that is the worry. i think that stadium ceremonies can better tell a story due to the space 360 views/seating. i wouldn't say that stadium ceremonies have become stale, i think it is the creative teams behind them have been uninspiring. Mixing storytelling with artistic and spectacular stunning stadium theatrics has been lacking since Beijing 2008.
  5. For me it was Eddy Alvarez winning baseball silver for Team USA making him only the 6th athlete to medal in both winter and summer games.
  6. I would think that their handover would include some historical references and maybe something to do with the italian fashion houses
  7. Yes me But these games have made me more determined to reach my goal of participating at LA 2028 so i am going to try and let that defeat my blues.
  8. Or just integrate the two and have 3 or so weeks of just all sport and two amazing spectacular ceremonies
  9. So the closing was so much better than the opening but still pretty boring despite covid. The Paris handover was the best part. I think the best closing i have seen is Sydney followed by London and the worst just has to be Tokyo followed by Beijing
  10. For me the Paris handover was the best since Sydney 1996. So fresh and hopeful in what has been dark few years. As a young athlete watching it i feel energised and excited for 2024, not bored and sleepy as i do watching Tokyo ceremonies
  11. Bravo Paris….. your handover hands down was better than the Tokyo opening and closing combined. So much hope and happiness.
  12. The japanese must be so pissed seeing the french all out celebrating
  13. Didnt Sydney copt Barcelona with the big flag covering and then Athens copied Barcelona and sydney also
  14. Its the mourning death covid asylum mental illness lets all be sad segment
  15. The worst i seen was Athens in Sydney….. that was soooooo boring
  16. It just drags on though and then we hear the same anthem twice and the same announcements twice. I am sure they could just make one announcement. Even the athletes seem to be uninterested i think some have left too
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