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  1. Maybe they aren't a dumb organization, but they are an organization full of stubborn people without fresh ideas. I.O.C. did really shoot themselves on the foot by making tokyo govenment comply with their ridiculous requirements in the middle of a pandemic. At this point only dictatorships craving for massive international propaganda media, or wealthy countries whit no problem on covering this kind of expenses (which by the way are getting less interested in the games everyday) will have any interest on organizing this event.
  2. At this point I believe there's two cities in the world that could handle the olympics right now, L.A. (host of 2028),and Beijing (Because of the 2022 village)
  3. A new stadium for Brisbane is soooo neded, but paying $1bn for a 50k stadium? Isn't that a bit too expensive for an stadium that small?, even Perth's Optus Stadium which had the same cost, has 15k more seats
  4. IOC already declared they had no intention of awarding 2036 games 15 years in advance, which makes sense because even 2032 is a long-term award
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