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  1. OK I wouldn't rule out Barcelona. Following sanchez declarations towards the bid, it seems like in spain's governement they think they can carry on a world cup and an olympic games in the same year. Now they only need to get aragon's government on their side to concrete what I would think is, a pretty strong bid. The only factor against tghe bid, I believe, could be public support, and madrid's goverment, pushing for their 4th bid in 2036. Also if this bid goes on with enough government support and lose the bid, considering 2036 will probably be elected in 2025 and 2030 in 2023, maybe they will do a russia and use the momentum to push towards a summer bid 2 years later, like rome and torino, or moscow and sochi.
  2. Yeah also comment on ┬┐its forcing a country to host the olympics during the middle of a pandemic part of the agenda 2020?. I know olympics are business, but that move will be remembered as one of the worst decisions IOC could have made. As barcelona organizing comitee once said, olympics should be at service of the city, not the other way. But nowadays it seems like cities are not only at service of the olympics, but of the IOC and its partners
  3. We can straight up conclude IOC messes up olympics reputation wherever it goes
  4. Ikr, I don't know why more than half of the ceremony they decided to mantain the stadium lights on, over the seats, so there were 3 hours of watching empty seats while some strange kind of funeral music was played. They could have done what the paralympics did, that was turning off the seats illumination so spectators could only watch the stage, but just my opinion
  5. Is it your opinion? or there's actually a confidable source behind what makes you compare china-us relations to the Iron curtain division the world had in 20th century
  6. How close we need to be until the games start, to stop speculating about an 80's like boycott in the XXIst century (DPRK aside)?, its beijing 2022, not moscow 1980
  7. Is someone outside US or canada really hoping for vancouver or salt lake in 2030?, at least sapporo would be like the effort of japan to host the games that they should have hosted last year, barcelona like a more democratic beijing 2022, and ukraine like a less flamboyant sochi, but the other two are like another anglo-speaking countries games between L.A. and brisbane...
  8. Also I would add that the only really official bid taking place rn is Sapporo, which seems to be on its way to be anounced shortly after Beijing's takes place as the "prefered host city" or whatever IOC now calls them. SLC is just a proposal from stakeholders, which in case they convince the government to support them, seems like they would do the same as sapporo and go for the 2034 games instead. and vancouver is barely preparing a pitch for convincing the government on supporting them
  9. I was just kidding with my comment, I don't think there's actually any possibility about this bid even coming to light. It is sort of a trend in this kind of countries to say they are preparing an olympic bid, when an IOC official is visiting. Like when they said Buenos Aires would be great for 2032, or when they said mexico city would be a nice city for the same year. Nothing really official
  10. Considering there has been almost 5 years since we last listened from an exotic bid, I believe is normal to consider this kind of bids a no go, but considering the state of the olympics right now, IOC may look after bids from smaller nations to get the event into another smaller nations. If that doens't happens we are going to end up with the same 8 countries (china, US, italy, russia,canada, france, korea and japan) hosting each edition (althought I support sapporo in this one).
