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  1. Yeah but is also possible that those 40 votes had a political implication behind, such as the beijing 2000 bid failure, rather than Beijing (with almost all stadium venues built and plans to develope world class ski resorts) being a bad option for 2022
  2. Sure but the same, China was the only one left. The same china that had the capability (by their own authoritarian ways) of building infrastructure, which 7 years prior hosted one of the most iconic editions of the olympic summer games, and which is the world's 2nd economy. If the only bid lef was the Kazakh one,then they would have been in a real trouble. If we reduce the last olympic allocations we would be reduced to a dominant bid a safe milano-cortina vs a polemic stockholm, a centennial paris games vs a rather humble hungarian bid and another LA bid (although it would have been competed if rome and germany didn't pulled off their bids). a modern tokyo bid vs a troubled istanbul and a desesperated madrid. a booming rio de janeiro vs an asian bid (after 2008), a european bid (after 2012) and another us bid...The last really competed race that took place was for 2012 and that was in 2005.
  3. Also it is true that 2032 only proved IOC needs only 1 bid, it doesnt really matter if dozens of cities present to the competition if only one will get the event.
  4. But hey, this model is more transparent than the old one, isn't it?
  5. China and almost all countries prefer to use children choirs in opening and closing ceremonies because they simbolize hope, friendship, future, etc... concepts related to the olympic values. Can't remember an olympics in the last decade (or even this decade) which didn't used childrens choirs. Sometime is not about being impressive, most countries want to leave a message in their ceremonies, beijing 2008 was a mass power demonstration, with 2008 drummers in the center of the field, in 2022 they tried to convince the world they are a technological power, thats why they relied so much in led screens and special effects
  6. Selfishly I have mixed feelings about sapporo 2030, on one hand I want Japan to host a succesfull games as soon as possible (tokyo 2020 feelings), but on the other hand, I feel like a fail of the 2030 bid may give japanese citizens more time to grow the appetite for another summer olympics in tokyo or another big city such as Osaka or Nagoya (as france with their annecy 2018/ paris 2024 bid)
  7. I respect tokyo for hosting the games during the pandemic, but luck also plays a big factor in determining the success of an event. And definitely a games in whithout any single spectator on state of the art purposely built venues, uncomfortable pandemic protocols and with forgettable ceremonies can't be considered terrific, pandemic or not. And letting the event itself aside, spending 15k million in an event which generated no revenue from ticketing or from tourism income is the definition of an unsuccesfull event. I firmly believe tokyo deserved better, and they should be given the chance to host in 2040 at least, but reality is what it is and the tokyo 2020 games failed as an event
  8. Well in 2009 and 2013 years ahead someone in Laussane thought Rio and Tokyo were going to be terrific host in their years (and with good reliable arguments) and those thoughts aged terrific. We don't know how the world will be in 10 years
  9. I literally catalogued baku and budapest as modest well-prepared cities. Even copenhaguen could be added to that list, the point im trying to declare is that the experience and capability of hosting big events plays a bigger role on its capacity to be chosen for the olympics, than the size of the city. Althought budapest is right now at the heart of the euro-russian controversies, it is in fact the most prepared middle-sized capital city in europe. Lowkey since a few years thay have been hosting or will host, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, waterpolo, handball and soccer tournaments and have decent sized venues and touristic infrastructure to support the event. In fact, in 2024 it dissapointed me when they abandoned the ship, I firmly believed that budapest was THE gamechanger for a sustainable profitable event (even tho it was obvious Paris was gonna get 2024)
  10. In this case would Delhi, or Jakarta really would count as glamour capitals against the likes of modest well-prepared capitals like budapest, doha or even Baku? (IK that in 2036 is probable that Seoul and Istanbul, two well known glamour capitals are preparing a bid for the games, and its pretty possible that on this 4 years [counting that the elections may be done in mid 2025] berlin, rome or shanghai may also be added to that mix, killing the chances of the non-glammour options)
  11. There will have to be an official logo for the games otherwise, which logo will they put at the medals?, the printed thing has already been worked out with different visual identities. But anyway which identity will they go after?, will each venue have their own identity?. In london you had the pink/purple/blue/orange messy spiky thing identity, in Tokyo you had the red/blue/purple/green rectangular minimalistic thing. Bet in paris we will se plain black/golden venues with the black/white version of the logo and the rings. Rio had a superv organic design identity inspired in the city mountains shape with only a green/orange/blue colour variations. Just cant imagine how venues will look in LA, and if working with different identities will make the games identitiy loose the "anywhere is the host city" thing. In the paper is an original idea, but seems a little bit impractical from the design POV. Theres still 7 years an plenty of thing to show, IDK if in 3 years they will anounce a more formal thing
  12. Well if its the place to say, then I will keep saying that the sanctions against russian athletes are a nonsense period.
