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  1. I'm so sorry, I put the wrong link. The correct one for the sports pants is: https://www.stylespring.de/herren-sporthosen/
  2. Hey, I was looking for functional sportswear. In the process I came across this website https://www.stylespring.de/de-de/home/index/. It is a German website, which can be translated with Google Translate or Deepl. There is a very nice selection of sports pants. But also other clothes can be found there, the selection is definitely huge. I hope you will find something great.
  3. I read similiar aritcle. In Dezember above 50 % of japanese people criticized the goverment for not taking the Covid-19 pandemic serious enough ( NHK World TV). New surveys say, that 80 % Japanese represent the opinion the Oylpic Games should be postponed or cancelled. I think that is a huge majority of the of the japanese society.
  4. @Aamirtecha the games you recommend look very nice and sound interesting, especially Horizon Zero Dawn. I really like open world games with an stunning graphic. One of my favourit games for PS4 ist Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Vikings combined with Assassins, no more to say.
  5. I am going with Quaker2001 here. I read an article in the german journal "Tagesschau" two days ago. The new president of the Tokyo Organising Committee Seiko Hashimoto declared her point of view: “As someone with an athletic background, I will carry out a safe Games for both athletes and citizens.” She also said, that she will ensure that the focus in the final months of preparation remains on the athletes experience while planning all the necessary Covid-19 countermeasures. Still its not save to say how the Covid-19 pandemic will evolve in the near future. Nevertheless I guess the Organising Committee are doing want they can to hold the Olympic games in Japan.
  6. Hey hey, auch wenn der Post schon eine Weile her ist, gebe ich dir trotzdem gerne ein Feedback @Yom Ich finde du hast den Medaillenspiegel grafisch sehr schön umgesetzt. Beim Betrachten hatte ich das Gefühl einem kleinen Rennen beizuwohnen und habe selber gut mit gefiebert. Allerdings kann ich @baron-pierreIV Einwand verstehen. Dadurch, dass du alle Medaillen in einen Balken bzw. Grafik einfließen hast lassen, wird das Verhältnis der Platzierungen etwas verschleiert. Falls du aber nur die Gesamtzahl der Medaillen zeigen wolltest, ist dir das bestens gelungen! Beste Grüße
  7. Hey there! I was planing to visit Tokyo as an exchange student next month and work at the olympic games as volunteer. Unfortunately this plan was crashed bei corona. My exchange have been postponed to upcoming fall. Regrettable the oylmpic games will be over then, but I am also happy the exchange is not canceled entirely. @Olympicgamesfan_13 thank you for the usefull link. As I am also from Germany it help me out a lot.
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