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  1. Are there any chances to get your money back for the flight tickets and insurance, in case of a cancellation?
  2. I would love to see Tokyo one day. The possibility to combine the Olympics with a trip seems so great. Its a pitty that traveling seems not possible the next months. I hope you can go on your trip to Tokyo when Covid-19 is no more. Fingers crossed!
  3. Its a very tough decision ... On one side the delay was already very expensive and it would be a pitty if they have to cancel it. But on the other hand this pandamic should be treated seriously. So your are presumably right.
  4. No matter what, I am looking forward to the presentation. I feel like you could be right. At leats this is the approach I would choose.
  5. Lets just hope that it will take place in 2024. Due to Covid I am unsure about every big event in the future. But in my opinion Marie Jose Perec would be a great choice.
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