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  1. Politics and who wants it and who doesnt gets pretty interesting, though I could certainly make a compelling case that of the irony of ironies, it seems to be right leaning political parties and individuals who are for the Olympics. Primary examples would be Mitt Romney for SLC, and wasnt the whole last second Milan-Cortina effort also a right leaning Italian party?
  2. oh Japan dont tease me like this...... dont give me hope.... Japanese public divided on hosting Olympics again, survey reveals (insidethegames.biz) That is the most razor thin margin of error. 36.6 percent for, 36 percent against, and 27.7 percent not sure. IOC, make it or break it guys, all out charm offensive needs to begin now. Im talking like, as of 2 weeks ago sorts of now. Please get involved to make this happen....... I will eat all of the crow. All of it. So happily too.
  3. just waiting to get ducks in a row hopefully, that and watching 2030 Barcelona get its final nails in the coffin.
  4. Agreed. If Sapporo doesnt want in or Vancouver gets voted down, let Lviv build their Sochi Jr. in Bukovel
  5. Im pretty much ready to give up on this Agenda 2020 stuff, at least for winter, minus the whole Continuous Bid thing. The only ones left are the likes of Lviv who yes would have to build it from scratch. If they wanna build it for scratch for national prestige, eff it. Let them do it. If they want to do a budget compact bid with sustainability, let them do that too. But lets be real, Agenda 2020 has swayed no one, especially not Europe, of any change, and Im not sure even a 20 year campaign of "agenda 2020-ing" will sway Europe of any change of mindset. Rejecting the Olympics is as engrained in "old Europe" as vaccines are in the American confederacy.
  6. People need to give up on the western European dream bids. Enjoy Milan/Cortina. That is gonna be it for that region for quite some time. Maybe for many of our lifetimes.
  7. You honestly read my hopes and intents of this like a book. Thats why I like it, it does have a slightly different exoticness to it in the Carpathians, a region that hasnt really been covered yet. But, I also like it for 2038 for multiple reasons, especially to get their economy and geopolitical sovereignty on track. I also like the double idea with SLC getting it in 2034, but for all this to happen, Sapporo or Vancouver need to pull off the amazing for 2030. Picking between those two, if I had that luxury, I am rooting hard for Sapporo, but I will graciously and happily take Vancouver if not. Personally, with Barcelona, I dont see it. But if we somehow get that option that you put forth, Winter Games security is looking in survivable shape. Lets hope for it!
  8. I think the key is in your paragraph: old Ataturk airport. It is the PERFECT project for utilization of that land. It is a very, very sizable chunk of land in an area that does not have much available. With the Metro, which is very efficient from what I remember, it was just over an hour from the old airport to Taskim. Is it the perfect location? No, but it is absolutely not terrible. It would absolutely do the job, and you could fit a lot of construction on that land, such as the Olympic village and a couple stadiums. The highway and roads have the carrying capacity intended for a busy airport, so yeah, it would work for the games for a couple weeks. If its gonna happen, old Ataturk Airport is the way it happens.
  9. Yeah as an avid snowboarder, dont think anyone is not going to call Squaw Valley........Squaw Valley, for quite some time. I was hoping so so........soooooooo soooo much for a Tahoe 2030 winter olympics. My Airbnb would have friggin cleaned house that weekend. Would have charged 2500-3000 per day for the place and not even felt bad about it.
  10. See what Chinese city at center of fresh Covid-19 outbreak looks like (msn.com) uh oh..........again.
  11. this is getting real. Less than 5 months to go. Ill be bummed if it is Cancelled, but not hysterically bummed because its China and I will be extremely happy if they wasted all that money for nothing.
  12. But Putin is also smarter. Clever and conniving are absolutely true. He will posture his forces, but he knows full well the next time he moves in on Ukrainian territory, little green men or not, hes getting cut off from SWIFT and the Russian Federation is basically Iran in an instant. The United States goes into full on hybrid war and starts posting bank account information of Putin and his inner circle, and other humiliating hacks to destabilize their government. Any city in the peripheral that becomes a staging area for Russian troops is instantly a valid target for "everything-but-hot war" (most likely Rostov and Voronezh). That includes electronic warfare, power shut offs, rail sabotage, etc conducted by SAS, Green Berets, Delta Force, and Navy SEALS with Ukrainian uniforms and insignia. Obviously if this happened, yeah, theres no winter Olympics, lol. But frankly, there wouldnt be an Olympics anywhere either because it would be a Hybrid World War at this point. nobody wants this. It would go south very fast. Putin knows this. He does not want this.
