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  1. You sure its LED? looks like 3d mapping with a ginormous amount of projectors in the rigging. The led might be in the wall in the center, but the floor is projections. With an extremely rehearsed routine and few artistic segments, i doubt they will have much need for the floor to be interactive anyway.
  2. hi guys, blueview here coming back from the grave. The ceremonies were decent enough, getting to and from the venue Philippine Arena is a pain. The venue plan was scattered again like in 2005. I wen there with another GB forumer, bong, whom I worked on the fantasy expo bid Manila 2020 some time back. Bong actually worked with the "looks" team, and from what he says, the organization was chaotic to put it mildly. Ceremonies needed 3dmapping, such a wasted opportunity. the stadium was only 2/3 full. the lighting was a downer, how we wished that there was an actual cauldron outside the arena when we exited after but there was none. The closing ceremonies is just blah.
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