  11. You guys may be laughing, but actually this bid has more possibilities of becoming true than barcelona-pyrineuss
  12. The worst thing is that in any scenario which is not the gabba getting redeveloped (although I believe the design is the same as london stadium redevelopment), we are going to end up with carrara and its fabulous 35,000 seats (for the main venue)
  13. For scale, big its beijing, small is rio, iconic is london, modern is tokyo, original is barcelona, impressive is sidney, classic is everyone until 1980's
  14. How boring, olympics biddings/organizing had became that we are literally posting now bus degins on this forums, as if watching how brisbane transport look was interesting to anyone
  15. I don't think a big cauldron may be that harm to the environment, compared well... to the building efforts realized for the games to take place, or simply just....beijing
  16. In a few words, for dictatorial regimes, it doesn't, for the U.S.,yes it does, for the rest of the democratic world, it doesn't
  17. Good point, but also I want to aclare that even if Boston didn't work, they still had L.A., when Denver didn't work, they had S.L.C., in China, if beijing doesn't work C.C.P. make it work. In the other hand, if milano and cortina didn't wanted the games its not like torino would say, we are here. Or in Japan, if you can't get sapporo on your side its not like Nagano will want the thing again. For almost the entirety of the world, the alternative is simply not bidding. Even in summer bids, for Brazil, if it wasn't rio, it wouldn't be anywhere else. Or in Australia, if brisbane didn't wanted the games, melbourne either. So yeah, U.S. and China can host the games whenever they want, because they will always have cities that want the thing...or simply just beijing
  18. Agree, I only want sapporo to host the thing because I want to see a japanese games as they should have been. Otherwise I would be rooting for Barcelona's bid, anyway, Japan only need people on their side to get the games, task I believe they can achieve when the pandemic slows down in japan. Barcelona in the other hand not only doesn't have support from citizens (they rather prefer the world cup in 2030), it doesn't even have support from their own country, so its a dead bid
  19. USA and China have the plus that they don't really need referendums to do whatever the f they want because they're rich, so a SLC 2030 bid wouldn't really need people to be onboard with them. But in the other hand they do need sponsors on their side, and they will likely push the organizers towards a 2034 bid to not lose revenue due to an LA olympics two years prior
  20. I mean, Japan is the 3rd richest country in the world, and they literally have ALL infrastructure in place, also I think that it would be easier to think about japanese people wanting olympics again after the pandemic is over
  21. I thought LA said during their bid that the old cauldron in LA memorial coliseum would be lightened once again while a new one at SoFi was lightened too. On the other hand I ve always wanted paris 2024 cauldron to look like an old aerosthatic balloon, althought that would be a nightmare logistic
  22. Another comment that intersted me and wasn't commented in the article was the "If possible in the very near future we would hope that Japan could host the Summer Games as well.". Let's admit it, everyone in the Tokyo organizing commitee wants to organize the games again. Because they want another chance to do the things right. It seems like they don't really want to recognize that it was their idea to create a non festive, non spectacular, depressive aura for the overall games (it wasn't pandemics fault, see superbowl and euro 2020). Even though I defend the effort made for organizing the games in the middle of the pandemic, we have to be objective and accept the fact that 2020 olympics were a failure, and it wasn't because of the pandemic, japan government issues messed up tokyo olympics. Organizers have to accept the fact that olympics are once every four years, and was propably a big chance to show themselves to the world. However, I do think japan has a big chance of hosting winter olympics in 2030 if they want, but in order for them to work, they will have to change their mindset and no sell to japanese people a redemption of a failed games, but a completely different event. I think that if they really want to make up for the opportunity they lost, a better idea is to organize an independent multisport festival in the next years, and maybe house athletes in a cruiseship or in hotels. Even if they decide to bid for 2036, they would be a step ahead of their rivals, and give a better image to an IOC needed for better bidders than russia, turkey and india. But this is all a what if... Anyway only time will tell if investing 15 billion dollars on a fortnight tv only event was really a good idea, and if japan games really helped them to open to the world the way they always wanted.
  23. But seriously which country would you think will host olympics 2030?, if japan wouldnt want to host olympics in 2030 becuase of the proximity to tokyo 2020, why would the US want to host the games 2 years after la 2028, with all the sponsors involved. On the other hand Vancouver for now is only a private group initiative, and you don't have to be smart enough to sense that in barcelona the bidding efforts will be cancelled for an eventual 2030 world cup bid. As irrational as it may sound, Japan is the most viable host for 2030. On the other hand isn't it insteresting that since 2022 bidding process almost all cities minimally interested in hosting the winter olympics are former winter/summer olympic hosts? (beijing, cortina d'ampezzo, barcelona, sapporo, S.L.C., calgary, vancouver, stockholm, etc...)
  24. a poll and a referendum are two totally diferent things, and an election and a referendum are also a totally different things. Spoiler alert, neither of them is an official referendum
  25. Ur right, lets give Brisbane the damn winter olympics too, according to you, australia is the only non-dictatorial place which could be an olympic host without having to sort out a referendum
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