  13. Precisely. Lviv is very much a cultural identity capital, and certainly much closer to the mountain venue. The ski/snowboard venue would have to be Bukovel. No other option, and that would require a Sochi level ground-up kind of investment. I think my previous estimate of 20-30 billion was generous. Im thinking more legitimately 35-40 billion. It would absolutely be a "from scratch" effort. That much I agree with. Furthermore, I absolutely agree that it would be completely 1000 percent contradictory to Project 2020. Even With all of that said........I could still see the IOC getting behind it because, well, look at the organization we are talking about here. Would anyone really.......really be surprised? You could literally create a high speed network in Ukraine connecting Odessa, Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Kharkiv with that money and itd be exponentially be more valuable to the people but......... ex Soviet states never pass up a good grafting opportunity. That much is certain. As far as a 'warzone" and war talk, didn't stop South Korea with North Korea, who constantly threatened "nuclear war" with South Korea during the buildup. I know there's the very real aspect of sniper warfare going on 1650 kilometers east of Lviv, and thats super awful, but...........its 1650 kilometers east of Lviv.
  14. Think that would be divided between Lviv and Bukovel in a similar manner to Milan/Cortina. Arena Lviv for the ceremony stadium is 35,000. Built in 2008, probably just needs touch ups.
  15. Same, Kyiv was wonderful. I had plans to go to Lviv but had to trim some days off of vacation before going to work. Its still high on my to do list. Ive heard its a great place to visit. My concern is, yeah, this will be Sochi Jr. A lot of it is going to have to be built from scratch. I can easily see it costing to the tune of 25-30 billion, and easily running over that. It is also an invitation to graft and skim off the top, just like Sochi was.
  16. If it was between Almaty and Lviv, Almaty wins that one. But they need to throw their hat in the ring for that to happen.
  17. Well I think everyone has figured that out, no one is questioning that. Lviv absolutely isnt SLC, Vancouver, or Sapporo. Everyone hopes for those three. It is a significant step down in everyone's hopes. Hell, Im not even sure Lviv is Almaty. Almaty at least has the compactness and some of the stuff in place. But..........this is not Erzerum. That might not count for much, but it counts for something. I am relieved. I freely admit, I am relieved. Because now we have an emergency reserve parachute. We have our last resort. Frankly, I do not even think we had that before. The security of having padding from a landing is re-assuring, no matter where it comes from. It is absolutely imperfect in just about every facet someone can think of. Its gonna cost a ton (Im thinking 25-30 billion USD just building a lot of this from scratch), but it is cold enough for a real winter, it has sport culture. But there is no fear of no olympics if the big three fall through.
  18. I do. The frozen conflict is literally 800 miles away from the potential games location. If Russia wants to be the literal shitstain of current political affairs for the next 100 years, then I guess they will do it. But Im not sure Putin would do that. The massing of troops is always a seasonal ploy. It was a strategic long game message to Joe Biden that Russia means business and they will rattle cages, so do not mess with the status quo. Ukraine is still a functioning state. Its arguably better off without the old Donbas rust belt regions. Russia could invade the country, but it could not hold the country. So long as there was any resistance, the best they could do is a land bridge via Mariupol to Crimea, and even that will be a massive logistical ask for the Russian army to hold. Its a valid opinion, I can absolutely see why someone would see through that lens, but I respectfully do not think that would negate Ukraine. Lviv is not Erzerum.
  19. Very interesting take, and it has a point. I can absolutely see Ukraine boycotting a 2036 games in St Petersburg, but I think Russia wouldn't do the same for a 2030 in Ukraine. It will be a "soft power" troll job, if anything, trying to extend an olive branch to "brotherly Ukraine". Thinking with the Russian mindset, thats exactly what they will do.
  20. well, now we have our absolute bottom rung fallback now at least if nothing else.
  21. Well, we now have our official bottom rung fallback plan: Lviv. I guess I can put the silly Sochi emergency plan to bed now. For Lviv to get it the following needs to happen: 1) SLC would have to insist on 2034 2) Vancouver gets referendum downvoted 3) Sapporo gets LOLnoped 4) Lviv it is If you are reading the tea leaves like me..........that is incredibly realistic. Certainly more realistic than Barcelona.
  22. But, if there is a bright spot to this.......... we at least have a "bottom". It is a fallback that is not a nightmare scenario like begging Putin to reuse Sochi.
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