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  1. Bach to the Sochi discussion: First of all it's completely senslsess to talk about on which continent Sochi is located because there is no rotation systeme like at FIFA world cup. So two consecutive olympics in Asia - why not... But as the Kuma–Manych Depression is the European-Asian border, Sochi is located in Asia (geographically speaking). And if you take the Caucasus as the border, you will find Sochi still in Asia as it is in the south of the Caucasus. Back to the 2022 olympics: I'm not sure if an American bid would be successful because we had the last North American games 2010 in Vancouver, but the last (real) European games in 2006. And as I already said, since Ibk 1976 we've had 4 NA games (therefrom 3 rockies games) but only 2 Alps games. So I think the Alps bids are the favourites and therefrom Munich is far ahead at the moment. But we will see... Maybe Qatar will host next winter games, who knows... ____________________________ GAMETABLES4LESS, LLC
  2. I really think the Tokyo Games should be cancelled, or at least postponed as some reported to be an option. First, Covid situation is still uncertain in Japan which might rise again in the coming months. Safety concerns for the athletes, media and locals. Secondly, it is not going to feel the same without international supporters and socially distances spectators. Thirdly, I suspect for many athletes, they won't be able to train in their 100% capacity due to the various lockdowns which is also unfair to athletes from countries where lockdown restrictions are more harsh. Hence this Games will not see athletes compete to their best ability. Lastly, I don't think the world is in the mood to follow the Games to be honest when we are still fighting this pandemic. I for one couldn't care less about the Olympics now. We need to get this crisis over before the world can come together again.
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