  13. Why saying that I dont support sanctions agains russian civilians, imply I am an ally and avid supporter of vladimir Poutine?
  14. Oh, athletes are giving more power to the russian regime. Oh damn then go and protest in the streets for your country to stop buying oil and resources from them. All western countries has condemned the actions took by the kremlin, but appart from the bland economic sanctions (dollar block has lead them to not have to pay exchange fee to the banks, now they sell with rubles for free) , I havent seem even one country saying they will stop depending from russian oil. So we hate russian people, but we dont hate russian oil, what sort of double moral is this?. As I said earlier, I don't support war, we are not monkeys, but has any western country who deeply condemn russian actions, helped in a really helpful way to the ukraine armed forces? (no, sending tanks is not helping ukraine). I know that western dont have any issue with russian killing ukranians as long as they sell them goods, but hey at least least discriminate their innocent citizens, we must put the blame on someone and it obviously cant be the russian oil companies, it must be a tennist wanting to play the grand slam. Anyway this russian thing must NOT be part of an olympic bid forum, and probably paris 2024 will soon or later ban russian athletes from participating in the games, so you wont have to boycott them, happy?
  15. I don't support the invasion in ukraine, war is also not part of my morality book either, we're human beings, not monkeys with sticks
  16. Well discrimination is not part of my XXIst century morality, or is it yours?
  17. Well then boycott the paris games, guess sport is no different from politics after all. See ya in LA
  18. Literally saying that an athlete cant put its feet on a place just because of having the same place of birth as a dictator its not discrimination. I support ukranian people but its hypocritical to be oh look all nations toguether in the damn olympic cauldron and a few weeks later boom screw russian athletes because of their government. Its not fair what is happening on ukraine, but my point is that it isnt medveded the one who fired a gun to a ukranian soldier, then why should he be banned from competing in the sport he likes? Ban the swimmer and the gymnast that participated in the pro-putin rally, but not the tennist who since the first day of invasion declared he didnt support war
  19. Yeah because medvedev (who has been competing as neutral) has the fault of commiting war crimes in ukraine. And it has been proved that banning the athelets already stopped the war. Stupid reasoning, just justifying racism agains russian people
  20. Yeah, every two years there's a different "new selection model"... Also if my mind dont betrays me, the future host commision could elevate two cities to targeted dialogue and then have a vote between them two. And third if you want to tell, why are you sooooo obsesed with the model used for selecting 2032, im guessing because you're an aussie but I'll hear your reasons
  21. Well as for now there's no sign this holy continuous dialogue thing is going to take place. It seems like it will be an old race like times before were the IOC discarded bids and selected between two or more options. And for those saying SLC is ahead of sapporo, while SLC will be visited this month, sapporo was visited in july last year, just saying.
  22. We don't talk about the timeframe no no no no, we don't talk about timeframeeeeeee
  23. Well... from the 3 stellar even china was due to host this year (Winter olympics Beijing 2022, Asian games Hangzhou 2022 and summer universidade Chengdu 2021) covid-19 almost messed up the most important one for the regime, the winter olympics. Guess they will not want the virus to mess with the other 2, chengdu can be postponed till 2023 considering yekaterimburg, russia can be stripped off its hosting rights. And hangzhou can move them till 2023, making them coincide with the other 3 continetal games.
  24. They're a thing of the ´past, yet bids existed right so? If we're gonna go around having to accept bids like brisbane as the new norm, at least imagine weird scenarios. Yet every bid has their cons, even the perfect ones. And my remark is that effectively each time a middle east country is put on the table you put the same timeframe timeframe timeframe argument as if it was enough reason to dismiss half of the current proposals. If im the new norm complainer troll you're just the timeframe troll applying the same logic
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