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  1. That's another way to look at it. I wouldn't say its elegant either but i thought it looked really cool.
  2. The first time the Olympic Games were hosted in South America and also the first Portuguese-speaking country. But North America was the one who left with the most Gold medals. Brazil did win 7 gold medals but that isn't a lot compared to the 46 gold medals for North America.
  3. I don't know a lot can change. It is good because of the location. I think they can change and make it up. its probably a very good option.
  4. One of the most amazing torch lighting was the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang. It was so beautiful and perfectly wintery like a winter wonderland. Kim Yuna did an amazing job. So many surprises.
  5. The mascot for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 is a really cute panda its name is Bing Dwen Dwen. Bing means ice and symbolises purity and strengh. Like the panda is also strong. Dwen Dwen represents children. It also represents the willpower and strength of the athletes. It will promote the Olympic spirit.
  6. The Olympic Games in 2024 will be from 26 july till 11 august. It's already the third time. There are new sports they have surfing, climbing, skateboarding and breakdance too. This will be interesting to see. I wonder how that will look, and I can't wait to see.
  7. I think China really knew what they were doing. Thank you for sharing your blog. It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies and the athletes were amazing. All the hard work they put into it was well worth it. I hope in the future that they will even improve and top that. With all that discipline i think it is more than possible and this could become the best ever.
  8. Hello I think its very nice that there will be gender equality so that 50% are female for the Paris 2024 Olympics. That was also already achieved in Tokyo 2020. It is amazing that they added breaking i wonder how that is going to turn out.
  9. I want to travel by train which is more expensive than with easyjet. I think if you buy the tickets on the french site it might be less expensive on tfc i think they are called.
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