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  1. The point is that the good old bidding format, the reason this forum was created, ceased to exist. So now we have to conform by adressing on how well a bid / OGOC is performing their task to organize this complex event. By this logic and adding theres plenty of aussies in this canadian site for any reason IDC, there's 3 active threads, this forum lead by an australian troll thinking we care about janitors toilet suppliers in 2032, the victoria 2026 forum (which isn't even an olympic event) that for some reason aussies think is relevant for anyone outside of australia. And the ban russia thread (again, so related to olympic bids) which at this point should be renamed "let's hate russia". The only interesting threads are the 2030 related ones, which are now in a bucle of "winter olympics are dead" and the 2036 threads which again are in a biased bucle of "olympics shouldn't get out of anglosphere"
  2. Even if those small nations incluiding ukraine do boycott the paris olympics, they wouldn't have earned as much gold medals together as russia alone, so sportwise (which sould matter more) olympics do benefit more from russia participating. IOC must find a way in which russia and ukraine get to take part peacefully in the games. But hey 80's is trend lately, the beijing 2022 "don't punish the athletes" only applied till february last year
  3. I think trying purple on the running track is a fresh change on the olympics venue colour palette, considering last winter olympics we saw this astonishing example of urban landscaping.... seriously, what was on their mind?... coming back to paris, I see potential on their pictograms marketing. If we look back at the rather minimalistic tokyo 2020 pictograms, you could only imagine them in an event related context (tickets, broadcasting, stadium decoration), in the other hand I can imagine paris 2024 pictograms in other contexts such as merchandising, t-shirts, public transportation, citywide advertising, pins, etc. Coming from mexico city I can tell that the pictograms of the 1968 games were not only important during the 15 days that the games lasted, in fact, you can see how all of our city public transportation system and public signs around the city are inspired by those games pictograms. So originality is very important in the development of a games identity, because it is part of the games legacy. Hope future OGOC try harder to innovate on pictograms, developing them as not only a symbol of the events, but as the identity of the city itself
  4. Well, if you ask any country that had hosted the olympics, they will tell that the games indeed benefited the whole nation. Look at china, USA or spain. Its not only brisbane olympics, but australia olympics
  5. Luv how milano cortina OGOC makes all of their announcements on san remo, guess in 2024 we will se their slogan in San remo and I wouldnt be surprised if the 1 year off ceremony with the medals and pictograms, also takes place in San remo 2025. Not complaining, it's just funny
  6. Ofc, it's design that matters... gabba just look bland. It looks like the unwanted little brother of London's olympic stadium vs IK both are populous designs, but THIS was also a restricted land mid-sized populous venue
  7. Sydney did the same thing with allianz stadium, they demolished a 40k rectangular venue and then on the exact same land, they build another 40k rectangular field, guess it's an australian thing spending a fortune for having the exact same product
  8. North Korea was banned from participating in Beijing 2022, due to their boycott to the Tokyo 2020 summer olympics. Given the case (I hope not) that ukraine or any other ukranian ally boycott the Paris 2024 summer olympics, there will be requested the same treatment into 2026 milano-cortina winter olympics. Not participating into two olympics editions is a high risk to pay for any nation, specially here in occident. So if ukraine decide to boycott the games, they will probably do it alone. How easy is competing in a world class event by deciding who do you want to compete against, will they also request automatic qualifications like for the FIFA world cup, or 5 minutes of the opening ceremony to deliver a message?
  9. "Russians need to feel pain" and they said they were the rads , if russia pays for what they are doing in ukraine, then americans should pay for what they are doing in the middle east. Else we can stop putting on the table politics in sports. Its good to invade nations as long as it's part of our agenda
  10. Qatar 2022, it was FIFA. Lots of european countries already want to break up with FIFA, they have their hands tied with UEFA for the next years
  11. It'd be a bold move from Infantino, considering UEFA is constantly wanting to move away from FIFA and take control of association football. Also if any organization ended up so dirty in PR after
  12. Sure...slam-dunk Possible WC final venues for each bid CUPA (estadio centenario, montevideo, uruguay) Iberia (santiago bernabeu, madrid, spain) Egypt-Greece-Saudi (sports city stadium, new administrative capital, egypt) http://stadiumdb.com/pic-projects/egypt_sports_city_stadium/egypt_sports_city_stadium03.jpgM Magreb (grand stade casablanca, casablanca, morocco) CUPA even considering that argentina will be the ones taking the whole weight of the tournament, will need not only the stadium refurbished in order to be world-class venues in 2030, but also will need some public infrastructure renewal, and im not talking about Buenos Aires, which is in this moment probably the world's capital of passion. Talking about asunciĆ³n, santiago or even other cities in argentina like rosario or mendoza will need massive urban renewal projects for being able to compete with iberian bid. Personally CUPA is an emotional favourite, I believe i would have been better if it was only argentina and uruguay, but we're in a 1996 scenario, emotional and historicaly important favourite (CUPA) vs well prepared, experienced bid (iberia). Anyway, as long as saudi arabia or morocco dont take the cup to arab world again im OK
  13. Well SoFi actually has a full roof and an air conditioned system, so no problem in that aspect. I'd rather worry about Levi's stadium in Santa Clara, but there will be plenty of time for that
  14. Also the worst refereeing I have seen, the keys that somehow looked arranged for argentina (messi's team from which qatar state is sponsor) to go to the final and not mentioning that in the semifinal you could see lots of empty seats in the stadium. Appart from that, and the low level soccer from some of football biggest powerhouses, sure great cup
  15. Saying that the conflict was because ukraine wanter to enter the EU, is denying that ukraine (with am little help form NATO) wanted to put nuclear weapons next to russian borders. And of course the conflict has nothing to do with damaging russia's image as the biggest gas exporter for the EU and not being the US. Also has nothing to do with the US wanting to sell weapons to the rest of NATO and selling the story that Russia is the next Nazi Germany. There are interest conflict here, of course an international federation MUST not take side
  16. Zelensky wanting the world to feel pity about poor and defenseless little old ukraine, that circus had lasted for 10 months already. Even if ukraine manages to win against russia, they will be having an olympic sized debt with the US. Anyway now they want to ban neutral athletes from participating in a sports competition. Athletes will not be representing russia, they will be neutral athletes. It'd be unfair to say no to foreign athletes, just because of their passports. That whole speech before beijing 2022, about punishing the country, not the athletes, only applies to china and the US? or russia is different?
  17. Also IOC despite recently hosting an olympics in China and Russia, has far more involvement with human rights. Specially considering that there exist far less LGBT figures in men's football than in other sports. Back in tokyo 2020 there were 163 openly LGBT athletes, some which won medals for their countries. In an hypotetical qatar olympics what, they're just gonna ban them from participating?
  18. It's quite strange indeed why qatar's la'eeb looks like casper the friendly ghost, and seems like french thought it was a good idea to use headwear too, good thing is that maybe we can expect a mariachi hat for 2026 and a football helmet for 2028
  19. I dont think having nothing built is really a problem, specially considering qatar has built itself over the last 20 years and this sunday is hosting the biggest single sport tournament in the world.
  20. Were tokyo and rio horrible, tokyo was minimalistic and very elegant indeed and rio was brightfull and had that brazilian curve style
  21. Shhhhh don't mention any idea not involving the gabba in this forum
  22. Why considering the building of a new (or temporary) athletics venues in germany when in berlin we already have this beauty
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