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  1. Hey, my fav. games are fifa'21, Marvel, Red dead redemption. I love to play football since I was a kid. When I play Fifa, I get the old feeling back which I had when I played football as a kid.
  2. This will be the FIRST World Cup to be held in the Arab world. Also the first in a muslim majority country. The weather in Qatar is very hot. So that is a reason why it will be held from the late November to mid December. So again it will be the first tournament not be held in May-July.
  3. Hey, due to the coronavirus pandemic both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have been closed since late February. But now all of Disney's Asia parks have reopened.
  4. Hey, I also agree with you. With fans it's so much better because they support their team all the time and they also follow every piece of news. So YES it is definitely not the same!
  5. Hey friends, host Japan and the IOC have repeatedly confirmed that they want to stick to their Olympic plans. Various implementation scenarios are being worked on in the background, and many restrictions and rules have already been set. However, according to recent polls, the vast majority of the Japanese population is in favor of a cancellation or renewed postponement.
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